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When it comes to Supergirl, there’s a lot about her that doesn’t make any sense. She has some of the most inconsistent writing of anyone in the DC universe, personality and motives changing on a dime, all depending on who’s tasked with writing her. It’s led to such an up and down ride for a character who can easily carry a solo series.

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Her television series is proof of that, one that’s progressively gotten better since just an ok season 1. It’s a character that when you really dive into her and her cast of allies, can be compelling. Alas, that’s not usually the case and we end up with this list.

10 How Often She Fights Heroes

Supergirl has a penchant for coming to blows with other heroes, two of her initial arcs being built around that entire premise. First was Darkseid brainwashing her into helping his agenda, attacking her cousin due to it. After that, she was corrupted by Black Kryptonite, bringing forth the birth of Black Supergirl, said to be her original persona. Both stories weren’t bad, but Kara is used against other heroes, particularly her cousin, far too often in comics (those aren’t the only two incidents).

9 Time In Legion Of Super Heroes

Some fans may love it, but the multiverse in both DC and Marvel is an utter mess at times, making your head hurt any time you even try to make sense of things. It’s one thing to make different continuities so you can tell different stories, but both companies have this insistence on jamming them all together during big events. Her time with the legion was entirely nonsensical, starting as what she thought was a dream then becoming more about time travel to the 30th century, and finally, ending on it being a different earth than her own.

8 All A Hallucination

Supergirl’s stories can be very hit or miss at times, Supergirl: Candor is an example of it going wrong. First off, the stories just jumps all over the place for no rhyme or reason, lacking a whole lot of flow, but that’s not the worst of it. The worst of it is that they pull the whole it was all a dream nonsense towards the end.

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Everything that happened was all just an illusion by Saturn Queen, the main villain of the arc. That’s always a cheap cop-out in storytelling, making everything that comes before it worthless. Even without it, the whole story didn’t make a whole lot of sense.

7 Reason For The Sunstone In Her Body

At first, they are present due to her father, Zor-El experimenting on her, trying to form her into a being capable of beating her cousin. Then it’s revealed he only placed them in her to combat phantoms from the Phantom Zone, making her immune to their influence. Then it’s revealed many of those memories were false during the New Krypton storyline, a result of Kryptonian radiation. It feels like a constant stream of retcons rather than just expanding on history that was already there.

6 Her Lapses In Confidence

Her questioning herself is one of the things that can make her an interesting character, always battling with the pressure of being Superman’s cousin. It’s no easy task to always be compared to one of the greatest heroes in the world. The issue, like many things in comics, is it happens too often. It’s the biggest drawback to the medium, stories tending to trend over the same water. In this case, Supergirl wondering if she has what it takes to truly be a hero or not.

5 Intangibility

While giving her some abilities that aren’t tied to Superman is a smart decision, letting her be her own person rather than simply a clone, intangibility is a strange one to decide on.

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Yes, she learned this talent from Flash, but her being able to vibrate the molecules in her body so fast that she can pass through objects is a little ridiculous. That doesn’t even take into account the fact that this talent can also make her invisible, making it so that light can’t reflect off her body.

4 Power Boy Becoming A Stalker

Power Boy was Kara’s first true boyfriend, one that seemed destined to fail at some point. They were both just young kids, experiencing love before they ever truly knew what it even is. The issue is they turned him into an abusive boyfriend trope, going so far as to have him hit her just because she was going to visit a friend in the hospital rather than make out with him. Thankfully Kara stood up for herself and broke free of him, but the story was just so on the nose and made it seem like they didn’t have any idea what to do with Supergirl.

3 Promising To Keep Thomas Price Alive

Supergirl has always been a bit childish, sometimes even bratty. That’s part of her character and something that made her Kara until the reasoning behind it was revealed. That said, even the most childish of people wouldn’t promise a young child with cancer that they were going to keep them alive. By this point, Kara has been a hero for long enough that she should know you can’t cheat death (unless you’re a superhero). Promising something she couldn’t deliver just gave her unneeded angst, making her question herself for the umpteenth time.

2 Red Lantern

On the surface, making her one could lead to an interesting story, and it had it’s moments where it wasn’t bad, like her training to control the power under Guy Gardner’s tutelage. The problem, like many things with the New 52, is that there isn’t proper build-up to it. She’s just an emotional teenager who’s angry that her first crush used her. So instead of working through that, she takes the power of the red ring and starts laying waste to anyone near her.

1 How Often She’s Sent To A Different Timeline

This one ties in with her time in the Legion of Super-Heroes but needed its own entry too. It’s not so much that she ends up in different multiverses or a different timeline, it’s that it just sort of happens. More often than not she just wakes up, and she’s in this new place without much of an explanation at all. It always feels like a lazy way to tell a story, one that doesn’t make any sort of sense when it’d take one or two panels to explain what’s happening.

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Supergirl is a great character, but sometimes the things that happen in her stories just make no sense at all.

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