DC's Latest Dark Nights: Death Metal Tease Is a Bat-Autopsy | CBR

Writer Scott Snyder has posted a new piece of art from Dark Nights: Death Metal #1 by Greg Capullo that features a gruesome autopsy.

“Nowhere we’re not going with one. A no breaks, no mercy, up all night thanks to you guys,” Snyder tweeted.

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Capullo’s artwork features a group of villains standing over a body, with a thin man wearing a pair of goggles handing a severed skull cap to one of the Batman Who Laughs’ Jokerized Robins. In the background, a massive T-Rex, who is confirmed to be an alternate universe Batman, looks on.

Dark Nights: Death Metal is the sequel to Dark Nights: Metal and will also pick up plot elements from Snyder’s run on Justice League. The Batman Who Laughs and his corrupted heroes have infected the Earth with Dark Multiverse energy on behalf of the dark goddess Perpetua, forcing Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman and other heroes to unite. Much like its predecessor, Death Metal will feature its heroes sporting uniforms inspired by rock metal art.

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Dark Nights: Death Metal #1, by Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, Jonathan Glapion and FCO Plascencia, goes on sale May 13 from DC.

Scott Snyder has shared a new piece of Dark Nights: Death Metal art from his collaborator Greg Capullo that shows a gruesome autopsy.

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