DC's 'Time Stone' Turns Out to Be Darkseid's Greatest Weapon

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Justice League: Odyssey #20, by Dan Abnett, Cliff Richards, Rain Beredo and Andworld Design, on sale now.

Darkseid has used many weapons over the decades as he tried to beat the DC Universe into submission. The most prominent one, of course, is the Anti-Life Equation, but readers can’t forget his Omega Sanction that sent Batman tripping through time, the Furies and the Parademons of Apokolips. With these in tow, he’s waged some of the most brutal wars ever seen in comic history.

However, Justice League Odyssey #20 has revealed he’s after his greatest weapon yet in the form of DC’s ‘Time Stone,’ the Revision Mechanism at Epoch’s Reef.

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On the edge of reality, Darkseid’s forces are coming for Epoch and they’re not holding anything back. It’s the last stable piece of existence as Perpetua’s reshaping reality in Justice League, but with Darkseid creating Sepulkore and a pocket of reality away from all this, he’s more or less safe. Still, he’s confined and wants to be the one to take control of everything with the Source Wall broken. He was content with this little realm of reality but when he figures out what Epoch’s doing, it fits his long-term agenda perfectly.

As a New God, Darkseid has always believed in total control and being that omnipresent creature everyone should fear. It’s always been about the present and to him, Epoch’s machine can change the past and make him a god from the moment creation was sparked to life. Epoch’s Revision Mechanism is a bit more intricate than the Time Stone in the Marvel Universe because that changes events and leads to ripple effects. Epoch’s device, on the other hand, intricately and surgically alters time to keep what the user wants while making alterations.

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In Darkseid’s eyes, these adjustments mean he could have his cake and eat it too. He can craft an Apokolips from the very start and have the same power and might without losing anything. In other words, this is his means of transforming into the ultimate god around whom history is actually based.

There’s no greater power than this and he lusts for the Revision Mechanism the same way he desired the Anti-Life Equation in the past. With the Time Stone, New Genesis, Highfather, Orion, Earth and the Justice League, Oa and the Green Lanterns, etc. can all be manipulated the way he wants once he gets the process right.

As Cyborg reveals — well, the good part of him that isn’t enslaved by Darkseid — what makes Darkseid perfect for the job is his New God blood. Epoch has similar plans, albeit they’re more altruistic, but Vic has calculated he’ll fail. He just isn’t powerful enough to cope with the temporal energies, but much like Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet, Darkseid’s godhood makes him an ideal match and wielder. He’s one of the few entities who could remodel time and space using this device and now, all he has to do is get his hands on it.

It scares Jessica Cruz, Orion and their coalition because they realize this is the alpha Darkseid the DCU has always come to fear. He’s ready to ascend and if he does get to the Revision Mechanism, he may even surpass Perpetua as the true ruler of reality.

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Justice League Odyssey #20 has revealed DC's 'Time Stone' is set to fall into the hands of the publisher's nastiest villain, in a bid to alter history

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