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Batman (Bruce Wayne) is one of the most popular and one of the first-founded (1939) DC heroes. Ranging through the extremely successful comics all the way to some of our most modern film representations, Batman has had an insurmountable amount of story arcs.

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With all these story arcs comes an extremely in-depth and rooted back story that drives the character being portrayed in what we know of him today. The fierce DC hero is greatly driven by his dark past and goes into every situation with his past traumas in the forefront of his mind. Although he has a hard outer-shell, he has several weaknesses that may be overlooked.

10 Catwoman

Catwoman is one of Batman’s most complicated love connections that he faces throughout the comics and films. She’s a villain that has a deep love for Batman with a deeply rooted backstory that tends to make her an anti-hero.

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However, this love connection is so deeply rooted that he would risk his own life to save hers and vice versa. Likewise, if she acted out and turned against Gotham to plan and destroy it, Batman would fall into a heap of misery. If it came down to it, she could easily defeat him.

9 Dogs

This is one of the more subtle Batman weaknesses that hasn’t really been explained. Batman has a soft spot for dogs (probably because his connection with Ace The Bat-Hound.) As seen primarily in The Dark Knight, he encounters several occasions where he’s not able to figure out how to stop dogs.

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Whether they’re able to pierce through his armor easier, or because he simply has a love for the animal breeds – Batman has an extremely difficult time defeating them.

8 Chaos

Bruce Wayne created his alter-ego Batman as a coping method to the brutal murders of his parents. After the extreme trauma of this tragedy, he swore to never let anything like that happen ever again. As a result, he created Batman to control the order of Gotham and to conjure fear out of any villains that were to rise up in the city.

However, when he’s not able to control the evils that are happening, Batman grows extremely weak and can’t help but be thrown into misery. It’s the lack of control over a situation that deeply affects the DC hero making him quite vulnerable.

7 Easy To Manipulate Emotionally (Parent Trauma)

Due to his horrifying past traumas of his parent’s deaths, Bruce Wayne is highly susceptible to emotional despair. The worst part about this weakness is that in a city that’s constantly sprouting sinister villains, Batman is really not that hard to target.

Gotham is filled with intelligent and insane criminals that all have one drive – to harm their victims in any way they can. Whether it’s through playing with the Dark Knight’s emotions or by physically hurting those he loves, Batman can easily be manipulated.

6 Unwillingness To Kill

Stemming from the past two weaknesses, this one is also a result of his parent’s murders. They were killed and shot down right in front of him so his fear to use a gun is very apparent. He won’t use a gun to protect and he won’t use a gun to kill.

Even when he’s not using a gun, he chooses to lasso or contains his villains as opposed to killing them. This weakness is greatly known by his foes and they are constantly using it against him.

5 Afraid Of Bats

In the disarray and deep despair of his parent’s death, Batman in one way or another became afraid of bats. In the origin comics, it states that he once recalled an experience where he was afraid of a bat so that’s why he became Batman.

However, in Batman Begins it’s quite obvious that he’s afraid of bats when he enters the bat-cave for the first time and got highly frightened by the animals. This ended in a similar result with him wanting to create Batman to conjure fear in his foes.

4 Greatly Affected By Poisonous Fumes

Whether it’s Scarecrow or Poison Ivy, Batman is enormously affected by gases and poisonous substances. He’s most commonly seen growing weakened and heavily affected in air-polluted environments where he tends to lose track of his goals.

Batman is only Bruce Wayne under the suit after all and, like any normal human, falls victim to poisonous gas.

3 Heavily Reliant On Technology

Batman’s Batmobile and his gadgets are what make him who he is. When his equipment starts to fail, he becomes heavily hindered. Dealing with suit or equipment malfunctions distracts him in a fight and could mean his ultimate defeat.

As seen in The Dark Knight, his x-ray vision goggles were impaired during a battle against Joker and he was immobile from any fighting tactics.

2 Identity Is Crucial For Batman

Only a few of Batman’s villains know of his true identity, but those who do are more of a threat to him than anything else. Exposing the hero of Gotham could turn the people of Gotham against him and it could also hurt those who are close to him.

As we’ve identified prior in this article, Bruce Wayne can’t take any more losses of loved ones so a recognition of his identity puts his entire character on the line.

1 Can Succumb To His Own Anger

Batman is justice and proof that there is good in Gotham. However, he’s only human and is triggered by a dark past. At times, he succumbs to his anger and acts out of turn making him quite vulnerable to switching from the “good guy” to the “bad guy.”

This is music to Batman’s Rogues’ List’s ears and they all target his unstable emotions.

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Batman is one of DC's greatest heroes, but he is still only human. He was many weaknesses that villains have exploited in the past.

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