DC: 5 Marvel Villains Donna Troy Would Defeat (& 5 She'd Lose To)

Back when the Teen Titans came into existence in the ’60s, it was decided to put Wonder Girl on the team. However, much like Superboy, Wonder Girl was a younger version of Wonder Woman so they retconned the character and created Donna Troy.

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Armed with same powers as Wonder Woman and trained in combat by the Amazons, Donna Troy is a formidable warrior. This list is going to pit her against the villains of the Marvel Universe. Which ones would she beat? Which ones would beat her?

10 Would Defeat: Loki

The God Of Mischief, Loki is a formidable opponent. A master of magic and trickery, he’s also a skilled and strong fighter, able to battle his brother Thor in hand-to-hand combat. Donna may not be a god herself, but she is empowered by them and her skills make up for any advantages that Loki may have over her.

Loki is very powerful, but Donna would be able to see through his tricks- one of her godly abilities is that no one can lie to her. His magic would take its toll, but it’s nothing she hasn’t dealt with. In combat, she’s just a better fighter than him and would be able to take him down.

9 Would Lose To: Absorbing Man

While he isn’t the most intelligent, Donna Troy and all of her warrior wiles wouldn’t avail her much against Absorbing Man’s might.

Donna Troy is very strong and fast, but Absorbing Man has beaten Thor, gone toe to toe with the Hulk, and taken down whole teams of Avengers. She’d put up a good fight, but in the end, he would just be too much for her.

8 Would Defeat: Titania

Absorbing Man’s girlfriend, Titania gained her super strength and durability during the first Secret Wars. The two of them would join the Masters of Evil and bedevil the Avengers, taking part in the villainous team’s greatest assault against Earth’s Mightiest Heroes during the seminal “Under Siege” storyline. However, Donna has her beat.

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Titania is a tough customer, but she’s not even in Donna’s league. Donna is stronger and faster but more importantly, she’s just a vastly more skilled combatant. Titania fighting skills aren’t bad, but she isn’t anywhere near as skilled as Donna. Donna outclasses her in every way.

7 Would Lose To: Abomination

The Hulk’s strongest foe, Abomination is one of the most dangerous villains around. When one can go punch for punch with the Hulk, that’s a big deal. It’s that superlative strength that would allow him to defeat Donna Troy.

Donna is a definitely a better fighter, but it’s Abomination titanic strength that would win the battle for him. Donna would avoid a lot of his shots and hit him back, but, as strong as she is, it’s just not enough. She wouldn’t be able to damage him quickly enough to hurt him. Once he started landing shots, that would be the beginning of the end.

6 Would Defeat: Carnage

Cletus Kasady is a sadistic monster and his symbiote allows him to indulge his murderous streak. One of the most dangerous serial killers around, Carnage has proven to be a hard foe to take down. Donna Troy could succeed against him, though.

It’s doubtful Carnage would be able to actually hurt Donna and she’s definitely stronger than him. Carnage’s fighting style is that of a mad dog, whereas Donna is well-trained in the Amazonian combat arts, giving her another advantage. Finally, much like Wonder Woman, Donna’s weapons were forged by the god Hephaestus. While the symbiotes of the Marvel Universe are very hardy, they couldn’t stand up to a god-forged sword.

5 Would Lose To: M.O.D.O.K.

M.O.D.O.K. is much more deadly than he appears. Armed with powerful psionic skills and a vast intellect, his deadly schemes have enmeshed Captain America and the Avengers for years. It’s these mental abilities that would allow M.O.D.O.K. to prevail against Donna.

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Donna doesn’t really have any defenses against a telepath as powerful as M.O.D.O.K. His psionic blasts would allow him to keep her at bay and do a lot of damage against her. He could go into her mind and twist her around, taking her out.

4 Would Defeat: Kraven The Hunter

Sergei Kravenoff is one of the greatest hunters in the world. Enhancing his physical abilities with a special herb, Kraven became a supervillain, pitting himself against Spider-Man and other heroes. Kraven is probably just as, if not more, skilled than Donna Troy, but her superior physical skills would win the day for her.

Kraven might be able to avoid Donna’s attacks for a bit and tag her back, but he’s just not strong enough to really hurt her. The two of them would go back and forth for a bit, but in the end, Donna’s superior strength, speed, and durability would allow her to put Kraven down.

3 Would Lose To: Dragon Man

A massive android, Dragon Man has clashed with the Fantastic Four and some of the most powerful heroes around. Super strong, able to fly, and emit blasts of fire, Dragon Man would be a little too much for Donna Troy.

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It’s his ability to fly that would allow him to take Donna down. Donna can glide in the air but not actually fly, so Dragon Man could just stay in the air and blast her with his fire blasts. This would allow him to avoid her attacks and keep hitting her, eventually taking her out.

2 Would Defeat: Moonstone

Moonstone has gone through a lot of changes over the years. A long time Master of Evil, she would be one of the founding members of Baron Zemo’s Thunderbolts as Meteorite. She would stay with the team for most of its existence, eventually joining Norman Osborn’s Dark Avengers. Super strong, able to fly, fire energy blasts, an turn intangible, Moonstone is a powerful foe but her arrogance would be her undoing against Donna.

Moonstone would be able to take an early advantage against Donna because of her intangibility. However, Moonstone likes to lord over her opponents and that would cost her. Donna is a canny veteran and would allow Moonstone to think she was more hurt than she was and then attack Moonstone, using her greater strength and fighting skill to take her down.

1 Would Lose To: Doctor Doom

Of all the Marvel Universe’s greatest villains, none rival Doom. One of the smartest people on Earth, an accomplished sorcerer, and the beloved leader of his own nation, Doom has defeated some of the greatest heroes and cosmic beings around. Donna Troy is good, but she isn’t on Doom’s level.

Doom’s armor is very powerful, but it might not be able to stand up to Donna’s strength. His magical skills and intelligence would allow him to even up the odds, though. He would throw Doombots at her, wearing her down before coming in and taking advantage of her in her weakened state.

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DC's Donna Troy, Wonder Woman, is a powerful character, but does she have a chance against these Marvel villains?

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