DC: 5 Marvel Heroes That Nightwing Would Be Friends With (& 5 He Couldn't Stand)

Dick Grayson aka Nightwing started out as Batman’s sidekick Robin in the comics but over the years, he has grown and become a superhero of his own right. Nowadays, Nightwing is capable enough to co-lead his own superhero team and he’s also much more approachable and friendly than his seemingly distant and aloof adoptive father and mentor Batman.

Nightwing may not have actual superpowers but that never stopped him from being, well, super. If he crossed over to the Marvel universe, there are some superheroes he would get along well with but also a few heroes whom he couldn’t stand.

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10 Would Get Along: Daredevil

Daredevil and Nightwing have more things in common than one might imagine at first glance. For one, they’re both street-level heroes, using mostly the strength of their (still human) bodies to defeat their enemies. They both have a strong moral codes which helps them to recognize the line between right and wrong, even if they might struggle with it sometimes. And finally, they have similar tastes in women, at least when it comes to dating fellow fighters.

Their powers would complement each other well since they’re skilled at hand to hand combat so it’s natural that these two would team up.

9 Couldn’t Stand: Punisher

Nightwing was raised and trained by Batman, and as such, he has many values similar to that of the Caped Crusader. One of those strongest values ingrained deep in Nightwing’s heart and soul is his distaste for killing people.

That’s why he couldn’t stand Punisher who’s known and feared for taking down his enemies for once and for all. Yes, Punisher has a reason for what he’s doing but if Nightwing doesn’t know what it is, one can hardly expect him to show sympathy for Punisher. These two would butt heads if they met and even if they didn’t fight, Punisher still prefers to work alone so they wouldn’t become friends anyway.

8 Would Get Along: Spider-Man

Just like in the case of Daredevil, Nightwing and Spider-Man also share more similarities than many people might think at first. When Spider-Man starts his journey as a superhero, he’s still just a kid and so was Nightwing when he began fighting alongside Batman as his Robin.

Both superheroes have a sense of humor and they have lost people they cared about so they know what it feels like when someone loses their parents. Plus, while Nightwing can stay on the ground and fight there, Spider-Man will have his back from the air thanks to his ability to swing around the city.

7 Couldn’t Stand: Jessica Jones


Let’s be honest – Jessica Jones isn’t the friendliest of the bunch when it comes to Marvel superheroes. If Nightwing met her during the time when she was already married and had a child with Luke Cage, it’s possible they would get along better since this Jessica was mentally in a much better place. But in the show and in a lot of her comics as well, Jessica is as anti-social as they come.

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That steams from her horrible experience at the hands of Kilgrave who controlled her mind and abused her. But Nightwing doesn’t know that and if Jessica lashed out against him as she does, he probably wouldn’t stick around long enough to find out the truth.

6 Would Get Along: Captain America

Captain America has the rare ability to make people trust him and respect him soon after they meet him. It’s one of those things that make him such a great leader. Yes, he’s not perfect and he also makes mistakes, but unlike some heroes on this list, he’s mostly a pretty positive guy.

Chances are that he would remind Nightwing of none other than Superman and Nightwing and Superman worked together before well enough, so Captain America and Nightwing could also find common ground. They’re both strong and have a lot of respect for human lives and freedom which would bring them closer.

5 Couldn’t Stand: Wolverine

Similarly to Jessica Jones, Wolverine isn’t the friendliest of all the superheroes out there, and getting along well with him requires a lot of patience. Wolverine can be often rude and grumpy, or at least unpleasant, to put it mildly, so if he and Nightwing would meet, they would probably start their friendship on rocky ground and it would take them a long time to find common ground if they managed to do it at all.

It’s a shame since Nightwing could learn a lot from Wolverine considering how long the older superhero has been around and how much experience he has.

4 Would Get Along: Ms. Marvel

Again, this might seem like a strange duo at first but Nightwing and Ms. Marvel could make great friends had they spent enough time together. Both of them know very well what it’s like trying to live up to someone else’s image and in the end having to find your own way.

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Kamala is inspired by Captain Marvel and Dick was raised by Batman, so in a way, they both lived in the shadow of a more famous superhero. They’re close enough in age to find a lot of things to talk about and it’s easy to imagine them just hanging out when they’re not fighting crime.

3 Couldn’t Stand: Deadpool

To be completely honest, no-one could blame Nightwing if he hated Deadpool when they would first meet. The Merc with a Mouth sees the world around him in a very specific way and thanks to his type of humor and his ability to run his mouth million miles a minute, he’s a lot to deal with, even for someone who was able to work alongside heroes such as Damian Wayne and not kill Damian out of sheer frustration.

Deadpool wouldn’t also help the matter if he flirted with Nightwing as he’s known to do, and he generally has a problem to leave a good first impression.

2 Would Get Along: Spider-Gwen

It’s true that there are a lot more Marvel superheroes that Nightwing could become friends with or at least team up with in order to bring the bad guys down but it makes sense to focus on his potential friendships with younger heroes since he’s also on the younger side. Just like Nightwing would most likely get along well with Spider-Man, he could also make it work with Spider-Gwen.

Spider-Gwen’s no-nonsense, honest approach to life and crime-fighting would make her sympathetic to Nightwing and she’d probably recognize him for the fair and approachable hero he is so they could work great together.

1 Couldn’t Stand: Iron Man

Tony Stark might be a billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist but while he has a lot of positive sides, he also has a few negative ones that make it difficult to get along well with him sometimes, especially if someone doesn’t know him too well and his perception of Tony is based mostly on what he had read or seen in the media.

Tony doesn’t make the matter easier for himself since he has the unfortunate tendency to snark at people or downright insult them sometimes and it’s doubtful whether Nightwing would react positively to this. They might work well together as a team but probably wouldn’t become friends, not straight away, anyway.

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Nightwing would show up in the Marvel Universe, which heroes would he be friends with, & which would he hate? From Spider-Man to Deadpool, let's look.

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