DC: Ranking the Top 10 Members of the Justice Society by Personality

Especially recently, the Justice Society and its related characters have seen a surge in popularity thanks to their role in shows like Stargirl and their rumored appearance in the upcoming Black Adam film. With so many great personalities playing a role on the team over the years, it is surprising that some of these characters aren’t more popular.

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However, though the team is often second to the likes of the Justice League, doesn’t mean that there isn’t a lot to love about them. Looking specifically at the characteristics of each member, here is our list of the 10 best members of the Justice Society, based on their personality.

10 Hawkman

No matter which version of Hawkman is at hand, the character is almost always associated with being incredibly strong and incredibly short-tempered. While his personality makes it easy to see why others may not get along with him, it also factors into why Hawkman is such a likable character to begin with.

Despite his complicated history, the character has always been one of the more common and more impactful members of the Justice Society with undeniable importance in DC history. Though he isn’t the easiest character to get along with at times, his personality definitely helps him contribute to the team in other ways.

9 Wildcat

Even without any superhuman abilities of his own, Wildcat has proven to be one of the more inspiring DC heroes on the Justice Society. Likewise, as one of the best hand-to-hand fighters in the universe, there is still a lot for a character like Wildcat to accomplish as a hero.

Over the years, wildcat has even trained other big-name DC heroes, including characters like Black Canary. Though he may be a minor character to some, his personality has easily had a large impact on the entire DC universe, making him not only one of the more determined characters on the team, but also one of the more inspiring.

8 Power Girl

Following the events of Crisis On Infinite Earths, Power Girl would come to play a very important role within the Justice Society. Effectively the original version of Supergirl’s character, Power Girl not only proved to be one of the stronger members in terms of power, but in terms of personality as well.

Of course, this version of the Girl of Steel still made her fair share of mistakes over the years, but also developed quite greatly through her time with the team. Benefiting from several intriguing arcs within the series, Power Girl certainly makes for one of the group’s more interesting personalities.

7 Doctor Fate

Depending on the continuity, Doctor Fate can have two personalities at any given time, constantly fighting over control of the same body. As one of the most powerful magic users on the planet as well, this aspect of his character definitely makes Doctor Fate one of the more intriguing members of the Justice Society.

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However, with the personality of Kent Nelson and Nabu constantly fighting over control, there is definitely a lot of potential with Doctor Fate as a character. Considering the differences between them as well, it is easy to see why he ranks a bit higher than others on this list.

6 Starman

Looking specifically at the Jack Knight version of the hero, Starman is easily one of the more complex and interesting characters to ever play a role on the Justice Society. Especially following James Robinson’s run on the character, Jack definitely proved to be a bit more of an unconventional hero from others within the world of DC.

Having grown to hate his father’s time as the original Starman, it was really interesting to see a character like Jack grow into his own as a hero. Likewise, considering the influence he would have in Stargirl’s life, it is safe to say that Jack is one of the stronger personalities on the entire team.

5 Jesse Chambers

Though the comic book version of Jesse Quick is radically different from the one depicted on the CW’s The Flash series, Jesse is still a very interesting character in her own ways. Given her rich history and relationships with other members of the team, both past and present, she is definitely one of the more inspiring heroes among the group.

Furthermore, whether she’s the Flash, Jesse Quick, or Liberty Belle, the character always seems to carry a bright attitude and positive demeanor. Having played many roles throughout her time as a character, Jesse can almost always be counted on to deliver a bright and hopeful tone to the team.

4 Alan Scott

As the original Green Lantern, Alan Scott’s achievements often go overlooked, especially given the accomplishments of Hal Jordan and the other members of the Green Lantern Corps. However, while Alan may not be a conventional Green Lantern, he is still one of the bravest and most inspiring members of the Justice Society.

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Likewise, Alan has had a much greater impact on the overall DC universe than many other members of the team, especially throughout the Golden Age of comic books. Though he doesn’t always receive the attention he likely deserves, he remains one of the better personalities within the team.

3 Mr. Terrific

Between his brilliant mind, strong leadership abilities, and everything else, Mister Terrific is definitely one of the better and more interesting personalities on the Justice Society. For years, the character has continually impacted the DC universe, even outmatching characters like Batman in certain areas.

Even aside from his scientific mind, however, Michael Holt has proven himself in other areas outside of the Justice Society as well, especially through series like The Terrifics. While he is definitely worthy of a bigger role within the larger DC universe, he remains one of the best personalities among the Justice Society as well.

2 Stargirl

Given her bright and very lovable nature, Stargirl’s personality really helped her cement her role within the DC universe. Not only did the character make an incredibly strong debut, but her role in the Justice Society really helped her to stand out from other characters within the universe.

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With a lot of brightness and innocence to Courtney Whitmore, it is easy to see why DC gave the character her own live-action series. Though she has yet to become the most accomplished member of the Justice Society, she is undoubtedly one of the best personalities to ever play a role on the team.

1 Jay Garrick

For years, Jay Garrick has been one of the more inspiring characters in the entirety of the DC universe. While he may no longer be the Fastest Man Alive, Jay continually does good wherever he can, even if it is only by providing words of wisdom.

As one of the oldest members of the Justice Society, Jay is one of the most genuinely good characters within all of comics. With a bright, inspiring, and hopeful personality that has influenced countless other characters, it is easy to see why he is the strongest personality on the entire team of heroes as well.

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The Justice Society of America is one of DC's most popular teams, and the fantastic lineup of characters is part of the reason why.

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