Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Could Still Kill Harvey Kinkle

After the events of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 3, Sabrina Spellman has it all. Thanks to a handy time loop, she is able to be both the Queen of Hell and the average teenage witch all at once. However, such a solution is destined for failure; when it inevitably falls apart, someone will pay the price. If the TV series continues to adapt portions of the 2014 Archie Comics series of the same name, that someone may be Harvey Kinkle.

Serving as an extended second half of Season 2, Part 3 of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina ended with the eponymous character wearing the crown of Hell, but unaware of a new evil on the horizon. Greendale and its residents are about to see another Hell on Earth and this time, they might not all make it out alive.

Sabrina’s desire to keep her mortal friends safe is often her chief motivation for everything, especially when it comes to Harvey. When the series first began, Harvey was Sabrina’s charming love interest. A large chunk of Part 1 revolved around her struggle to keep Harvey safe and in the dark about her being a witch. Darkness, however, conspired to keep them apart and they broke up at the end of “Chapter Nine: The Returned Man.”

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One of the driving plots of Chilling Adventures is the battle between light and darkness taking place within Sabrina on a day to day basis. For the time being, she has maintained her humanity, but it would only take a final push to force her down the path of darkness completely. What would push her harder than the death of Harvey Kinkle?

In Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Robert Hack’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #4, “Harvey Horrors”, Harvey is killed during Sabrina’s dark baptism. He follows her into the woods after Madam Satan manipulates him into thinking Sabrina is cheating on him. The witches chase down and eat him, telling Sabrina, “He was delicious.”

Upon seeing Harvey’s corpse, Sabrina has a vision of the future she could have had. The scene is set when Sabrina is second-guessing her decision to be baptized as a witch. She went in the woods with doubts, but by the time she realizes which life she truly wants, it’s too late. Her vision shows her and Harvey getting married, having children and growing old together. It’s a future where Sabrina has renounced her magical heritage, but it will never come to pass. Harvey’s death is a consequence of choosing the wrong path.

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The horror continues in Issue #5, “The Trial.” Overcome with grief, Sabrina attempts to resurrect Harvey but only manages to bring back his empty body. Another wandering soul, though, takes advantage of the opportunity. The spirit of Edward Spellman, Sabrina’s non-biological father, takes possession of Harvey’s body and poses as him for the next three issues.

It’s dark and horrific and heartbreaking and, thankfully, cut out of the Netflix adaptation. Harvey lives on for the present story and is set to remain one of the lead characters in Part 4. He called it quits in his relationship with Sabrina after he found out she was a witch, largely because she turned his brother into a zombie. They’ve since remained separated and started new relationships, though lingering feelings remain.

Sabrina attempted to sever these feelings by performing a cord-cutting spell meant to break all romantic ties between them in Chilling Adventures Part 3, but it’s possible the spell didn’t work. A similar plot occurred in the final season of the TV series Sabrina the Teenage Witch starring Melissa Joan Hart. Sabrina got engaged to another man named Aaron, but at the last minute, she and Harvey reunited once they found out they were soulmates. Sabrina also dates other people in the original comics, including Archie Andrews from Riverdale, but Harvey is never completely out of the picture.

Lucifer is determined to shape his daughter into becoming a proper ruler, as ruthless as any Queen of Hell should be. It’s Sabrina’s human side that keeps his dream from becoming a reality. Every time he plants the seeds for evil, she manages to mutate them into a flower with a silver lining. If Harvey is killed at some point before the series’ end, it could be a way to finally break Sabrina Spellman and turn her into Sabrina Morningstar.

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Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina could still adapt this major character death from the 2014 Archie Comics series of the same name.

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