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The megahit Shonen franchise, One Piece, may be known for the near-endless battle between pirates and Marines, but its moral spectrum isn’t just black and white. The world’s waters aren’t just calm and then stormy. They’re constantly shifting and changing, creating an endless spectrum of codes and special interests.

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The criminal holding a knife today can be a best friend tomorrow. The kind policeman who guards the town could be skimming some funds from tax collection. The benevolent king can just be an aimless puppet. There’s more depth to these characters than in their sea, and this list will be breaking down a few of the best ones, as it lists the D&D moral alignment of One Piece characters.

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10 Buggy The Clown (Neutral Evil)

Buggy the Clown isn’t that hard to read. Though he leads a band of rogues and, for a time, represented the World Government, he was constantly looking out for himself in every situation. His entire crew is symbolic of how much he thrives for glory. In every battle, he’s constantly looking to trick some rube to fight for him just so that he can personally run away.

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He was willing to steal a Devil Fruit from Roger’s ship, only to accidentally eat it when he was near caught. The only thing that Buggy is biased for is himself, leaving his evil for everyone else. He is Neutral Evil.

9 Eustass Kid (Chaotic Evil)

Eustass Kid is near the exact opposite of his Worst Generation rival, Monkey D. Luffy. He doesn’t exactly have a nice smile and picks a fight with anyone that so much as looks at him wrong. Eustass may have had the highest bounty of the Supernovas prior to the time-skip; but as Shakky stated, this is mostly because he’s killed several people along the way.

Even now, Eustass has near to no control over his own anger, having wiped out the Brownbeard Pirates when they offended his dreams and seemingly being the only one of his alliance to pick a fight with Kaido. For a guy that certainly looks built for the pirate life, Eustass “Captain” Kid is Chaotic Evil.

8 Coby (Lawful Good)

Coby has looked up to the Marines ever since he was a kid. As a cowardly wimp, he always dreamed of being strong enough to fight against pirate scum, especially after being forced to be Alvida’s cabin boy. Though he was inspired by a guy looking to be the King of the Pirates, Coby still follows the path of righteousness and trained hard to become strong enough to defend people like his old self.

During the Paramount War, he showed a strong fit of compassion for pirate and Marine alike when he begged Akainu to end the conflict when it broke down to senseless violence. Trying to be a true hero to all, Coby is Lawful Good.

7 Nefertari Vivi (Neutral Good)

Though Coby’s righteousness is built on his admiration of the Marines, Nefertari Vivi has needed to rebuilt hers from a young age. The Nefertaris have always been the target of special interests groups given their choice to give up their Celestial Dragon status; and when she discovered that Sir Crocodile was plotting to overthrow the throne, she knew that she couldn’t just depend on anyone to save her kingdom.

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In a country in crisis, Vivi cared for everyone: the soldiers just trying to defend their posts and the rebels just trying to protect their rights. She saw the good in everyone and risked her to protect them equally. Vivi is Neutral Good.

6 Donquixote Doflamingo (Chaotic Evil)

Donquixote Doflamingo grew to hate both the World Government and its citizens since a young age. After being picked up by Trebol and his cohorts, Doffy set out on a path of destruction to destroy the empire that the World Government built and torture the various kings and peasants that lived in it.

This was accomplished by his drug factories, arms deals, and a literal coliseum that made his naysayers fight each other to the death. The Heavenly Demon only seeks to cause as much destruction as possible and fits the bill for Chaotic Evil.

5 Kizaru (Lawful Neutral)

Admiral Kizaru is perhaps the least pious admiral of them all. Whenever he’s on the battlefield, he isn’t trying to push some agenda or fight for a cause. He is simply told what to do and directs his powers in that direction.

Even when he’s fighting for the Marines, he’s incredibly listless and doesn’t exactly know what he should be doing of where he should go, making the guy blow up a few other things besides pirates. As the least ambitious but most relaxed member of the series’ original admirals, Kizaru is Lawful Neutral.

4 Aokiji (Neutral Good)

Aokij, no matter what, tries to do what he believes is good. He was a Marine admiral that fought against the pirate raiders that threatened social order. When he first met Robin, he didn’t deem the girl a threat and let her make her own choices in life.

He came to arms against Admiral Akainu; and after losing, Aokiji went on his own way. He’s a man that’s constantly moving, constantly doing good, but never outright obeying some order. He’s a surprisingly fluid character for a guy who manipulates ice but keeps cool all the same. Aokiji is Neutral Good.

3 Akainu (Lawful Evil)

It’s hard to describe Akainu as anything but evil, but the guy is not deliberately looking to kill puppies or anything. He believes in the power and authority of the Marines and holds their judgment over everything else. However, that also means holding an opposition to that order with extreme prejudice.

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Akainu has committed various evils in the name of the Marines, such as killing hundreds of pirates and wiping out entire countries. He doesn’t think objectively about what he’s doing but doesn’t really think that he has to. Akainu follows the law but as a Lawful Evil.

2 Hawkeye Mihawk (True Neutral)

In a world where people try to be as bad or good as possible, the World’s Greatest Swordsman breaks the curve by not caring about either. Mihawk, throughout the series, has only cared about his base needs, whether they’re just his privacy or sleeping. If anything opposes that, he attacks it with ease but doesn’t drop his entire consciousness.

If something entertaining comes along, such as a new challenger, he’d take them with open arms, whether it was Zoro at the Baratie or Luffy on Marineford. As a guy just looking to entertain himself without that many goals left in life (He is, in fact, already the best.), Mihawk is a True Neutral.

1 Monkey D. Luffy (Chaotic Good)

Monkey D. Luffy is the very definition of Chaotic Good. He has this chaotic energy that, while whimsical, often comes to the detriment of enemy and foe alike. He constantly terrifies his crew with his wild decisions and in every instance that the literally grabs a few of them for an adventure.

In a fight, he’s constantly pulling out wild card traits, such as inventing a new fighting technique, eating his biscuit made enemy, or, for some reason, wrapping around a Marine soldier to control their body. However, as destructive as he can be, Luffy only does what he believes is right. He believes in his friends and does have some sort of idea on fairness. It’s just unfortunate that any villain who happens to cross that fairness must now deal with the same chaos that the Straw Hat Pirates have to live with.

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Dungeons and Dragons defines characters by moral alignment – but what happens when the same is done to One Piece?

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