DC: 5 Marvel Villains That Starfire Would Get Along With (& 5 She Couldn't Stand)

A being of immense power and stature, Starfire is one of the top heroes of the DC Universe. A refugee from the planet Tamaran, Koriand’r has made Earth her home as a long-standing member of the Titans. As a Tamaranean of royal stature, Starfire embodies both the warlike and combative, as well as the warm and sensitive, characteristics of her people.

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As such, she’s proven a valuable friend and comrade-in-arms to the heroes of the DC Universe. But how would she fare with Marvel’s biggest baddies? Here are 5 Marvel villains Starfire would get along with, and 5 she wouldn’t.


Starfire is the rightful ruler of the planet Tamaran, and as such, is responsible for the welfare and security of her people. On several occasions, Starfire has faced incredible odds to defend her subjects from potential threats, as any good sovereign would.

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In this, she’d find common ground with Magneto. As the self-appointed protector of Mutantkind, Magneto strives to ensure a world where his fellow mutants can live free from harm and persecution, pursuing their lives in freedom and safety.


Tamaraneans are a race of excellent warriors, preferring the ways of peace but able to engage in war effectively if the situation demands it. Highly emotional and sensitive people, Tamaraneans detest violence for violence’s sake.

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For this reason, Starfire would hate Carnage, a psychopathic serial killer who kills for no reason and with no remorse. Carnage would represent everything that Starfire and her people abhor concerning the necessity of violence. Instead of engaging in battle for honor and defense, Carnage kills for fun, which would earn him Kori’s wrath.


Starfire was the victim of courtly intrigue, as her sister’s machinations eventually won her the Tamaranean throne and forced Starfire to take refuge on Earth. Alone, Starfire had to adjust to life on another planet, learning Earth’s customs and trying to establish meaningful relationships.

In her desire to find friendship and fit in, Koriand’r would find a lot in common with Mole Man. Ruler of the subterranean race of the Moloids, Mole Man retreated to his hollow-Earth abode after being rejected by the surface world. He and Starfire could definitely commiserate over their outsider status and roles as leaders.


Pursuing power for its own sake is not the Taneranean way, especially in Starfire’s case. Kori has always used her stature and powers for the good of the people of both Tamaran and Earth, and is the definition of an altruistic hero through and through.

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This is why she’d find an encounter with someone like Norman Osborn so abhorrent, because every one of his actions is undertaken to maximize his own personal aggrandizement. For Osborn, power is a pursuit unto its own end, especially when it affords you the opportunity to take revenge on your enemies and increase your personal standing- something Starfire wouldn’t abide.


Tamaranean customs are obviously different from human ones, but one thing they have in common, especially when it pertains to battle, is honor in combat.

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Granted, the Juggernaut may not have always been the paragon of fair play, but Cain Marko has always followed an internal sense of honor that, although twisted at times, is understandable. His brief stint with the X-Men is proof of that, and despite some initial misgivings, Kori could come to respect the Juggernaut.


Much like Norman Osborn, Kang the Conqueror is a man who loves the pursuit of power for power’s sake. Not content with ruling one time or place, Kang’s ability to time travel extends his ambitions across all of time and space, in an attempt to make his power absolute.

There’s too much of Starfire’s tyrannical and despotic sister in Kang for Kori to cozy up to him. Fighting for honor and defense is Starfire’s credo, and there’s too much personal ambition in Kang for there to be any solid relationship between the two.


If there’s one thing Starfire can understand, it’s a warrior’s mentality. For this reason, she could probably get along with the Super-Skrull. Like Tamaraneans, the Skrulls are a warlike race who thrive on conquest and adhere to a strict code of honor.

Although Kl’rt can sometimes blur the lines between personal honor and the warrior’s code, there are enough similarities between these two alien races and particular individuals for a relationship based on mutual respect to bloom.


Starfire is a Tamaranean princess and used to a degree of honor and respect accorded to her because of her station. Moreover, Tamaraneans regard female warriors as equal partners in combat and all other areas of existence; a thought that has unfortunately not permeated all areas of planet Earth.

Although he often partners with his wife, Titania, the Absorbing Man’s attitudes towards the opposite sex are not as evolved as the males on Tamaran, judging by some of the jabs he has taken at his female adversaries over the years. Moreover, his uncouth and unrefined demeanor would be more than enough to incur Kori’s severe displeasure, if not outright hostility.


In many ways, Emil Blonsky is a tragic figure, as his transformation into the Abomination alienated him from a continuing relationship with his wife, Nadia. Although in many instances the Abomination’s heinous deeds were committed with villainous intent, some were perpetrated out of a lack of meaningful interaction with people and his beloved Nadia.

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As a being of extraordinary empathy, Starfire would no doubt take pity on Blonsky’s plight and seek a way to reform him. By taking him under her wing, the Abomination could perhaps get in touch with his lost humanity and possibly, reconcile with his wife.


As the MCU so expertly depicted for the movie-going public, Thanos is arguably the biggest bad in the Marvel Universe. Having once succeeded in decimating half of all life in the universe, Thanos’ blatant disregard for life and despotic tendencies would undoubtedly incur Starfire’s wrath.

The antithesis to everything she stands for, there’s no doubt Kori would be on the front lines in the battle against this tyrannical monster.

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Starfire is one of DC's greatest heroes, but how would she deal with Marvel's villains? Here's 5 she might like, along with 5 she definitely wouldn't.

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