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Few animated series have withstood the test of time as seamlessly as Cowboy Bebop has. It’s a must-watch classic anime for endless reasons and there’s even a Netflix live-action remake in the works.

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Spike Spiegel, Faye Valentine, Jet Black, Edward Wong, and Ein formed the most lovable group of bounty hunters ever and we can’t seem to get enough of the fantastic five. Luckily for us, neither can the artists who create jaw-dropping Cowboy Bebop fan art.

10 Edward By Ando

Arizona-based freelance artist Ando considers Edward the best character on Cowboy Bebop and she paid tribute to the eccentric hacker with some adorable fan art. Ein also gets a moment to shine and the Welsh Corgi’s friendship with Edward makes this digital drawing even more charming.

The vibrant colors match the carefree aura present in the image that’s bound to bring a smile to fans’ faces. You can visit Ando’s official website for more information regarding her work, including commissions, YouTube videos, fan art, and convention schedules.

9 Cowboy Bebop POP By Omittchi

Cowboy Bebop remains an anime staple for multiple reasons, but its aesthetic and art style are two major aspects that fans love to revisit. This pop art homage is a perfect representation of the series as a whole.

Omittchi‘s portrayals of Ed, Jet, Faye, and Spike are impressive, though we wish Ein would’ve been included. The hues selected for the characters are visually pleasing while also correlating with their respective personalities.

8 See You Space Cowboy… By Mike Luckas

Why draw one Cowboy Bebop character when you can draw them all? That’s the approach that LA-based artist Mike Luckas took for this fan art and it worked like a charm. The freelancer’s portfolio reveals his penchant for representing multiple characters in his pieces, meaning his illustrations are often loaded with vivid colors and impressive details.

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The entire main cast is presented in the image above, as is the Bebop ship, Vicious, and Spike’s love interest, Julia. Tacked at the bottom of the poster-worthy picture is the famous “See You Space Cowboy…” tagline.

7 Jet and Edward By NOPEYS

Sure, Spike Spiegel and Faye Valentine might be the most recognizable faces of the Cowboy Bebop series, but Jet Black, Edward, and Ein will always deserve our unconditional appreciation. Digital artist NOPEYS brought the unsung heroes to life with this 2015 fan art commission and it’s the perfect rendition of the trio.

Jet is as cool as can be while lighting a smoke, Ed is as happy-go-lucky as always, and Ein is as endearing as ever. They’re the greatest team of bounty hunters one could possibly ask for.

6 Cowboy Bebop By JimboBox

Cartooning is JimboBox‘s passion and they’ve been in the industry for five years, which is great news for us since we get to visually enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Everything about this Cowboy Bebop piece is exceptional — from the composition to the unique color scheme. Every main character is rendered with a pose that correlates with their disposition. It serves as a distinctive tribute to a beloved anime.

5 My Funny Valentine By Channel-Square

The title of this fan art refers to Cowboy Bebop Session #15, which is arguably the most important episode of the series in regards to Faye Valentine’s background and storyline. However, the bottom of the image also cites Session #3, titled “Honky Tonk Women”, which is another popular Faye-centric episode.

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Channel-Square implemented a bright color arrangement for this drawing of an adult Faye standing next to her younger self. The playing cards were cleverly incorporated to depict the character’s gambling reputation, though the fact that she’s wearing Spike Spiegel’s jacket serves as another fun detail.

4 Jet Black By DjamilaKnopf

Djamila Knopf is a phenomenal independent artist who appears twice on this list thanks to her lifelike Cowboy Bebop portraits. She blends fantasy and reality to produce nostalgic, and sometimes personal, pieces of art. You can find more information regarding her work on her official website.

This illustration of the underrated Jet Black is beautifully detailed. The textures give the image a genuine sense of realism, especially the attention given to the facial hair. It makes us crave a live-action Cowboy Bebop now more than ever, whether it’s Netflix’s version or not.

3 Faye Valentine By DjamilaKnopf

As promised, Djamila Knopf’s fan art makes a second appearance with a gorgeous portrait of Faye Valentine. The German artist experimented with lighting and texture to bring a radiant glow to the image.

You wouldn’t be in the wrong for comparing this rendition of Faye to Megan Fox; Djamila revealed that the drawing was based on the Transformers actress via a comment on her DeviantArt page. Therefore, this brilliantly doubles as fan art and a fan cast.

2 Spike Spiegel By Limzhilin

Spike Spiegel is anime’s ultimate cool character; his laidback personality paved the way for an endless stream of doting fan art. It also helps that he’s depicted as a handsome gunslinger who always has a cigarette poking out of his mouth.

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Malaysian artist Zhi Lin illustrated Spike the way we know him best: calm and collected while looking incredibly stylish. There’s a slight devilish glint in his eye that indicates he’s up to no good, which we absolutely love. The unique color choices make the image pop even further.

1 Spike Spiegel By WizYakuza

Wizyakuza‘s portfolio is stunning and features some of the most incredible anime fan art you could ever find. The Filipino artist has illustrated other Cowboy Bebop characters like Faye Valentine and Vicious, but this image of protagonist Spike Spiegel might be some of his best work yet.

Not only is the perspective creative, but the shattering glass adds a layer of intensity to the famously easygoing leading man. With a gun in one hand and a cigarette in the other, this is the Spike Spiegel we all know and love.

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We can't seem to get enough of Cowboy Bebop's fantastic five and either can the artists who created this awesome fan art. Here's the 10 best!

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