D&D: Use This Game of Thrones Alignment Chart to Build Your Next Character

Dungeons & Dragons is a phenomenal way for players to come together and dive into a world with endless possibilities. Not bound by any code or graphical limitations, Dungeons & Dragons can truly create an atmosphere all its own. If players and Dungeon Master choose, it can even replicate other fantastic stories and settings, like the Game of Thrones universe.

The chart goes a bit further than most alignment charts, adding “social” and “rebel” to the law vs. chaos axis and “moral” and “impure” to the good vs. evil one. This does more than just fit more characters from the massive series onto the chart; it also adds more nuance to a chart full of complex characters.

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While you might not get to actually play as a “social moral” or “rebel impure” character in an real campaign, breaking the typical axes down helps distinguish between the chaotic (but not completely good or evil) actions of characters like Arya Stark and Petyr Baelish. If players choose to brave the lands of Westeros, Essos and Sothoryos, this handy alignment chart can help players determine what character may fit their play-style best.

Fans of Game of Thrones will fondly remember Ned’s actions. He was a loyal father, husband and friend to many throughout Westeros, holding high morals and the respect of those around him as he served as the head of House Stark and Lord of Winterfell. While his time presented to readers and viewers was cut short, Eddard Stark stuck with audiences as a man who stood by the law for the people, doing what was right for both Winterfell and all those in the Seven Kingdoms

Those looking to fill Eddard’s shoes in a Dungeons & Dragons setting will need to follow a determined path of righteousness with a lawful good alignment. While Ned himself was never a user of magic or holy power, a Paladin would surely fit his moral compass while also showcasing his charismatic attitude and melee strength on the battlefield.

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The First of Her Name, the Mother of Dragons, the Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, the Unburnt, the Breaker of Chains. Whichever title you refer to her as, Daenerys Targaryen is a woman set on her desire to serve the Seven Kingdoms and protect its people by any means necessary.

As she develops from a young, timid child, she gains countless followers serving in her name, elevating her confidence and determination to heights other Game of Thrones characters could only dream of.  With this confidence, however, she gains a ruthlessness that others may find unfit for a queen. She provides for those who need it with everything she can while ruling with an iron fist, but when faced with horrible fate time and time again, she succumbed to her “Targaryen madness,” embracing the truly chaotic nature of her bloodline.

If players plan to replicate Dany, it would serve them right to adorn her with a high Intelligence, while Wisdom may need to come from her fellow party members.

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A man of his own house, Bronn truly plays by his own rules. While he may have been appointed as the Master of Coin under the Lannister rule of the Iron Throne, Bronn never completely aligned himself with those ruling the Seven Kingdoms. He was always ready to make a deal with just about anyone as long as it benefited him in some way in the end.

While some may say this is a characteristic of a chaotic neutral alignment, Bronn’s actions were all merely for his own gain, whether that called for following the law or playing dirty. He never truly develops past wanting more than what he wants for himself, but he is able to sympathize with those around him and understand that they also have goals they want to meet. This allows him to see each side of any argument.

To pull this off, players looking to play as Bronn will absolutely want to have a high Charisma stat. Being able to slip in and out of an unwanted situation has also served Bronn well, so a Rogue character with high Dexterity would also be very much within his character.

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Tywin Lannister’s is a man built on hatred and greed. While the younger Lannisters are categorized for their power and ambition to keep it, Tywin takes this notion to an entirely new level. His heinous actions can be seen through the manipulation of his children and their arranged marriages, along with controlling of his grandchild, Joffrey while serving as the Hand of the King. While pulling the strings behind the scenes of the Iron Throne, he was able to essentially blackmail his children into following his every command.

His past serves well for his character, giving him combat abilities fit for a D&D Fighter. While his Charisma may not be high, he can make up for his sour attitude with Constitution, Intelligence and Strength.

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Those looking to play the part of Ramsay Bolton should be warned of his horrendous nature. After a questionable upbringing and family structure, Ramsay was the only living heir of the Bolton family. While he served Robb Stark and took back Winterfell from Theon Greyjoy, this only fueled his lust for chaos even more. Ramsay is unsatisfied by purely taking back Winterfell, and after relocating Theon time and time again for continuous torture and manipulation, he is able to break his enemy down into a loyal servant, manipulated by fear. These actions, accompanied by his other heinous and horrendous crimes, make Ramsay one of the cruelest, most gruesome and awfully evil characters in all of Game of Thrones.

His talents in manipulation and control over others can be replicated by a high Wisdom and Charisma, whereas his Strength may be on the weaker side. He mainly relies on allies for their strength, and to further portray his use of hunting dogs, the Beastmaster Ranger class would also serve him well.

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Dungeons & Dragons players can use this handy alignment chart to see which Game of Thrones character would suit them best for their next campaign.

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