Daredevil: 10 Worst Things Kingpin Did To Matt Murdock, Ranked

Kingpin and Daredevil have been at each other’s throats for about as long as each character has existed, the complete antithesis of one another. While Kingpin has gotten into it with other heroes, notably Spider-Man, he’s always going to be Daredevil’s main foil, even greater than that of Bullseye.

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That’s led to Kingpin doing some rather heinous things to Matt, constantly pushing and pushing him in their battle over the soul of Hell’s Kitchen. It’s a great rivalry that’s led to some of the most shocking moments in the horned vigilante’s career.

10 Breaking Ben Urich’s Fingers

This is relatively light when it comes to Kingpin crimes and doesn’t affect Matt on the mass scale as some of the later entries do. Urich is one of Daredevil’s biggest allies, super or not. He’s one of the unsung heroes of the series, a man just trying to do right by his city.

That can’t be allowed as long as Kingpin is running the show. He sends someone to not only break Ben’s fingers but force him to listen as his only lead is murdered on the other line of a telephone call.

9 Making Daredevil A Fugitive

Spiraling out of Secret Empire, Kingpin is now the mayor of New York, using an anti-vigilante platform to get elected. Naturally, the first order of business is to eliminate the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. He does this by making Daredevil a fugitive, managing to arrest him in the process. It also houses one of the best lines where Fisk mocks Matt, stating that the people Matt tries to protect chose Fisk to protect them. He’s since eased up on Daredevil, but there’s no telling how long that ceasefire will last.

8 Pitting Elektra And Bullseye Against Each Other

This is one of, if not the most defining moment in Daredevil’s career. Bullseye plunging that Sai into Elektra’s stomach is still one of the best death scenes in all of comics. It’s a moment that belongs to Bullseye, but one that Kingpin played a hand in as well.

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He was the one that helped pit them against each other, playing on the inferiority complex of Lester. He helped brew the rivalry that turned Bullseye into the prominent character he is today.

7 Evicting Matt From His Home

Born Again is arguably the best story involving Daredevil, pushing the hero to his absolute limit. Proof of that is in the fact that four different events from that series make it on the list, this being the first to directly affect Matt. Evicting Matt from his home was only the first step of Kingpin’s dastardly plot, however.

Once Matt was forced into a temporary flat, Kingpin sent his real message, destroying the home and leaving tatters of Daredevil’s uniform in the rubble.

6 Destroying Matt’s Reputation

This is number three from Born Again and the one that struck at Matt’s psyche. It’s one thing to take someone’s home away, even if one of them is nothing more than rubble. Possessions can be reacquired in time, all of them being replaceable in some form or another.

Your reputation is something that is not so easily salvaged. Fisk ruined Matt not only as a lawyer but froze his accounts, making sure he could never recover from his plan to ruin his rival’s life.

5 Framing Daredevil For Murder

Reputation is key when it comes to being a hero, even if many heroes would never admit it to themselves. If you’re seen as an awful person in the public eye, it makes your job more difficult in more ways than one. There are more hurdles you have to climb, in the way of police (or in this case Norman Osborn) and your desire to do good can rattle a bit as well.

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That’s why Kingpin hired Lady Bullseye to frame Daredevil for the murder of at least four people. He succeeds in pushing Daredevil over the edge, leading into the Shadowland storyline.

4 Lies To Maya Lopez

This is one of the more screwed up things Kingpin has ever done. Not only does he convince the woman that Daredevil killed her father, but it’s also revealed he’s actually the one that did it. To act as a father figure towards a girl who’s parents you killed is cold-blooded, even for someone like the Wilson Fisk.

Then again, he is the man who killed his son, so nothing is off-limits for him. The reason this makes it so high is that Matt was developing feelings for Maya before her true nature as Echo got revealed.

3 Sending Nuke To Hell’s Kitchen

This is the final piece from Born Again and a moment that showed how little regard Kingpin had for life. Nuke was unstable to put it lightly, unleashing him on Hell’s Kitchen was a death sentence for many.

This moment is one of the first times where Daredevil consciously decides to try to kill a foe to protect innocents. While this wasn’t as frontal an assault on Matt as the prior entries were, it was an attack on the innocents that Matt swore to protect, painting him as a bigger failure than ruining his public image ever could.

2 Trying To Kill Foggy

Foggy Nelson is Matt’s best friend and biggest confidant. Despite their occasional spats, Foggy means more to Matt than any woman in his life ever could. That’s part of why Kingpin hiring Elektra to kill him ranks so highly on the list.

The other part is it directly leads to her death at the hands of Bullseye, hitting Matt like a double whammy. It’s one of the moments that took this rivalry to the next level, leading directly into the amazing Born Again.

1 Outing Daredevil To The Public

While it’s been done to death a bit and even been turned into a joke at times, Kingpin revealing Matt’s secret identity during Bendis’s incredible Daredevil run was a big deal. It was the first time it’d happen on this scale and led to serious consequences throughout the series, even ending the run with Matt in prison. Matt wasn’t able to just deflect the fact away either, despite suing numerous newspapers.

He was always the lawyer who might be Daredevil. That was until, of course, he just outed himself in a storyline that was hit or miss.

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The rivalry between Daredevil & The Kingpin is one of Marvel Comics' most brutal feuds. Here's the worst things Wilson Fisk did to Matt Murdock.

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