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The Justice League has gone far and wide, but when situations that are further beyond the scope of the usual caped crusaders of the group rear their ugly heads then a new league is in order. That new league was called the Justice League Dark, and it hosted a cast of heroes that were more in line with the supernatural world of the DC Universe.

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This spinoff of the Justice League features a very unique lineup that has changed throughout the years. These changes haven’t just been featured in the many volumes of the comic’s run, but in the animated adaptation of the series as well. This team also features new outfits and looks for each member, some of which were better than others.


Zatanna is a character that got one of the more uninspired new looks when it comes to her Justice League Dark incarnation.

This look sees Zatanna lose the more classic magician design and adapt something a bit more basic and generic. While it isn’t a completely horrible look on her, it’s just not as fun and charming as her classic look. She’s just boring to look at.


Deadman is one of the characters that is rated a bit lower not due to his redesign being bad, but being more of the same.

Deadman’s new Justice League Dark outfit is the exact same as his usual getup, but slims down his epic collar. It’s not a bad look for him, just nothing special or different. It doesn’t really help that his classic outfit isn’t really anything too special either.


Etrigan the Demon is one of the characters from the Justice League Dark team that didn’t actually appear in the original comic run of the series, nor the updated volume two comic run. He’s an animated film adaptation exclusive.

His new outfit actually is very similar to his classic red and blue. However, in dark fashion, the colors have been dimmed down a bit, truly fitting him into the darker team tone. The bright colors are definitely missed though, as they really make for a great contrast with his bright yellow skin.


Detective Chimp is another one of the characters that doesn’t really see much change when it comes to his updated outfit.

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Instead of his old Sherlock Holmes clone outfit, he makes things a lot more simple with a suit and tie. However, he made sure to keep the Holmes hat.


Black Orchid is one of DC’s characters that has been through tons of different looks throughout her time in DC Comics, but none as radically different as her appearance in the animated adaptation of Justice League Dark.

Instead of a woman donning a costume, this time around the House of Mystery simply gives itself a body after wanting to give itself humanity, and takes the name Black Orchid. In the comic version, her outfit looks similar to this new inhuman version, but is once again a costume, albeit with a lot more detail than past iterations.


Dark Shade the Changing Man is a character that has actually had some of the most radical updated designs in DC.

His new Justice League Dark outfit looks like something taken right out of a late 90s or early 2000s movie, and it looks really cool on him when it works. At times it can be really dumb looking too, just like late 90s and early 2000s fashion.


One character that doesn’t go through any real big design changes is the man turned bat himself.

Man-Bat looks just like he does in his classic appearances in DC Comics. However, he does put on some science gear every once and a while, which is a look many fans fell in love with.


One thing that Constantine makes evident during his time in Justice League Dark is that if it ain’t broke, then don’t fix it.

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He doesn’t change a thing about his classic trench coat and pants combo, and there isn’t a thing wrong with that.


Swamp Thing makes a few changes during his time with the Justice League Dark, taking on a much older appearance, with a beard of vines and plant life.

This look really suits Swamp Thing and emphasizes his old wise nature.


One look that many fans absolutely love is the updated take on Madame Xanadu.

Her new Justice League Dark outfit adds a new awesomely designed dress, more accessories, and a few extra cool bells and whistles to really make the new fit pop. It really makes one fear her dark powers.


As said earlier, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. This design philosophy is taken with Wonder Woman as well.

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Instead of making any major design changes to the Amazon’s classic red, blue, and gold, the artists simply added one new feature. A badass new dark cape.


Much like the case of Wonder Woman, the Justice League Dark version of Doctor Fate doesn’t make any major design changes, but adds one small thing to make the outfit pop.

The new features are simply a few small added designs to the blue tights of the classic Fate look. Again, much like Wonder Woman’s small addition, these new pieces go a long way.

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Justice League Dark is the classic Justice League with a twist, and here are all of their outfits and costumes, ranked.

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