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With the world still reeling from the COVID-19 epidemic, questions have been raised as to whether or not the Christopher Nolan film Tenet will be able to make its current July 17 release date. As far as Cinemark CEO Mark Zoardi is concerned, though, Tenet is assured to debut in mid-July.

Zoardi made the comments regarding Tenet’s release during a call about Cinemark’s Quarter One earnings, according to Deadline. “We’ve been in close contact with Warner Bros. and they remain optimistic and positive as well as Christopher Nolan about the July 17 opening,” Zoardi said.

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While Zoardi appears to be confident about Tenet’s current release date, he did note that factors outside of the hands of both WB and Cinemark could influence the film’s final release date. “Of course, it depends on the continued positive movement due to the decline of COVID-19 and government restrictions being reduced,” Zoardi explained. “…We can’t promise you nor Warner Bros that Tenet can open on July 17.”

Like all major movie theater chains in America, Cinemark closed its door in mid-March in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. After two-and-a-half months of dormancy, Cinemark has announced that its locations will begin to reopen on June 19. One month later, Tenet is currently slated to become the first major studio release to receive a wide theatrical release in four months.

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The CEO of theater chain Cinemark is confident that Christopher Nolan's Tenet will be able to make its July 17 release date in spite of the pandemic.

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