Crisis' Monitor Compares Essential Workers to Superman, Wonder Woman

LaMonica Garrett, who portrayed the Monitor and his evil counterpart, the Anti-Monitor, on “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” recognized the heroism of essential workers battling the coronavirus (COVID-19) with an image of two doctors that shows they are more than ordinary mortals.

The image showcases two doctors socially distancing in front of a blank concrete wall. However, while they may seem like regular doctors, their shadows show the outlines of DC Comics heroes Wonder Woman and Superman.

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Garrett is not the first to honor frontline workers with comic-theme content. Metropolis, Illinois showed its support by applying a mask to the giant Superman statue that stands in front of the county courthouse. Meanwhile, ECC Ediciones — the publisher behind Spain’s translated DC Comics titles  — released a free digital comic starring the Man of Steel that celebrates essential workers.

As the Monitor and Anti-Monitor, Garrett was featured in both the “Elseworlds” and “Crisis” crossovers on The CW. He was a prominent part of the final season of Arrow and appeared on Supergirl, Batwoman, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow as well.

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The Arrowverse's LaMonica Garrett recognized essential workers with a photo comparing them to Superman and Wonder Woman.

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