DC: 5 Marvel Villains Poison Ivy Would Team Up With (& 5 She'd Hate)

For most of her history, Poison Ivy has preferred going solo, unless the million of plants she safeguards and controls can be counted as partners. In the recent past, however, she had taken to partnering up with villains like Harley Quinn and Catwoman to protect each other from common threats. Although open to team-ups, Ivy is very selective about who she chooses to spend her free time with. In the entire DC Universe, she chose two villains to partner with…which Marvel villains would she choose? And, who wouldn’t she get along with?

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Ivy’s main focus in life is to protect all vegetation on the planet from human destruction. Her love for plants is like that of a mother to her children, and she’d gladly sacrifice anyone or anything to keep her babies safe. Her sentiments echo those of the Master of Magnetism perfectly.

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Although the focus of their crusades is different, there’s no doubt Ivy would respect Magneto’s desire to safeguard all mutants from persecution by humans as similar in sentiment to her own. Provided Magneto promises to do the same for plant life and keeps his word, there’s no reason these two wouldn’t make an effective team.


Poison Ivy has no great respect for the trappings of human society, as she sees it as what’s caused the death of the natural world. Political power, industry, and material greed are anathema to her, as they have nothing to do with nature, and indeed, have caused its destruction.

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As he embodies all these things, Ivy would probably have nothing but disdain for Doctor Doom. The monarch of Latveria would gladly sacrifice whole ecosystems if it meant it would bring him one step closer to his goal of ultimate power, and its highly unlikely Ivy would choose to partner with such a reprehensible creature.


Poison Ivy isn’t too fond of men, despite her vampish persona. Her mistreatment at the hands of several disreputable men at a young age has left her untrusting of them, and she prefers to spend her time in the company of her ‘children’ and women. Toxic masculinity aside, Ivy would have other reasons to enter a partnership with Emma Frost than the simple fact she is a woman.

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Both are strong and independent but have a softer side they only show to those whom they completely love. Both can control people’s minds, and both jealously guard the things they hold precious to the exclusion of all else.


Poison Ivy may not value the lives of human beings that much (at least in relation to her plants) but that’s a far cry from not valuing any life at all, as the mad killer Carnage does. Cletus Cassidy is a nihilistic sociopath who loves death and destruction for its own sake, regardless of who or what he is maiming. In discovering Ivy’s deep love for plant life, Carnage may burn down a greenspace for spite before attempting to kill her. The attempt on her life would not irk her as much as the death of her children, earning Carnage her hatred and wrath to be sure.


Much like Catwoman, Mystique has made a life out of pursuing her own interests and dabbling in acts of altruism, and much like Catwoman, Mystique could be convinced to partner up with Poison Ivy in the interests of mutual benefit. Aside from defense, Ivy could offer Mystique a friendly sanctuary amongst her children. To reciprocate, Mystique, through her shape-shifting abilities, could offer Ivy a way to bait and trap enemies like non-environmentally friendly politicians or captains of industry, or assume their identities altogether and push Ivy’s agenda forward. Ultimately, it’s entirely possible the two fall in love, and become as devoted to each other as roots are to the soil.


Norman Osborn is a wealthy industrialist, a self-made man who took his company global and parlayed his achievements into an (almost) successful run as the director of S.H.I.E.L.D. In doing all this, Osborn participated in and furthered the industrial system that, although saw his stock rise with military weapons, also contributed to the destruction of the natural world that Ivy holds so dear.

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It’s safe to say that no industrialist would be someone Ivy would wish to team up with, much less one with megalomaniacal leanings. She’d perhaps see use in controlling someone like Norman Osborn, but there’s no way she’d personally choose to associate with him.


Poison Ivy and The Enchantress may differ in aims, but their methods are essentially similar. Both use seduction as their main means of getting what they want and are not afraid of using brute force (by way of the powerful men they’ve coerced), into fulfilling their nefarious plans.

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Although The Enchantress tends to act on plans only to increase her knowledge of magic or expand her power base, it’s not entirely inconceivable that she and Ivy could form an alliance of convenience. Of course, it’s entirely possible they may betray each other at the first sign of deception, but a short-term partnership would be fruitful and promising.


As a creature born of technology, there is little that would draw Poison Ivy to Ultron, as her preponderant focus is the preservation of the natural world and not the development of an artificial one. Moreover, as her main offensive capability is her power to control minds through powerful pheromones, it is a skill lost on an artificial being like Ultron. Unable to control him, it’s doubtful Ivy would want to enter a partnership with such a capriciously deadly enemy unless she could guarantee his loyalty and obedience.


Like most supervillains, Poison Ivy is fond of keeping some goons around to do her dirty work, like lifting her litter, moving things around her lair, and beating up on Batman. Fortunately, she can recruit literally anyone in close enough range to sniff her mind control pheromones, and to a mutant with enhanced sense like Sabretooth, that can be pretty far away.

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Although Ivy would probably find someone like Sabretooth repugnant in normal circumstances, under her thrall she’d have a meta-human protector who’s a great fighter and tracker. Unleashing a feral Sabretooth on her enemies would be sure to keep most them away, and her safe.


A mutant who can control (though not create) flame, Pyro is no stranger to team-ups, having been a member of groups like Freedom Force, the Mauraders and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Although Poison Ivy could probably exert her influence over him, there are obvious reasons why she wouldn’t want to keep a villain like Pyro around. Since she thinks of plants as her children, she’d do anything to protect them, which means keeping a potential source of destruction (accidental or not) far away from them at all costs.

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Poison Ivy is an iconic DC villain but if she were in the Marvel universe, this is who she'd get along with or who she'd fight.

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