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Superboy and Wonder Girl have a storied history together. Meeting when they both became members of Young Justice, Connor Kent and Cassie Sandsmark hit it off. Their friendship would eventually blossom into romance when they were both members of the Teen Titans. Superboy would die during the events of Infinite Crisis before being resurrected and reuniting with Wonder Girl.

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This reunion would be short as Flashpoint would upend the status quo of the DC Universe, creating the New 52 and throwing both characters into flux. Once the New 52 ended and DC Rebirth began, both characters were thrown into limbo before returning in a new iteration of Young Justice. Two of the toughest young heroes around, what would happen if these two titanic teens tussled? Who would win- Superboy or Wonder Girl?

11 Fighting Skill: Wonder Girl

Wonder Girl was trained to fight by Wonder Woman and the Amazons. She was taught to use all kinds of weapons and learned proficiency in hand to hand combat. Superboy has picked up some fighting pointers from Tim Drake over the years, but other than that his fighting style is more about rushing in and punching everything.

Wonder Girl easily takes this one. Trained by Amazons beats trained by the third-best Robin any day of the week (yes, Tim is third-best; Dick is the best, followed by Damian, then Tim).

10 Long Range Attacks: Superboy

Superboy has access to the full array of Kryptonian powers, including heat vision and freeze breath. On top of that, he can harness his tactile telekinetic abilities to fire devastating force blasts. Wonder Girl, on the other hand, has a lasso. At one point, her lasso was able to electric people because Zeus was her dad. That’s pretty much the end of her long-range attacks.

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Superboy is the winner here mostly because Wonder Girl doesn’t actually have any long-range attacks. Her lasso is great and all, but Superboy would see that coming a mile away and get out of the way.

9 Intelligence: Wonder Girl

While neither of these young heroes are especially known for their smarts, Wonder Girl is definitely smarter than Superboy. It’s not that Superboy is stupid or anything, but he is sort of dumb. The best way to describe Superboy is that he was the guy in high school who was cool but was a solid C or D student.

Wonder Girl, on the other hand, was the cheerleader who got good grades and dated that guy.

8 Speed: Superboy

Wonder Girl is pretty fast. She can move at supersonic speeds and has extremely quick reflexes, much like her mentor Wonder Woman. She’s able to fly just as fast as she can run.

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Superboy, by the virtue of his Kryptonian heritage, is much faster than Wonder Girl. He can’t reach superluminal speeds like Superman but he’s shown that he’s able to cross the world very quickly. His reflexes are also much faster than Wonder Girl’s.

7 Experience: Superboy

Superboy debuted in the days after the death of Superman. Acting as one of four replacements for the Man Of Steel, he would work with many different heroes, fighting crime of both the regular and superhuman variety. Wonder Girl would debut after him, becoming Wonder Woman’s newest sidekick.

The biggest equalizer would be the New 52 years, since Superboy went through multiple origin changes during this time so that it’s doubtful that Connor Kent was even around during these years. That said, the amount of time that went by in universe is negligible at best and Superboy still has more experience.

6 Allies: Superboy

So, for the most part this one is a tie. Superboy and Wonder Girl have been on the same teams and have the same friends. They can each call on the Justice League for help if they need to as they both have ties to many different heroes. However, it’s their mentors that make the biggest difference when it comes to allies.

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Superboy has Superman and Wonder Girl has Wonder Woman. Superman trumps Wonder Woman, so Superboy takes this one.

5 Defensive Abilities: Superboy

Wonder Girl doesn’t really have any specialized defensive abilities. Her speed and reflexes, combined with her Amazonian combat training, would allow her to avoid a lot of attacks, though.

Superboy can use his tactile telekinesis to form shields around himself and others nearby. Even if he’s not using that ability, his greater speed and reflexes would allow him to get out of the way of a lot of attacks. Superboy takes this category.

4 Durability: Superboy

Wonder Girl is no slouch when it comes to durability. In fact, she’s just as durable as Wonder Woman. Wonder Girl can tank hits from even the strongest of opponents and keep going.

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Superboy isn’t as durable as his mentor but his tactile telekinesis evens things up. The energy field surrounds his body and subconsciously repels attacks, making him extremely hard to hurt. It’s this power that makes him more durable than Wonder Woman.

3 Strength: Superboy

Wonder Girl is very strong but Superboy is stronger. The best way to illustrate is to compare when they’ve both went up against Superboy-Prime. Wonder Girl’s attacks couldn’t even phase Superboy-Prime. Superboy, on the other hand, was able to knock the ultrapowerful pre-Crisis Kryptonian around. Superboy-Prime was even afraid of Connor after his resurrection in Final Crisis: Legion Of Three Worlds.

Using the Hurting Superboy-Prime Scale (as scientific a scale as they come and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise), Superboy is stronger than Wonder Girl.

2 Attitude: Wonder Girl

Superboy has always had a bad attitude. While it’s definitely gotten better over the years, he’s still very headstrong and emotional and this can be a detriment in fights. He’s prone to lose his cool and stop thinking. Wonder Girl has been known to be a bit temperamental but she’s much more level headed than Superboy in general.

Wonder Girl would know just what buttons to push with Superboy to get him to fly off the handle and make mistakes. Superboy wouldn’t be able to do the same to her.

1 Winner: Superboy

While Wonder Girl has Superboy beat in some very important categories, she just couldn’t stand up to Superboy’s raw power. Her superior fighting skill would allow to do some damage, but most of her offense would involve her having to get in close with a much more powerful opponent. Wonder Girl is good but she’s not good enough to be able overcome Superboy.

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Two of the most powerful teens in the DC universe in a battle for all the marbles. Superboy vs Wonder Girl, who would win?

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