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Geoff Johns (Blackest Night, Doomsday Clock) has confirmed that The Killing Zone — his planned DC Comics pop-up imprint — is still very much in the works, despite little being revealed about the project since its initial announcement two years ago.

To coincide with the upcoming premiere of his live-action DC Universe/The CW series Stargirl, the the former President and CCO of DC Entertainment partook in a Q&A session on the DC Universe forums. One user in particular inquired about the current status of the imprint. “Killing Zone is a project I’m very passionate about, taking some pretty obscure DC characters and putting them center stage,” Johns replied. “I’m waiting for a certain artist to become available before I start it. It’ll all depend on schedules for everything.”

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The Killing Zone was first announced back in the summer of 2018 as a DC imprint that Johns would both curate and write for. It was revealed alongside such other imprints as Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Universe and a mysterious Brian Michael Bendis-curated imprint that would become Wonder Comics. The Killing Zone is described as a pop-up imprint (not unlike Gerard Way’s Young Animal) that aims to put the focus on lesser-known DC properties, as well as introduce brand-new ones.

As previously mentioned, details pertaining to The Killing Zone have been sparse since 2018 — leading some DC fans to speculate that the pop-up imprint had been scrapped. According to Johns, however, the reason for the delay simply seems to be a matter of conflicting schedules. That said, the writer did not reveal the identity of the artist he is currently waiting to enlist for the project.

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Geoff Johns has confirmed that his planned pop-up imprint The Killing Zone is still in the works at DC Comics.

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