DC: 5 Marvel Heroes General Zod Would Get Along With (& 5 He Would Hate)

The supreme leader of Krypton’s defense forces, General Zod is a military strategist of the highest order. Depending on the story in which he is being presented, his motivations range from simple megalomania to a heartfelt desire to protect his people. Regardless, there’s no doubting the good general is a formidable foe, as the Man of Steel can attest to.

Zod hasn’t required many allies in the DC Universe, but he has had them, and that begs the question, how would he fare in the Marvel Universe? Here are 5 Marvel Heroes General Zod Would Get Along With (& 5 He Would Hate).

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Without a doubt, the Hulk is someone General Zod would get along with. In any of his incarnations and in terms of sheer power, the Hulk would be a boon to Zod’s war effort, even in an army peopled with Kryptonians.

In his Immortal incarnation, the Hulk shares Zod’s nihilistic point of view and would no doubt be able to contribute to Zod’s military strategies in a complementary way. What remains to be seen is if a lasting partnership could be formed, or if either party would seize the first opportunity to turn on the other.


Peter Parker is more or less a happy-go-lucky superhero, quick with the jokes and quips even while in the midst of battle. Although he’s been a superhero for most of his life, Spider-Man has never been big on overall strategy, functioning better under direction during team-driven battles and relying on his reflexes to get him out of most scrapes.

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Zod has little patience for cavalier attitudes, which is how he would view Spidey’s outlook on crime-fighting. To Zod, war is a serious pursuit with a serious objective that requires careful thought and calculation, not half-planned-out thrill-seeking. Zod would see Spider-Man as a boy trying to play a man’s game and would treat him accordingly.


If there’s one thing General Zod can respect it’s a fellow soldier, and Captain America is arguably the best one in the Marvel Universe. Having fought through Earth’s worst war and cheating death to fight another day is an accomplishment worthy of Zod’s attention, as would be Cap’s skill, experience, and determination to grab victory whatever the personal sacrifice.

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Granted, Zod may not think much of human achievement compared to Kryptonian accomplishments, but even he can recognize a good solider when he sees one. Unfortunately, it’s highly unlikely Cap would choose to freely associate with the likes of Zod, so this partnership will likely be permanently confined to the “if only” file.


If there’s one thing Zod does not abide, it’s pomposity, especially from someone whose only proficiency in battle comes from artificial means. For this reason, Iron Man would probably not be very high on Zod’s respect list. Without his suit, Tony Stark might still be a “genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist,” but he’d be pretty ineffective and vulnerable on the battlefield, especially by Kryptonian standards.

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Even in his suit, Iron Man won’t be much use to Zod if it gets damaged or malfunctions, especially since his aptitude for military strategy isn’t that great. Aside from that, Stark’s personality would grate on Zod so the chances of these two teaming up are close to nil.


General Zod definitely has a healthy respect for capable soldiers, but he has an even greater love for those who are ruthless and willing to do whatever it takes to vanquish an enemy. That’s why Faora ranks so highly and curries so much favor in Zod’s army, and it’s why Frank Castle would as well.

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The Punisher has absolutely no mercy when it comes to dispatching criminals, and Zod would definitely approve of Castle’s methods and his willingness to execute them. Frank’s also a combat veteran who’s seen the dark side of war, which would raise him even higher in Zod’s esteem.


Science has its places in designing the engines of war, and although Zod has a modicum of respect for scientists, he doesn’t particularly trust them, as evidenced by his interactions with Jor-El in various films and comic story arcs. This stands to reason, as Zod is the type of stolid tyrant who would not abide free and creative thinking and prefers obedience to originality.

For this reason, he’d hate Reed Richards. Although probably seeing a use for him in his ability to design and create weapons, there’s no way he’d support Mr. Fantastic’s propensity to voice his opinions on any and all matters. Rather than expend his energies getting a man with rubber limbs to kneel, he’d just as soon do away with him.


Cyclops has been leading the X-Men since he was a teenager and is a competent battlefield commander. Sure, he’s had his fair share of triumphs and tragedies, but he’s managed to steer the X-Men through some of their toughest times.

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His resilience in the face of harrowing losses would be sure to catch General Zod’s eye. With his years of experience leading and combating meta-humans, Scott Summers’ ability to assume battlefield duties and train soldiers to hone their powers would be invaluable to the ambitious Zod.


The Silver Surfer is one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe. Having used that power as a Herald of Galactus and directly causing the deaths of billions across the universe has led the Surfer on a path of redemption, using his powers to right wrongs across the cosmos as he sees fit.

Zod would see Norrin Radd’s attempt at achieving redemption as a fool’s errand and a waste of his power. As gifted as Zod is, the Surfer’s abilities and command of the Power Cosmic would be even more alluring to him. Disdaining the soul within the Surfer and coveting his power, Zod would either devise a way to steal it or eliminate the Surfer from ever having the chance to oppose him.


There’s a lot in Thor that Zod would find admirable. Firstly, he’s immensely powerful in a way that Kryptonians are not, due to his powers being magically based. Secondly, he’s a literal god, whose battlefield strategy and personal valor are beyond reproach. Lastly, like Zod, he’s a leader and emissary for his people, doing whatever he can to protect them and have them thrive.

Provided Zod approaches Thor in the right way, through mutual friendship and honesty, an alliance between Asgard and New Krypton may not be out of the realm of possibility.


Wolverine may seem to be the type of warrior Zod would want on his side, as he’s a vicious and tireless combatant whose healing factor ensures he’ll be in the fight for the long haul. However, Wolverine is prone to berserker rages which make him difficult to control on the battlefield. Letting your emotions get the better of you in the heat of battle is not something a general wants in his soldiers, especially if he’s liable to turn against his own men. Moreover, Wolverine tends to buck orders if he doesn’t agree with them, a trait a disciplined military man like Zod would not tolerate.

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Superman villain General Zod is a fierce military leader in DC. If he landed in Marvel, which heroes might he get along with? And which would he hate?

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