DC: 5 Most Heroic Things Zatanna Has Ever Done (& the 5 Worst)

Since she was a child, Zatanna Zatara was destined to become one of the most powerful magicians the DC universe has ever seen. As a long-time member of the Justice League, Zatanna’s magic powers have been crucial in defeating certain types of enemies, and helped make her the great hero she is today.

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However, Zatanna has also made her fair share of mistakes in the past. While some of her actions are innocent missteps, others border on being entirely villainous. Looking at some of the best and worst moments in her history, here is our list of the 5 most heroic things, and the 5 worst things, Zatanna has ever done.

10 Abuse Her Abilities (Worst)

While she may be a distinguished member of the Justice League, Zatanna is also known for being a little more lenient with some of their restrictions. In some minor instances, Zatanna is commonly shown to abuse her abilities for her own brand of justice or even personal gain.

In some instances, she may mutter a small spell against someone she dislikes or finds annoying. Furthermore, she actually uses her own abilities as stage magic and charges people to come and see her. Though she could definitely do far worse things with her time and powers, she definitely isn’t up to the same moral standpoint as members of DC’s Trinity may be.

9 Defeat the Warlock of Ys (Heroic)

In a very classic story featuring the heroine, Zatanna teamed up with a depowered Hal Jordan to take on a powerful Warlock in another realm. After the Warlock had stolen Hal’s Green Lantern Ring for his own evil purposes, the Emerald Knight just happened upon Zatanna, who was in the realm looking for her father.

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By the end of the teamup, Hal not only got his ring back, but Zatanna had also defended the Earth from a powerful invader. Though it may not have seemed like much of a feat given the circumstances, the fact that Zatanna was able to take down a threat while protecting a top-tier Justice Leaguer is undeniably heroic.

8 Lobotomize Dr. Light (Worst)

In one of the more extreme cases against her, Zatanna actually lobotomized the villain Dr. Light in the pages of Identity Crisis. Despite Light’s reputation as a lesser-villain, this story actually explains why he is that way, as Zatanna put restrictions on his mind after Light raped the wife of Elongated Man.

For years, Zatanna’s actions and those within the vicinity remained secret, until her betrayal was eventually uncovered. Though some would argue that Zatanna was just in her actions, she definitely went against some of the strict codes put in place to keep the Justice League in check. No matter how one views it though, this is definitely a very dark thing for a superhero to do, making it one of her worst actions to date.

7 Injustice (Heroic)

Though Zatanna was not featured as part of the main story for the popular Injustice video game series, she still played a major role behind the scenes. Within the Injustice comic book series, Zatanna is actually shown to be a key player in Batman’s fight against Superman’s regime.

Given her powers, Zatanna proved to be a crucial addition to Batman’s army, especially when magical elements were roped into the story. Furthermore, even though this story is not canon with the mainstream DC universe, it is still a great interpretation of her overall character, and even features some of her more heroic attributes.

6 Wipe Batman’s Memory (Worst)

Immediately after Light is Lobotomized, Batman returned to the Justice League Watchtower to find what Zatanna and the other heroes were doing. However, rather than try to explain the situation to him, Zatanna instead chose to wipe Batman’s memory of the incident.

If her prior actions weren’t questionable enough, wiping the mind of a teammate is certainly one of the more extreme things Zatanna has ever done. Though Batman eventually forgave her for her actions, this remains one of Zatanna’s most villainous actions in all of comics.

5 Saved Magic More than Once (Heroic)

Given her association with the Justice League Dark, Zatanna has done a lot to defend magic over the years. Whether it is to protect the balance of mystical forces or simply just defending magic in its entirety, Zatanna has been a powerful warrior in the mystic arts.

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As one of the most powerful magic users in the entire DC universe, Zatanna’s skills have proved invaluable in situations like this. Furthermore, considering how she has accomplished this feat on more than one occasion, it is safe to say that the world is lucky she was able to accomplish what she did.

4 Created Her Own Boyfriend (Worst)

Zatanna is actually known to some degree for her generally poor taste in men. With that in mind, creating a boyfriend for herself wasn’t exactly the worst idea ever, and even a rather innocent one. Unfortunately, when Zatanna cast her spell to create this perfect man, the spell was too literal, unleashing the man that haunts her dreams instead of her ideal boyfriend.

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Though she never meant for something like this to occur, Zatanna’s mistake unleashed a very powerful mystic force on the planet, one that would rule the world if she didn’t put a swift end to it. Despite her innocent intentions, unleashing a monster of this caliber is a pretty serious and almost evil action.

3 Defended the Entire Planet From Alien Threats (Heroic)

As a member of the Justice League, Zatanna has been on all sorts of wild and crazy adventures either alongside the team, or because of the team. Since she was actually a member for a very long time, Zatanna fought against all sorts of threats, from alien invaders, to other-worldly beings, to Gods and more.

More recently, Zatanna was part of the Justice League: No Justice event, which saw her transported to space with many other heroes to fight against a whole new kind of threat. Once again, though she played a smaller role overall, Zatanna still proved to be an incredibly valuable asset, making her one of the most under-recognized heroes in the entire DC universe.

2 Killed 4 Other Magicians (Worst)

Just days after unleashing the man of her dreams upon the world, Zatanna unintentionally led four other individuals to their deaths. The worst part about everything is that she had actually lied about the scenario, and was hoping things would work in her favor.

While Zatanna herself wasn’t the one who killed the other four in the group, it was still her mistake and her actions that directly led them to their deaths. No matter how heroic she may have been in the past, this is easily one of the lowest points in the character’s history, making it easy to see why she attended therapy following this event.

1 Defeated Magical Gods (Heroic)

Even at an incredibly young age, Zatanna’s abilities were practically unrivaled. As part of the Mystik U series, part of Zatanna’s past holds the key to taking down some of the most powerful magical forces she has yet to encounter.

Though it was a fun series overall, seeing Zatanna learn to master her abilities proved to be half the fun. Likewise, the flashbacks between past and present were used as a great way to show just how Zatanna would take down a villain of such caliber. While she may have made her share of mistakes over the years, Zatanna is undoubtedly one of the most powerful heroes residing in the DC universe.

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Since she was a child, Zatanna Zatara was destined to become one of the most powerful magicians the DC universe has ever seen.

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