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Catwoman and Harley Quinn are two of the most famous female anti-heroes in DC Comics who represent much more than their heroics. Their voices are heard by audiences around the world as being symbols of female empowerment not only in popular films but also in comics.

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The two share equally menacing and quirky personalities and are actually known to be close friends in the comics, being two of the three Gotham City Sirens. However, if they were to ever face-off, this would be quite a difficult fight to judge due to their similar fighting tactics.

10 Catwoman: Stealth

One of Catwoman’s main attributes is her super-stealth ability to get herself out of any situation. Harley Quinn may be a great fighter, but she is loud and proud. Catwoman is the exact opposite and would find loopholes in Harley’s haphazard fighting tactics.

Her skills in the shadows would be a hard challenge for Harley Quinn and could mean her ultimate demise against the cat.

9 Harley Quinn: Her Past Relationship With The Joker

Harley Quinn loved Joker and both worked together to defeat heroes, the main one being Batman. Although the relationship ended with heartbreak, the relationship was extremely abusive which made her rough around the edges, to say the least.

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Unfortunately, her abusive relationship made Harley Quinn one of the most devious and hard to defeat anti-heroes in all of the DC Universe.

8 Catwoman: Can Defeat Batman

Catwoman and Batman have an extremely complicated and deeply rooted backstory that spans all the way back to her first appearances in comics. They loved each other at one point and then the next became sworn enemies.

However, along the way, Catwoman not only learned Batman’s abilities but also intuitively gathered how to defeat him. When Harley Quinn faces Batman, she has opportunities to defeat him, but never in such a way that Catwoman mastered. Catwoman could utilize these techniques against Harley as well.

7 Harley Quinn: Alliance With Poison Ivy

In a one-on-one match between Harley Quinn and Catwoman, Harley Quinn would most likely be speculated to lose. However, she has powerful friends and a deep bond with the villain Poison Ivy.

If things got tough for Harley on the battlefield, Poison Ivy might step in for a sister-in-need and sometimes romantic partner in the comics. Not only would this make things extremely difficult for Catwoman, but it might mean her ultimate downfall.

6 Catwoman: Climbing And Cat Abilities

Above all, Catwoman is a master in all cat-like abilities. She can climb, scratch, and jump extremely high. In comparison, Harley Quinn cannot do any of these things any more than any other average human can, even with her background in gymnastics and acrobatics.

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As previously discussed, Catwoman learned many of her abilities through Batman and would take to his tactics in the battle.

5 Harley Quinn: Hand-To-Hand Combat

When it boils down to basics, it doesn’t get much more basic than Harley Quinn has a bat. She may not be as skilled as Catwoman, but she certainly cares much less about classic fighting styles.

Of course, Catwoman could find a way around her bat, but one has to wonder whether Harley Quinn would just straight up clock her in the head. It would be a similar situation to the villain in Indiana Jones who winds up for five minutes to attack, and then Jones just shoots him.

4 Catwoman: Uses A Whip As A Weapon

Catwoman has long-range abilities with her whip and is popular for using it to her great advantage. Either by lassoing Harley or by taking her main weapon (the bat), Catwoman would most likely reign victor in long-range combat.

Also, she could use her whip to save herself in dire situations making her a tough cat to catch. With her already stealthy abilities, this would pose to be a very big problem for Harley because she does not have much else in comparison.

3 Harley Quinn: Master Chastiser

Harley Quinn is phenomenal at attacking her enemies deep down to their core because she has an in-depth knowledge of psychology. She could use Catwoman’s late love for Batman against her and make her weak, or at the very least distract her, if it came down to something like that.

She is much more linguistic than Catwoman and could use her words to her advantage. Either through manipulation or persuasion, she could taunt the cat.

2 Catwoman: Master Of Disguise/Thievery

One of Catwoman’s most famous abilities is her way to finagle into every corner and crevice in order to steal important and expensive items. Although Harley Quinn would admire this ability, it would still pose to be a problem with her in a fight because it gives Catwoman a deceitful advantage.

It could be very possible that the cat would disguise herself as Joker and re-break Harley’s heart. Though this a stretch, especially now that she has moved on and dated Poison Ivy, it is an example of a possibility that could happen.

1 Harley Quinn: Highly Destructive Tendencies

Harley Quinn really doesn’t care about herself or her surroundings so she would go into this battle with a cavalier attitude. Whether that means throwing herself at the cat or simply blowing up a building to try to crush her opponent, Harley Quinn will destroy everything in her path to win a battle.

As seen in Suicide Squadshe has extremely destructive tendencies and would use those to her ability against Catwoman.

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Harley Quinn and Catwoman are known to be friends in the DC Comics. But who would win in a fight?

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