DC: 5 Reasons Why The Arrowverse Should Crossover With The Comics (& 5 Why It Shouldn't)

The Arrowverse has now been in place for some time and is taking on more and more of the ideas that originated from the comic books. While the Earth 1 of the comics of DC is different from Earth Prime of the Arrowverse, there are also a number of similarities.

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There are plenty of reasons to want to see a crossover between the versions of the characters in the comics and those on the screen. Here are 5 reasons why a crossover between these two universes should happen and 5 why it really shouldn’t.

10 Shouldn’t: Many Multiverse Stories

There’s been a lot of focus on the multiverse recently on both the CW and in the print media. Whether it’s the Crisis crossover event or perhaps the dark multiverse in the comics, there’s been a lot of writing about alternate realities.

Perhaps it’s time to give that a rest and focus on the universes that these characters currently inhabit. The multiverse stories lose their originality when they are so many and there should, therefore, be a bit of a break.

9 Should: The Next Step In The Universe

There is an argument to make that the next step in the Arrowverse and the normal DC Universe is to have a big crossover. Perhaps all the pieces have been moving around to allow this to happen.

There’s been a number of characters for instance that featured on TV but not in the comics and now that the cinematic universes are joined together, the next stage may be to add it all to the comics.

8 Shouldn’t: Conflicting Characters

There are a lot of characters that actually conflict with what has been seen in the comics. For instance, Green Arrow eventually becoming Spectre is a big departure from the source material.

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Others such as Diggle, seemingly becoming the TV version of John Stewart would also provide a little bit of confusion. Mashing these worlds together is only going to change the continuity even further due to these conflicts.

7 Should: New Faces

There could be a number of new faces introduced into the Arrowverse that are present in the comics. There are a couple of obvious ones that are missing from the CW shows so far.

Wonder Woman and Aquaman are especially absent, as is the original version of Batman. Perhaps this crossover could be a way to introduce some of these trinity members and the King of the seas.

6 Shouldn’t: Extremely Different Universes

These two universes are extremely different from one another. One has a proper version of the Justice League for instance, while the other has a team of Legends made up of criminals and misfits.

They are different in terms of their geography, the teams of characters, and even the relationships. Perhaps these universes are too different to really co-exist with one another and could cause a number of strange conflicts.

5 Should: Compelling Comparisons

There are a number of comparisons between the universes that may be really interesting to make. The costumes and relationships aside, the way in which these universes have taken their journeys has been very different.

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While one universe has been developing for many decades and has been rebooted multiple times, the other is still in its relative infancy, only just starting to resemble the comics on which it is based.

4 Shouldn’t: Different Audiences

The comics and the Arrowverse are designed for two very different types of audiences. The CW tends to aim towards a certain age group, usually teenagers to young adults.

The comics have a much larger range of fans, although many have followed the DC Universe for many years, while some Arrowverse watchers are new to the brand. Perhaps this vast audience can’t all be pleased with this kind of crossover.

3 Should: Fun Change

Sometimes change is good and this could be an incredibly fun change of pace for the heroes and villains of both versions of the universe. For instance, Supergirl and Flash taking on Starro would be incredible to see.

In the same way, the Justice League meeting up with the Legends, or perhaps the Black Canary meeting White Canary for the first time, could be a fun way to change up the status quo.

2 Shouldn’t: Keep Up With The Shows

If there is going to be an ongoing comic title about a crossover between the realities, it would have to take place when the shows were not currently on TV. It would be near impossible to try to keep up with the shows.

With so many each week it would be confusing in terms of continuity to have both happening at the same time. Perhaps logistically it is actually far too difficult to pull off.

1 Should: Novel Concept

There’s never really been a crossover between a TV universe and a comic book universe before. While they may inspire one another, these versions of characters don’t often meet.

There are some examples to, of course, go against that, but on this scale, the idea is actually quite novel. DC would, therefore, stand out for pulling off a crossover event like this.

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Here are 5 reasons why a crossover between these two universes should happen and 5 why it really shouldn't.

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