DC: 5 Marvel Villains General Zod Would Team Up With (& 5 He Would Hate)

General Zod has to be one of Superman’s toughest villains in his history. He has certainly caused a lot of chaos during his time in the DC Universe, but there’s no telling how much damage he would do in the Marvel Universe.

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The character could fit in well to the other famous comic book brand, but there’s a number of allies that he could make to fit in further. Despite this, there’s also plenty of villains that Zod would probably avoid. Here’s 5 he’d work well with and 5 he wouldn’t.

10 Would Hate: Abomination

Zod has tried to work with creatures like the Abomination in the past, as some kind of henchmen. However, this has never quite worked out well for him and someone like the Abomination is definitely difficult to handle.

As an Abomination Zod would also feel quite uneasy about working with such a creature. He doesn’t really fit his world view and as such it’s likely that the General would really hate working with this creature.

9 Would Team Up With: Doctor Doom

Zod and Doctor Doom both have a shared interest in what they think is best for their people. They also have a much larger plan for humanity and they could certainly find some common factors in their overall plans.

Both speak in a very similar way and would likely be quite honest with one another despite their manipulative tendencies. They are power-hungry and would use one another to get what they need.

8 Would Hate: Kingpin

There’s plenty of villains that believe they have genuine intentions and Kingpin is one of them. Fisk’s ultimate goal is for New York to thrive, with him at the head of the expanding city.

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Zod certainly would stand in the way of this goal and the two would come against one another many times. Kingpin is the sort of scum that Zod would want to wipe out and therefore doesn’t fit with his own image.

7 Would Team Up With: Red Skull

The Red Skull certainly shares the same beliefs that humanity and perhaps even the galaxy needs to be purged and perhaps be made purer in some way. Both Zod and Red Skull work from the same ideology.

They could certainly respect one another’s power and indeed the methods that they could use in order to achieve their goals. It’s probable that they would actually be great allies.

6 Would Hate: Green Goblin

While Zod has sometimes been presented as a bit of a mad man, he certainly wouldn’t want to have to work with a known lunatic. Green Goblin and his alter ego Norman Osborn, are too erratic to every trust.

The two wouldn’t see eye to eye and Goblin’s chaos theory would completely go against the order that the General tries to instill. Zod would hate what the Green Goblin actually stands for.

5 Would Team Up With: Thanos

Thanos wants to move the galaxy into his own image. Whether it’s his plot to wipe out half the population of all reality, or perhaps to appease death herself, Zod would understand these motivations.

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Zod would also be intrigued by the abilities of the infinity stones and would likely find a lot of value in pairing up with the mad titan in order to try to reach their shared goals.

4 Would Hate: Loki

Never trust a trickster. Zod could never fully trust Loki and would not perhaps even understand his motivations. The two are very different. Perhaps the only similarity is the love for their own kind.

This would also get in the way as there might be a bit of a rivalry between Kryptonians and Asgardians. Loki would never be able to recognize Zod in the way that he sees fit; as superior.

3 Would Team Up With: Ultron

Ultron could be a very useful ally as he feels as if humanity is a plague upon the Earth. Ultron could recognize that peace could be restored with Zod and Zod could see Ultron and his robots as a useful weapon to wield.

They would work together very well and perhaps have a few shared interests. It wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility to see the pair team up, therefore.

2 Would Hate: Kang The Conqueror

Kang will always have the ability to change time to suit his needs. He has no interest in teaming up with a Kryptonian and Zod would take real issue with Kang wielding powers that he could never utilize.

The pair are too headstrong and Zod would hate the complex that Kang has built up for himself. Zod is the one that needs to rule if their plan succeeds.

1 Would Team Up With: Galactus

Galactus is a pretty useful ally to have. As long as he eats the planets that Zod isn’t interested in, there shouldn’t be much of a problem for the duo working together.

They can help one another and, in some ways, Zod can be both a herald and a controller of Galactus. It’s a team-up that could work for the long run as the galaxy shifts for them.

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From Abomination to Galactus, here are the Marvel villains that DC's Zod would team up (and the ones he would just despise).

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