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The Flash is one of the premiere characters in the DC Universe. Spawning a variety of merchandise, movies and TV shows, the character has truly seen it all. Of course, throughout The Flash’s long tenure in comics, there have been a variety of different incarnations of the scarlet speedster. Some being completely different people with justice on their sleeves. Others are incredibly evil versions of The Flash such as Zoom or the Reverse-Flash. Regardless, the character has stood the test of time and has spawned plenty of cosplays including pretty great gender-bending ones.

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Without further ado, here are the 10 gender-bent Flash cosplays that you just have to see!

10 An Old Fashioned Flash

Starting off this list is Siryn_Cosplay’s interpretation of The Flash. Specifically, based on Jay Garrick’s Flash, the simplicity of the design is quite notable. With a red turtleneck shirt that breaks off around the chest area with a lightning bolt that trails to the side.

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What is most notable is actually the colors of the costume, with the red and blues striking out as bright as a golden age comic. Combined with Garrick’s classic helmet with the thunderbolts on the side and it’s quite solid overall.

9 Running Like A Streak Of Lightning

Next is the Flash cosplay by Holly Wolf. Wearing spandex for her design, what’s quite notable is the level of detail that’s on there. The suit has a level of detail that is similar to that of a comic book such as the blacks around her ribs and the whites which help give out dimensionality.

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Probably the best element of the entire design is actually her helmet, which appears to be the only thing that isn’t spandex. But it has the same color as the rest of the suit with fine detailing all over it. Definitely a great cosplay.

8 A Nuclear Bombshell

One of the most unique versions of the Flash on this list, Contagious Costuming’s version of the scarlet speedster is based on the bombshell universe’s interpretation of the character. From the classic hairstyle to the diner outfit design that is vibrant in red and gold, this is a costume that is downright incredible. The best part is the level of detail on the gold and red rollerblades, which really looks like the classic fast-food diner joints back in the mid-20th century.

7 See You Around, Flash

This distinct version of The Flash is one that is quite the reverse. Based on the Reverse-Flash, the evil speedster from the future that caused a lot of pain to Barry Allen and the Flash’s that came afterwards, this cosplay is absolutely gorgeous. Designed by Rage Kitten, it is a simplified look of the evil speedster with an exposed stomach and high heels. However, the colors are incredibly vibrant with the red parts of the suit standing out the most.

6 The Fastest Kid Around

A cosplay designed based on Kid Flash, specifically the Young Justice interpretation of the character, it’s absolutely incredible. Rather than going for a spandex approach to the outfit or leather for that matter, this design looks to be made out of some kind of cloth. The suit is created by cutiepiesensei, which is surprisingly made out of pajama material. Allowing for complete flexibility while maintaining the textural feel that it’s an actual speedster suit.

5 Zoomin’ Around At The Speed Of Light

Another spandex suit, but it isn’t the scarlet speedster that most fans are familiar with. Katydecobray’s approach is based on either Zoom or the blue Flash seen in the New 52. Regardless of what exactly it is, what matters is how well designed it is. The blue and black aesthetic of the design really gives off that comic book aesthetic similar to Holly Wolfs. The helmet is also really cool with the earpieces being very angular and blade-like, unlike the lightning bolt earpieces that most fans are used to.

4 The Scarlet Speedster

Another spandex version suit of the Flash, this one is a little different from the previous designs. Being a bit of a blend between the two cosplayers that came before her, dancerkayt’s version of the Flash suit is sleek and robust. With the vibrancy of Holly Wolf’s and the general aesthetic of katydecobray, it is one of the best spandex suits out there. The coolest part is the little watches that are on the side of the suit, which cheekily points out how The Flash is a time traveler notorious for ruining timestreams.

3 The Fastest Speedster Around

This Flash design created by Danielle Vedovelli is nothing short of a work of art. Based on the suits of the CW Flash TV show, primarily seasons 1 to 3, the suit is based on thicker materials like leather. Because of that, the suit has a nice dark red hue to it which helps make everything stand out, with the arms being just like the show to make the suit breathable. Combined with more original elements such as a mask as opposed to a cowl and it really is something quite special.

2 The Sassy Speedster

Probably the simplest design shown on this entire list, if one were to look at this from a surface level perspective they would assume it isn’t cosplaying at all. But what makes Laughing Daredevil’s version of the Kid Flash brilliant is that she embodies what the character represents.

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From the ginger red hair, loose design on the suit to represent Kid Flash’s personality and the cute, sassy expression she has for herself. All of this makes her probably the closest to any character without going all the way with the suit. Something all good cosplayers are known for.

1 Lightning Personified

The last Flash cosplay on the list is another simple one. However, instead of the spandex suit that some cosplayers are wearing or suits that are based on the show and elseworld stories, this one seems to have it’s own original spin.

However, unlike Laughing Daredevil’s interpretation, thedoctorswife1963’s Flash has a little more to it that makes it more like a cosplay. Wearing a leather jacket with accents, a unique mask, and red hair. It may not be The Flash that people are used to, but it is still a very unique design that is worthy of the scarlet speedster.

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Are you a fan of DC's The Flash and fans who like dressing up like their favorite superheroes? Here's a look at 10 must-see genderbent Flash cosplays!

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