Darling In The Franxx: 5 Reasons Kokoro Should Have Ended Up With Futoshi (& 5 Reasons Why Mitsuru Was The Right Choice)

When Trigger announced their new mecha anime Darling in the Franxx, many fans were excited as to what this would bring to the table. The studio is renowned for creating one of the most famous mecha anime, Gurren Lagann, so most were expecting an anime of that caliber. However, the studio probably did not expect the attention it would bring to the characters and their love lives.

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While Hiro and Zero Two are the main couple of Darling in the Franxx, there happened to be an unexpected couple who became the most popular in the series, Kokoro and Mitsuru, but some people still shipped Kokoro and Futoshi. Here are five reasons Kokoro should have ended up with Futoshi and five reasons why Mitsuru was the right choice.

10 Futoshi: Futoshi Is Always Kind To Kokoro

Kindness goes a long way, even if Futoshi got the shorter end of the stick. Throughout the series, we are shown right off the bat that Futoshi has feelings for Kokoro. Although he never states this outright in the beginning, he does once things become heavier.

Even after everything happened between Kokoro, Mitsuru, and Futoshi, he never once blames Kokoro or hates her for the things she did.

9 Mitsuru: Kokoro Has Always Taken Notice Of Mitsuru

Mitsuru and Kokoro were an unexpected pairing in Darling in the Franxx, but this is because of their personalities. It turns out that Kokoro always watched Mitsuru and took notice of him, albeit he barely noticed her gaze.

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This is because their personalities are similar when you look deeper into each of their character, which is a point that will be highlighted later in the article.

8 Futoshi: Futoshi Never Blames Kokoro For Anything

If you have seen Darling in the Franxx or even mention Kokoro to an anime fan who has watched it, they would have a lot to say about her actions throughout the series.

Kokoro never outright rejected Futoshi, instead, she lied to him and never clearly stated certain things. However, Futoshi never blames Kokoro for any of this and smiles at her kindly.

7 Mitsuru: Kokoro Revealed Her True Personality To Mitsuru First

Kokoro was always called the kind and good-natured girl within the group. However, Kokoro did not fully reveal her true personality or her thoughts to anyone else until she began speaking more with Mitsuru.

Kokoro thought a lot about having children and becoming a mother, which she shared first with Mitsuru and no one else. She also told him she was not the person everyone thought she was, echoing Mitsuru’s statement.

6 Futoshi: Futoshi And Kokoro Had A Friendship First

All of the children in Darling in the Franxx grew up together as childhood friends. Although Mitsuru and Kokoro saw each other as children, Kokoro was shown with Futoshi the most. This is why they acted so comfortable around each other and were the go-to couple for most of the children.

Even before Zero Two appeared and acted very comfortable with Hiro, Kokoro and Futoshi were perhaps the most comfortable with each other.

5 Mitsuru: Mitsuru And Kokoro Have A Natural Connection

While Futoshi harbored an unrequited love towards Kokoro, she never showed any romantic feelings towards Futoshi. The one time she did, she blushed because he called her “pretty” without thinking.

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However, although Kokoro and Mitsuru grew up together along with the other children, they did not speak to each other that much until meeting up in the garden. When they did begin talking, the natural connection between the two became more noticeable.

4 Futoshi: Futoshi Wishes Kokoro To Be Happy

Futoshi and Kokoro were called the “lovey-dovey” couple in the group of other children because of how well they got along. However, although he said he liked Kokoro because she was kind, he never outright tells her to consider him as a lover.

Even after Mitsuru and Kokoro get married, Futoshi acts as the person who binds their marriage and watches everything. He never once complains Kokoro did not pick him and is shown to be happy as long as Kokoro is happy.

3 Mitsuru: Mitsuru And Kokoro Are Alike

Kokoro was first shown as a kind and gentle girl who was also soft-spoken. She was like the motherly one in the group. On the other hand, Mitsuru acted arrogantly and never cared for his partner much, and could barely pilot without being tired out.

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While on the surface this did not show much; each of them was hiding behind a facade we did not see until they began speaking to each other in the garden.

2 Futoshi: Futoshi Was Always There For Kokoro No Matter What

Futoshi was Kokoro’s first partner while piloting as well as her childhood friend who always harbored feelings for her, albeit they were proved to be unrequited. No matter what Kokoro did throughout the series, even with the partner shuffle being the pinnacle of betrayal, Futoshi never blamed her for anything.

He wished for her happiness and nothing more. This showed that Futoshi truly loved Kokoro from the bottom of his heart even after she revealed her feelings were toward Mitsuru and not him.

1 Mitsuru: Mitsuru And Kokoro Truly Understand Each Other

This is the main reason why most fans of Darling in the Franxx welcomed Kokoro and Mitsuru as a couple when it blindsided most. Throughout the series, and with each interaction, they had built upon their trust and showed how they were as a character.

While we were led to believe Kokoro is a kind girl who smiles, she hates herself because she is not acting like her true self. On the other hand, Mitsuru tries hard to be acknowledged. When the two become a couple, they bring out the best sides of each other.

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In the Trigger anime Darling in the Franxx, fans ship Kokoro heavily with Futoshi or Mitsuru. Here are 5 reasons why both are a good choice.

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