DC Comics: 5 Most Heroic Things Wonder Woman Has Ever Done (& 5 Worst)

From Amazon Warrior to distinguished member of the DC Trinity, Wonder Woman is undoubtedly one of the best superheroes within the DC universe. For years, Diana has fought valiantly against countless threats, doing wonders in terms of power while also trying to spread her message of love and hope.

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Unfortunately, Diana still has faults of her own, and has even made her fair share of bad calls over the years. In fact, some of Diana’s actions can be construed as downright villainous. Looking at some of the highs and lows of her superhero career, here is our list of the 5 most heroic things Wonder woman has done, and the 5 worst.

10 WORST: Restored Darkseid’s Powers

Even casual DC fans know just how big a threat Darkseid is to the entire DC universe. Therefore, it is surprising that Diana actually considered him to be the lesser of two evils. For a brief time in the comics, Darkseid actually found himself without any powers.

However, when Brainiac took control of the Warworld planet and threatened to decimate Earth, Wonder Woman and Darkseid struck a deal where he would save the planet if she restored his powers. Reluctantly, Diana agreed, and Darkseid actually withheld his end of the bargain. While Diana was still trying to be the hero in this case, unfortunately, one of the most powerful evils was back in action, making this one of the more questionable decisions she has ever made.

9 HEROIC: Defeat Opponents with Love

As a character whose goal includes spreading a message of love, it is nice to see Diana actually practice her own beliefs. On several occasions throughout her history Wonder woman has actually used the power of love against her enemies, and still managed to win the day.

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Granted, this method doesn’t always work as frequently as she would like, and Diana still has to use force from time to time, but the fact that she is always trying is a true testament to her skills as a hero. Furthermore, it is also one of the more unique aspects of her character.

8 WORST: Taken Down the Justice League

More than once, Diana has actually found herself going up against the rest of her fellow members of the Justice League. Be it for their own safety or another reason, these cases actually showcase just how powerful and deadly Wonder Woman truly is.

Thankfully, this doesn’t happen terribly often, but it is nice to know that Diana can hold her own against some of the most powerful heroes in the universe. However, though she generally has a good reason for going against her friends, the fact that she fought them instead of talking to them is a bit harsh, especially considering her character.

7 HEROIC: Served in WWII

In a time where continuity and reboots happen continuously, one thing that almost always remains consistent is Wonder Woman’s involvement in WWII. The character made her original debut during this time period, and has continued to serve as a brave and powerful warrior since.

Even in instances where Diana didn’t fight in WWII, her personality and desire to help others still carried over. Granted, even as a fictional character, Diana stood for some very real ideals. Despite being such a great hero then, these traits continue to make her a great hero now.

6 WORST: Spread the Anti-Life Equation

Even though Diana herself was under the influence of the Anti-Life Equation at the time, it doesn’t change the fact that she also infected countless others with it as well. Following one of Darkseid’s deadliest assaults on Earth yet in the pages of Final Crisis, Diana was chosen as the instrument for him to spread his influence.

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Fortunately, the efforts of her friends would be enough to undo some of the damage that Darkseid had done, and Diana would be free once again. However, given that she still enslaved so many people in the name of Darkseid, it is safe to say this is one of the worst things she has ever done, even though she wasn’t herself.

5 HEROIC: Assessed Herself

Following the events of Infinite Crisis (and especially towards the start of DC Rebirth), Diana actually took a moment to figure out who she really is both as a character and as a hero. Whether it is because of a mistake she made or due to a mess of continuity, the fact that she can recognize her own faults and missteps is something few other characters have been able to do.

Despite whatever changes Diana’s character may go through, she has certainly grown a lot over the years. Furthermore, the fact that she is making a constant effort to become a better hero is simply what makes her a great hero in the first place.

4 WORST: Kill Maxwell Lord

In one of the more controversial moments of the character’s history, Wonder Woman actually broke a major Justice League rule by killing the villain, Maxwell Lord. Of course, Diana saw no other option, as Superman was under Lord’s control and could easily have killed her instead.

Compounding the problem is that Diana killed Lord in front of tens of thousands of people, as the event was televised. Eventually, things came to return for normal for Diana, but not without some consequences. Likewise, given her merit as a character and as a member of the Justice League, this action is easily one of the lower points in her history.

3 HEROIC: Never Backed Down

Thanks to her training and upbringing with the Amazons, Diana is one of the fiercest warriors in all of DC. As such, she is known for never walking away from a fight and doing whatever it takes to win.

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Throughout her time as a character, Diana has constantly fought to her fullest extent, even to the point where it almost killed her. Even when things appear hopeless, readers can always count on Diana to keep pushing, no matter how exhausted she may be or how futile her efforts may appear.

2 WORST: Harbored and Defended a Murderer

In the popular story “The Hiketeia,” Diana finds herself in defense of a murderer after she begs for Diana’s protection. Before learning of this, however, the new woman in Diana’s life also brings her into conflict with Batman, who is hunting the young woman down for her crimes.

By the time the story concludes, it serves as a great example of the gray area between good and evil. Though Diana is still technically in the right based on how the story plays out, one could also argue that she was on the wrong side of the law in the end. Thanks to the great look at Diana’s personality and morality from this story, it is easy to see why it ranks as one of her best, even if her morals are called into question.

1 HEROIC: Inspired Countless Others

As a member of the DC Trinity, Diana’s influence goes a long way within the universe. Thankfully, her character serves as one of the biggest inspirations for hope and love, even beyond the comic book pages alone.

At times, she has even inspired characters like Superman and Batman, proving that she is worthy of her place among the big leagues. Furthermore, Diana continually inspires those she protects, painting a picture of a brighter future and solidifying her place as one of the greatest comic book characters around.

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As one of DC's most iconic superheroes, Wonder Woman has had a lot of heroic moments. But today, we'll also be recounting some of her worst deeds.

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