DC: 5 Pokémon That Could Take Down Wonder Woman (& 5 That Couldn't)

There isn’t a hero in the DC pantheon that touches Wonder Woman. She’s kind, fearless, and an absolute badass. Her enemies never manage to get the best of her. However, how would things fare for the Amazon if she were sent to the world of Pokémon? Which of the creatures could take her down, and which of them would fall to her? Let’s find out.

10 Could: Eternatus

Wonder Woman has a few weaknesses, one of which is the ability to be poisoned. Of course, while this isn’t a massive deal when she’s fighting in her own world, there is an entire category of Pokémon whose main ability is poison others. That does not bode well for Wonder Woman. With Eternatus being one of the strongest Pokémon with that typing, it would be an easy win for it over her.

9 Couldn’t: Muk

Then again, not every Poison-type is as strong as Eternatus, with Muk being the prime example of a weaker one. Wonder Woman is incredibly fast, so she could continually dodge Muk’s attacks while slowly whittling it down. Muk might have the Poison-type advantage over Wonder Woman, but she’s too fast for it to actually use it to its advantage and win.

8 Could: Zacian

One of Wonder Woman’s other big weaknesses is that she can be injured by piercing weapons. Zacian is a dog that carries a sword in its mouth. You see the issue here.

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Wonder Woman would have to be incredibly careful in a fight with Zacian. Every move that she makes would have to be very calculated. Even then, however, Zacian is too fast and too bulky for Wonder Woman to take on with its advantage. She’d never be able to take it down, in its Crowned form, at the least. Otherwise, it’s a different story.

7 Couldn’t: Zamazenta

On the other side of things, though, we have Zamazenta. While Zacian has a huge advantage over Wonder Woman, the best that Zamazenta is going to be able to do is bash directly into her with its face. Not… the most productive thing that it could be doing. It just doesn’t have any sort of moves or utility that is going to work against Wonder Woman, leaving her with the win.

6 Could: Darkrai

Wonder Woman’s final main weakness is that her Lasso of Hestia can be used against her, and Darkrai could easily put Diana to sleep and use the lasso on her, rending her incredibly vulnerable. Darkrai is going to be able to do this easily, so unless Diana can find some sort of magical item that can keep her awake (non-Pokémon cant use Awakenings, new rule), she’s going to fall to Darkrai the second they enter into battle.

5 Couldn’t: Ho-Oh

Ho-Oh is a powerful Pokémon that can control fire, but this does not matter at all. While Ho-Oh is pretty speedy and will put up a fight against Wonder Woman, she will be able to pull it in with her lasso, meaning it’s simply not going anywhere if she has anything to say about it. Ho-Oh is powerful, but a brawl with Wonder Woman will end with her as the victor pretty quickly.

4 Could: Beedrill

Remember that thing where Wonder Woman can be pierced and poisoned? Yeah, Beedrill is an actual nightmare for her to deal with. Besides having tools that Wonder Woman can’t deal with, Beedrill can also zip around the battlefield quickly.

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The only chance that Wonder Woman has in a battle with Beedrill is to pull it in with her Lasso of Hestia, but the chances of her being able to do that and win the battle are slim to none.

3 Couldn’t: Milotic

Milotic is a graceful and powerful Water-type Pokémon, but she’s not going to be able to win a fight with Wonder Woman. If this battle were to take place in the ocean then Milotic might have a chance, but otherwise, she doesn’t actually have any tools to take on the Amazon warrior. Wonder Woman could use her sword, lasso, or any of her powers to take on Milotic, and the Pokémon simply wouldn’t be able to do a thing about it.

2 Could: Alakazam

Alakazam is a psychic powerhouse. It has an incredibly high IQ and has all sorts of skills that can spell doom for Wonder Woman, The most notable weakness that it can exploit is using its telekinesis to hold her in place while binding her with the Lasso of Hestia. This will then allow it to win the battle with ease, as Diana will be more or less incapacitated. Similarly to Darkrai, it will take Alakazam very little effort to actually win the battle against Diana. Unless she has some way to surprise Alakazam (which would be difficult with its intelligence), she’s going down very quickly.

1 Couldn’t: Musharna

You might think that with Musharna’s sleep-based powers, it would be able to use a tactic similar to Darkrai’s, put Diana to sleep and then use her own weapons against her. However, not having hands makes that a pretty difficult task. All Musharna is going to be able to do is maybe put Diana to sleep and then bat her around a bit. Every time it hits Diana, though, she’ll just wake up. Unless Musharna is looking to slap an Amazon warrior to death, this is not a battle that it is going to be able to win.

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Wonder Woman enters the world of Pokémon, which creatures could take her down, and which would the Amazon defeat?

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