DC: 5 Marvel Villains Bizarro Could Defeat (& 5 He Would Lose To)

The character Bizarro is one of the most iconic villains of Superman. He made his first appearance as a mirror image enemy of the boy in blue in the Superboy comic series and has since then grown into an antagonist turned occasional anti-hero.

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Bizarro’s powers are all taken straight from Superman but with reversed traits. For example instead of heat vision Bizarro possesses freeze vision. Another difference is their brainpower, as Bizarro is a few tools short of a shed. One conversation that is had a lot is whether Superman could take on certain Marvel visions. However, this list will take that conversation and replace Superman with his opposite twin.


Many always pit the Incredible Hulk against Superman. Well what about both of their polar opposites? Bizarro vs Red Hulk is one of those fights that would most likely end up being a curb stomp for Bizarro.

It is widely accepted that Superman would be able to defeat the Hulk despite the difficulty in keeping big green down. Despite the intelligence differences between the two, following that logic Bizarro would definitely be able to take down Red Hulk based on his power level alone.


Some might believe that Bizarro would be able to use his higher power to easily defeat the leader of Latveria. Well, those that believe that definitely believe wrong as Doctor Doom would be able to take on Bizarro with relative ease.

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Doctor Doom is one of the most brilliant minds on planet Earth and beyond. He also has access to some of the best tech and even a handful of the mystic arts. If given prep time Doom would easily outsmart Bizarro and could potentially take out Bizarro without even breaking a sweat.


Magneto is one of the smarter villains in the Marvel universe. However, in this fight, it doesn’t seem that that intelligence would be enough to take out Bizarro. Whereas Doctor Doom is armed to the teeth with different resources to take on superpowered freaks like Bizarro, Magneto’s powers don’t seem equipped enough to hold him back.

While Magneto could potentially stand a chance depending on the version of him, Bizarro would have too many ways to take him out before the fight even began.


Galactus is a being that stands at a galaxy level power level. He is one of the characters that actually could even stand up to and defeat Superman if the two were ever to face off, so how would Bizarro be an issue.

While a fight with Superman would be difficult due to his knowledge it would be nothing against Bizarro. Galactus has been around the pond with the best of them one too many times. Bizarro would most likely get stomped by the planet eater.


Another villain of the Hulk that Bizarro could defeat with ease is the Abomination. This is one of those battles that wouldn’t be anywhere near close due to the difference in strength levels.

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Abomination’s strength is fixed and doesn’t increase like the Hulk’s. This puts him in a horrible position when matched against someone as powerful as Bizarro.


There is absolutely no question that Thanos would have no issues taking on and taking down Bizarro. Everyone knows just how powerful the Mad Titan is and how vast his endless knowledge is.

Bizarro being placed up against one of the greatest minds of the universe would be the ultimate test for him. It would also definitely be a fruitless clash, as Thanos easily owns him.


Juggernaut may be an unstoppable force to many of the Marvel and DC universe characters but he would be no problem for Bizarro.

Both of these characters aren’t the smartest on the block so this clash would be the ultimate test of pure strength and durability. These two things are what Bizarro does best and would lead to him clearly triumphing over the jolly red giant.


This is another fight that would end up with Bizarro in a body bag. While many would think that Bizarro’s strength might put up a fight for Apocalypse, the ancient mutant’s power actually far transcends what Bizarro could deal with.

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Apocalypse’s power isn’t limited to physical ability and would be a bit too much for Bizarro.


Venom may be a fearsome foe to his nemesis Spider-Man but he would be nothing but a bug on Bizarro’s palm if the two were to ever meet on the battlefield.

Venom’s power is just too low on the scale to even be noticed by someone like Bizarro. There is no question that Venom would literally get ragdolled in a fight like this.


While the user of the power of Cyttorak, Juggernaut, may be no threat to Bizarro, the originator of this power would have a field day with Superman’s evil twin.

A fight like this wouldn’t end well for Bizarro at all. This would be one of the biggest curb stomps in comic history with Cyttorak destroying Bizarro.

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The character Bizarro is one of the most iconic villains of Superman. Which Marvel villains could he defeat though?

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