DC: 5 Marvel Heroes Huntress Could Defeat (& 5 She Would Lose To)

Helena Bertinelli aka Huntress never was one of the heavy hitters of the DC comic book universe but that never stopped her from taking on multiple enemies and defeating them. Huntress spent years training vigorously to be able to come back home to Gotham and avenge the death of her family caused by the local mafia.

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While she doesn’t have any superpowers, she’s not powerless, not by a long shot. And she’s also not afraid to kill her enemies, which makes her different from a majority of superheroes. If Huntress fought Marvel superheroes, she’d lose against some of them, but might be able to defeat others.

10 Could Defeat: Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones is one of the youngest Marvel superheroes on this list, but she already became fan-favorite for many, thanks to Brian Michael Bendis‘s Alias, and, of course, the Netflix show with Krysten Ritter portraying Jessica. Jessica might not look so strong at a casual glance but she’s more powerful than many people give her credit for.

She’s super strong and can jump really high, so it almost seems like she could fly. That said, her powers are relying on getting close contact with the person she’s fighting, and Huntress could always shoot Jessica from afar, without ever getting close to her.

9 Would Lose: Captain America

Captain America may not be the most powerful Marvel superhero but he’s still faster and stronger than any human, thanks to the supersoldier serum coursing through his veins and turning him into the peak of human perfection. It’s hard to compete with that even if you’re a superhuman or mutant yourself, and Huntress is neither of those.

If she and Captain America decided to solve their disagreements through a fight, it’d be over fast and it wouldn’t end well for the Huntress. Captain America can easily block her with his shield and he also has a much longer fighting experience than she does.

8 Could Defeat: Black Widow

It’s actually debatable whether Huntress would be able to defeat Black Widow, but let’s give her the benefit of a doubt. Black Widow’s set of powers is not constant, depending on whether you focus on the comics or the MCU films.

If Huntress fought the MCU version of Black Widow, she’d have a bigger chance to succeed, as long as she would manage to stay away from Natasha’s guns and wouldn’t come into close contact with her. Both women are skilled at hand to hand combat as well as shooting, so in the end, it’d be a question of who’d be fighting more ruthlessly, and that one goes to Huntress.

7 Would Lose: Iron Man

Iron Man is one of the founding members of the Avengers and also one of the heavy hitters of the whole Marvel universe. Tony Stark might not have any superpowers, but he has the distinct advantage of being a genius which resulted in him building a set of armors, each one more efficient in a battle than the previous one.

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Putting Huntress with her crossbow against Stark’s technologically advanced armor would be like trying to kill a fly with a gun – an overkill, clear and simple. Unless Huntress finds a way to shortcircuit Stark’s armor, she’ll lose the fight quickly.

6 Could Defeat: Hawkeye

Just like with Black Widow, the result of the fight between Hawkeye and Huntress wouldn’t be one hundred percent clear. In the end, it’s likely that Huntress could defeat Hawkeye, but it probably wouldn’t be without injuries on both sides. Hawkeye is a skilled archer, but almost every archer runs out of his arrows sooner or later.

And when it comes to hand to hand combat, Huntress might be able to take Hawkeye down as she’s probably younger and more resilient than him. Also, she’s fueled by inner fury, which can give you strength in a fight, as long as you don’t let it control you too much and cloud your judgment.

5 Would Lose: Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel has a set of skills so rich it would take a while to name them all. She used to be human but then she gained space powers, and it transformed her into one of the most powerful Marvel superheroes.

If Huntress wanted to fight Captain Marvel, her best chance would be to sneak up on Carol in her civil life but even if she did that, it’s doubtful she’d succeed. Captain Marvel is super strong, fast, and can fly, to name just a few of her powers, so similarly to Iron Man and other heroes mentioned on this list, she’d defeat Huntress quickly.

4 Could Defeat: Rocket Raccoon

This is a fight many people would like to see happen since it’s so bizarre that it’d probably be hilarious… but it’s unlikely to happen anytime soon. Rocket Raccoon prefers firearms as his weapon of choice, which might present a clear disadvantage to Huntress.

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But as long as she stays out of reach and waits for Rocket Raccoon to waste all of the ammunition and only after that does she strike, she should be fine. Or she can always choose a different approach and take Rocket Raccoon on in a hand to hand combat. He’s strong but she’d prevail in this one… unless Rocket would have Groot by his side.

3 Would Lose: Thor

This one doesn’t really need much explanation. Still, the result of a fight between Thor and Huntress is clear from the beginning, unless Thor somehow magically loses his powers by becoming unworthy of wielding his powerful hammer (which had happened in the comics before, after all).

But at his full power, Huntress doesn’t stand a chance against Thor, since he’s the God of Thunder and she’s only human, albeit well-trained and a strong one. There are multiple ways how Thow could take Huntress down, either by using the lightning or simply by knocking her out with one punch of her mighty fist.

2 Could Defeat: Daredevil

Daredevil has a lot of useful skills which turned him into a force to be reckoned with. Yes, he’s blind, but his heightened other senses more than make-up for his blindness. He can tell whether a person is lying just by listening to the person’s heartbeat and he can also sense if someone is in proximity to him which makes it difficult to sneak upon him.

He’s also skilled at hand to hand combat. But he’s not super strong or fast like other superheroes on this list and he can be hurt by conventional means. If Huntress uses a clever approach and uses his senses against him by overloading them, she could finish Daredevil off.

1 Would Lose: Hulk

There are two ways the fight between Hulk and Huntress could go. If she manages to catch up on him before he turns into Hulk, she should have no problem defeating Bruce Banner whose real power lies in his intelligence, not his strength. But Hulk is a completely different story.

He’s one of the strongest Marvel heroes and while he may not be the most intelligent one of them when he’s big and green, he’s still strong enough to knock Huntress out with just one punch, similarly to Thor. Fighting an angry green giant is never a good idea and unless Huntress borrows a Hulkbuster armor from Iron Man, she’s done.

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Huntress is probably one of the most skilled of DC's non-superpowered heroes. She's such a solid fighter, that she could even beat Marvel's heroes.

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