DC: 10 Superman Fan Art Pictures That Prove He's The Strongest Of Them All

When you think of strong characters in fiction, Superman is always at the top of your list, if not the very top. He’s a character that many detractors state is too overpowered, thus making him incredibly boring to read about. It’s an unfair stance to take as his powers are what makes him such a symbol of hope, playing right into the message of the character.

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If he were some unpowered nobody, the message wouldn’t have the same meaning. The fan arts below help show off both sides of the character, his moral stance as well as showing just how powerful the character can be. Many even showing off battles that would be amazing to watch.

10 The Symbol

Rain or shine, Superman is always going to be there to save the day. Even as the planet is seemingly burning down around him, he’s still going to do everything he can to save the people he swore to protect. It’s a creed that many heroes have, but few are as staunch to it as Superman is. Captain America and Spider-Man are the only other two that ever really come close as far as pure selflessness goes, but even they have slip-ups. This image by Frogbillgo helps embody that creed to a tee.

9 Bloodied Night

Batman is the most popular character in DC without a real close second. His stories can be some of the most entertaining in comics, but the way he gets scaled up to cosmic level threats has always been a sore spot. The number of times he’s able to beat or outsmart Superman is proof of that. 89g’s image above helps depict a more accurate portrayal of what would happen if the two squared up. Batman bloodied and bruised, completely at Clark’s mercy.

8 Protector Of The World

To inspire hope, you need to be a protector to those that feel or can’t protect themselves. You have to make them feel that they to can make a difference.

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Casually blocking what looks like a laser blast with your arm while cradling a helpless baby is a surefire way to do that, as well as make the cover of plenty of websites. Fico-Ossio does a great job of showing that tenderness Clark has towards people, never thinking himself above them. The backdrop is a fantastic rendition of Metropolis to, making sure the Daily Planet is prominently displayed.

7 Stronger Cousin

There is never doubt who is the strongest among the Superfamily, it’s always going to be Clark, no matter how much progress Kara makes throughout the years. The way memed has Kara crumbled into the pavement, face shrouded by the asphalt and her hair, is a great way of showing just how strong Clark’s punches can be when he isn’t holding back. The look on his face is one that belongs in the Injustice universe, blazing red eyes, nothing more than fury housed within them.

6 Eternal Rivals

Lex and Clark’s rivalry is one of the best in comics, right up there with Batman and the Joker or Spidey and the Green Goblin. All three stick to the age-old adage that your biggest rival will always be the one that is your exact opposite in just about every way. Alex Pascenko does a good job with each of their expressions, Clark having more of a look of grit to his face while Lex looks overcome with anger and hatred, wanting nothing more than to rid the world of Superman once and for all.

5 Strongest Of Them All

From a pure strength standpoint, these two would have to be at the top of the list as far as comic book characters go. A battle where the two of them had no restrictions would be both incredible and destructive. Sam Del Torre shows some of that destructiveness with the sheer amount of rocks flying around them.

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Their battle would not only destroy a town but could wage on so long that it might take down an entire state if they were both left unchecked. The glow in each of their eyes is a nice touch, as are the gritted teeth each have. You can tell neither wants to give an inch.

4 Power Of Flight

Superman taking off into flight is one of the most iconic images for the character, right up there with Batman stalking a rooftop. Kerong managed to ramp that up even further by having him burst through the ground like he was coming out of the planet’s very core. The way the asphalt of the road is flying upward in shards and the way the flames of the core are rising through the cracks is an incredible visual. That doesn’t even mention how badass Superman looks, hand raised, look of determination etched on his face.

3 Nothing Stands In The Way

When it comes to Superman, nothing is going to get in his way of protecting the earth. Not even a chunk of Kryptonite would kill his spirit, mind willing him forward even if his body has little to give. Blondthecolorist shows how little chance a standard wall would have at containing Krypton’s favored son. It breaks apart with the ease of a normal human knocking down a house of cards. The way the energy around his eyes crackles is a cool addition, adding a sense of unstableness.

2 Poster Worthy

Everything about this art by Ourlak is badass. Not only does it have Superman standing tall, chest puffed out and arms flexed outward. It has him doing it among a sea of Kryptonite rocks, further proof that Clark’s will to protect is stronger than even his biggest weakness. Beyond just that, the colors used here makes such a striking image, especially with how the lighting effect in the background reflect into and off his eyes.

1 One Punch

If you’re a fan of anything comic or anime-related, there’s a good chance that Wizyakuza would have a piece of art you’d adore. As you can see above, his art is incredibly striking, characters, and background all blending into one beautiful piece. Here he manages to set the stage for an epic conflict between Superman and One Punch Man. Superman is charging full steam ahead, ready to drive Saitama into the ground while the latter is preparing the one punch he needs to achieve victory.

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Superman is an awesome classic DC Comics superhero, and this fan art makes him look even more awesome.

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