DC: 5 Marvel Villains Supergirl Would Team Up With (& 5 She Would Hate)

The DC comics have been around for a long time and introduced a large number of great heroes who quickly became fan-favorites. One such hero is Kara Zor-El aka Kara Danvers, also known as Supergirl. Even though she might not be as famous as her cousin Superman, she’s a talented and powerful hero who has saved thousands of lives.

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What’s more, Supergirl is a genuinely nice person who usually sees the best in people and is quick to make friends. However, even the normally optimistic Supergirl would have a hard time dealing with some Marvel villains. If she crossed over to the Marvel universe, she would team up with some of its villains but would hate others.

10 Would Team-Up: Magneto

Magneto has done a lot of questionable things, but at his core, he’s trying to protect the people he cares about and Supergirl would get where he’s coming from.

Both of them have felt like outsiders at more than one point in their lives and would be inclined to team up if the situation called for it. Plus, even though Supergirl can do many great things, Magneto has powers that are even beyond her reach.

9 Would Hate: Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom is a highly intelligent power-obsessed megalomaniac and it’s easy to see why he not might be Supergirl’s first choice for an ally if she had to work with Marvel villains.

Doctor Doom rules the small European country Latveria with a firm first and he’s more of a dictator than a leader. If Supergirl had no other choice and had to rely on him, she wouldn’t trust him and Doctor Doom would eventually most likely try to steal her powers.

8 Would Team-Up: Ghost

The Ant-Man and the Wasp‘s powered villain Ghost isn’t a villain by choice. Her main objective is to find a way to relieve the immense pain she’s in. Despite that, she has a useful set of powers since she can phase through things.

Her and Supergirl’s powers would complement well and once the fighting is done, Supergirl can help Ghost to discover the cure she’s after.

7 Would Hate: Purple Man

Supergirl wants people to live freely and happily, so she would strongly object (to put it mildly) against what the Purple Man is doing. His tendency to control people and make them do whatever he wants wouldn’t sit well with Supergirl.

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She’d be much more likely to try and stop him than work by his side, especially since she wouldn’t be able to trust him – after all, he could always try and use his power against her to turn Supergirl into his slave.

6 Would Team-Up: Deadpool

Deadpool walks the fine line between being a villain and being an antihero, but he fought Marvel heroes more than once so he deserves a spot on this list.

Supergirl would be annoyed by Deadpool constantly cracking jokes and flirting with her, but she’s smart enough to recognize the cleverness of forming an alliance with someone who can’t be killed.

5 Would Hate: Red Skull

Supergirl doesn’t react well to maniacs, and Red Skull is one of them. His ideas and beliefs about the human race would be repulsive to Supergirl and she wouldn’t shy away from letting Red Skull know her true feelings.

Luckily for Supergirl, she could easily blast through Hydra and take Red Skull down since she’s more powerful than him and his army combined.

4 Would Team-Up: Winter Soldier

Another person on this list who isn’t a genuine villain but spent a lot of time doing villainous things is the Winter Soldier. At his core, he’s not a bad person and Supergirl, who has the tendency to recognize the good in people, would notice it.

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Winter Soldier could do more covert missions, something Supergirl doesn’t entirely excel at, and their respective powers would be a good match because of this difference.

3 Would Hate: Green Goblin

This iconic Spider-Man villain is a murderous maniac with very little respect for human lives. Green Goblin doesn’t care about the destruction and damage he leaves behind – as long as he reaches his twisted goals, he’s happy to do whatever it takes.

Supergirl, on the other hand, respects human lives a great deal and she would go against Green Goblin in order to try and stop him from hurting or worse any more people.

2 Would Team-Up: Black Cat

At first, it may seem like Supergirl and Black Cat have very little in common. But at a closer glance, they would make a surprisingly good team.

Yes, Black Cat is nowhere near as strong as Supergirl but her power to change and influence one’s luck (usually for the worse) would provide her with a chance to achieve things that even Supergirl can’t do. Plus, once the fighting is over, they can always have some girl time together and just have fun, chill, and relax.

1 Would Hate: Thanos

Wiping half the life in the entire universe? That’s a big no-no for Supergirl who has a strong protective instinct and wants to help those who can’t help themselves.

Thanos, on the other hand, doesn’t shy from killing his opponents and even has no moral boundaries when it comes to his family since he also killed his children. Supergirl would have no chance to understand him and he’d have little patience for her as well.

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Just because they're bad guys, it doesn't mean Supergirl would hate them. Here are 5 Marvel villains she would team up with, and 5 she'd loathe.

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