DC Cancels Lucifer, Will Release Final Issues as Collected Edition

DC Comics has canceled the remaining individual issues of Lucifer. However, the Sandman Universe title will still see a conclusion, with the final six chapters of the comic heading straight to a collected edition.

Per Newsarama, March’s Lucifer #18 was the final issue in the series DC plans to publish individually. Lucifer #19-24 are set to be released in graphic novel form to finish up the series. Moreover, the final arc in writer Dan Watters and artist Sebastian Fiumara’s story has reportedly not been affected by this change in format.

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This new planned collected edition will apparently overlap with the one before it — Lucifer Vol. 3: The Wild Hunt — which is slated for release this July and is solicited to collect issues #14-19. DC has not announced a release date for the #19-24 collection, nor has it commented on the future of Lucifer‘s eponymous character following the conclusion of his current book.

The final arc of Lucifer skipping straight to the collected edition stage is one of many new developments for DC after comic book distribution was upended by the ongoing global health crisis. For example, other titles — such as Supergirl, The Terrifics and the Sandman Universe’s own House of Whispers — have had their remaining physical issues pulled and are set to conclude as digital exclusives.

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The remaining individual issues of DC Comics' Lucifer have been canceled, with the Sandman Universe title set to conclude in graphic novel form.

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