Cosplayer Brings DCeased's Black Canary Green Lantern to Life

One of the more shocking moments in the DCeased miniseries was when Dinah Lance, aka the Black Canary, became the new Green Lantern. Now one talented cosplayer has brought that version of the character to life.

Tom Taylor, who penned DCeased, posted an image of cosplayer CBKayla to Twitter. Kayla is sporting a Green Lantern uniform, ring and blonde wig, mimicking Dinah’s transformation to an Emerald Knight. “Our Green Canary steps out of the pages of #DCeased,” Taylor wrote.

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Dinah became the Green Lantern in Issue #2 of DCeased, when Hal Jordan was infected by a digital version of the Anti-Life Equation. Dinah was forced to kill Hal with her supersonic Canary Cry, and his ring chose her to be the new Green Lantern of Sector 2814. She would go on to help the surviving people of Earth find a new home.

CBKayla’s cosplay is not only pitch-perfect, but it also speaks to how comics can influence other artists such as cosplayers. The art of cosplay features many different takes on characters, with this being a key example.

Taylor will be writing a sequel to DCeased, titled Dead Planet, that sees him exploring what happens to the survivors of the Anti-Life Crisis. The series reunites Taylor with artist Trevor Hairsine.

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DCeased writer Tom Taylor has posted an image of a talented cosplayer wearing a Green Lantern costume as Black Canary.

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