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One of the most iconic teams in the DC pantheon is without a doubt the Teen Titans. This group is known for having some of the deadliest heroes around, but they also have some of the smartest.

The Teen Titans has a killer lineup of powerful heroes who know how to use their powers to the best of their abilities. But they can also take down any villain using just their wits, if need be. With that in mind, we’re going to be ranking the Teen Titans lineup based on their intelligence. While none of them are dumb by any means, some are far greater when it comes to the mind than others. Let’s get into it.

5 Beast Boy

While Beast Boy isn’t necessarily stupid, he really doesn’t ever show off how smart he is. But, he doesn’t have to very often. He’s not the leader of the group, so he doesn’t have to worry about creating strategies, and his abilities allow him to transform into any animal he desires, why would he need to rely on his mental capabilities?

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Beast Boy hasn’t ever really shown off his smarts, and sometimes his animal transformations don’t really make sense for the fight that the Titans are currently engaged in. With that in mind, Beast Boy takes the lowest spot on the list.

4 Starfire

Starfire is sort of in the same boat as Beast Boy. While she really isn’t dumb by any means, she never gets a chance to show off just how capable she would be if stripped of her powers. Her mental abilities never get a chance to shine, meaning she could be hiding some serious brain power.

However, she also falters in the sense that, as she isn’t from earth, she really doesn’t know how things work here sometimes. This can be seen through things like foods she likes to eat and her odd forms of communication she uses every once in a while. Still, as previously stated, this doesn’t mean that Starfire is dumb by any means. She’s from a different planet, anyone would have a hard time making a transition like that.

3 Robin

This is where the list starts to get competitive, with the No. 3 pick, Robin, being very close to the No. 2 spot, even claiming it on a good day. Overall, though, Robin is incredibly intelligent. While he sometimes lets his arrogance get the best of him, he’s great with working in a team, and, as leader, has to plan out how the Titans are going to attack. He’s in charge of a team of super teens, and he manages them very well.

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Another point in Robin’s favor is that he is totally reliant on inventions that he’s created to suit his abilities, rather than any sort of powers he was gifted with. You’ve got to be intelligent to have a moveset of your own creation when you’re on a team with a bunch of heroes with powers. He stands toe to toe with them, despite having no actual superpowers. Someone who wasn’t intelligent would never be able to make that happen the way Robin has. Robin is by no means your average hero. He relies on his wits every day to do his job, and he does so incredibly well.

2 Raven

Raven is an incredibly intelligent hero. We really don’t even know the extent of her her mental capabilities. However, from the few glimpses that we get into her room, we see that she has a huge amount of books that she studies to hone her magical abilities. The depth of her knowledge is something that we probably aren’t even able to grasp.

Besides that, Raven manages to hold her father, who is essentially the Devil, inside of her head 24/7. She manages to do that all while having incredible control over her dangerous abilities, all of which come from her mental capabilities. Still, with all of this in mind, Raven still doesn’t manage to take the No. 1 spot on this list. So, who does?

1 Cyborg

Without a doubt, Cyborg is the smartest Titan of them all. This was never going to be a fair competition, because the other Titans simply cannot compete with him. Cyborg has a computer in his head, he has access to all of the information that he could ever need in his entire life. It’s all at his fingertips. He shows off his mental capacity through things like his supercar that he created, all on his own.

Cyborg is incredibly intelligent because he is a Cyborg. It’s that simple. The others were never going to compare. While Raven and Robin are at the top of their game when it comes to how incredibly intelligent they both are, Cyborg will always be one step ahead of them, and that’s what makes him such an asset for the team. Once again, none of the Titans are dumb, not at all. However, Cyborg easily takes the win for the smartest Teen Titans team member.

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The Teen Titans are all incredibly smart, but which of them is the smartest of them all?

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