DC Universe: 10 Fan Theories About Harley Quinn Season 2 (That Make Too Much Sense)

The recent animated TV show Harley Quinn presented a pleasant surprise for every fan of superheroes, villains, and Harley Quinn herself, who captures both of these worlds. The show was funny, imaginative, full of delightful violence, and included a lot of great voice actors, including Kaley Cuoco (Harley) and Diedrich Bader (Batman).

So when it was announced that the second season would come in April 2020, fans cheered and began creating a lot of theories what could happen in the second season… especially since the first season left a lot of questions unanswered. Here are 10 fan theories about the second season that make too much sense.

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10 Ivy Will Break Up With Kite Man

To say that the relationship between Poison Ivy and Kite Man didn’t start on the best note would be an understatement of the century. Ivy is right there at the top when it comes to Gotham‘s most respected villains, while Kite Man is a D-list villain at best. Ivy is initially embarrassed for dating him and doesn’t want to be seen in public with Kite Man, but later relents and even confesses the truth about the relationship to Harley.

But when Kite Man proposes to Ivy, she’s reluctant to answer, to say the least, and it’s safe to assume that there will be no wedding on the horizon for these two and instead, Ivy will dump poor Kite Man.

9 Harley And Ivy Will Start Dating

Ivy and Kite Man aside, there’s a different couple that might have much a bigger chance of becoming reality in the second season. And that’s the romance between Harley and Ivy herself. The two women are already best friends, and even though they had their differences and argued from time to time, mostly when Ivy tried to convince Harley that the Joker was no good for her, they were always there for each other when needed.

Ivy clearly likes Harley and Harley is also close to her friend, so it’d be no surprise if these two took on their friendship to a new level.

8 Joker Will Lose His Memory

The first season of the show largely focused on Harley’s effort to liberate herself from the Joker and to build a reputation as a supervillain so that the Legion of Doom would accept her as one of their members. She finally managed to defeat the Joker in the final episode of the first season, avenging the fact that Joker betrayed her and also (temporarily) killed Ivy in the process.

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Joker fell into the vat of acid he had planned to throw Harley in, and then his tower collapsed. If he emerges in the second season, he might very well be a whole new person since he said that the vat was supposed to erase a part of Harley’s mind.

7 Batman Will Take Time Off

Another important character who was present in Joker’s tower when it collapsed was Batman. He pushed Harley and Ivy out of the way but got stranded in the tower and it’s unclear whether he’ll be back anytime soon.

Killing Batman is difficult but injuring him is possible and it might take a while for the caped crusader to come back and start solving crimes again. He worked with Commissioner Gordon in the first season, but for now, Gordon might be on his own, since Batman most likely won’t be coming back soon. After all, he does have to heal from his injuries first, and that won’t be easy.

6 Batgirl Will Fight Instead Of Batman

Luckily for Gotham, even during Batman’s prolonged absence, there’s more than one bat-themed superhero who could temporarily take over for Batman. One of them is Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl, who will appear in the second season, as the first trailer showed.

It remains to be seen how big Batgirl’s part will be and what exactly she will do. But one theory quite sensibly states that Batgirl will replace Batman as the big bad bat while Batman will be healing, and if she really does that, she could easily come into contact with Harley and her team, and either fight them or temporarily join their side to stop a common enemy.

5 Harley Will Kill The Legion Of Doom

Harley belongs among the villains most of the time but in the case of this show, she walks the fine line between being a villain and being an antihero. That said, she’s capable of killing when the situation requires it, or, when more often than not, someone simply makes her too angry.

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Harley’s primary goal in the second season could very well be to gain control over Gotham for herself after Gotham was largely damaged in the first season’s final episode. And to do that, to rule Gotham, Harley will have to get rid of the Legion of Doom members first, and it’s possible she will kill some of them, if not all.

4 Harley Will Try To Rule Gotham

As suggested above, Harley will switch her goal from the first season. Instead of trying to become a member of the Legion of Doom and trying to get over the Joker, she will now spend most of her time coming up with plans how to get rid of the remaining Legion of Doom members so that she could rule Gotham as the city’s Clown Queen of Crime. Harley loves her city but she’d love it even more if she was the one controlling it. To fulfill her plan, Harley will no doubt shed a lot of blood, and also fight heroes and villains alike.

3 Harley Will Team Up With Superheroes

Harley works well enough on her own but she’s even better in a team as she demonstrated in the first season by joining forces with Poison Ivy, Doctor Psycho, King Shark, Clayface, and even Ivy’s landlord Sy who has previous war experience and likes to kill others. In order to take down the remaining members of the Legion of Doom, Harley could very well be forced to team up with people who usually stand on the other side of the law – in other words, Gotham’s superheroes. Batgirl seems like the obvious choice, or Batwoman could arrive on the scene as well, or maybe Nightwing if Batman will continue to remain absent.

2 The Justice League Will Return

In case you no longer remember, let’s do a little recap. The Justice League (with the exception of Batman) didn’t do so well in the first season and Harley’s former friend, the villain known as the Queen of Fables, trapped the League in an enchanted fairytale book, so Wonder Woman, Superman, the Flash, and others are now missing in action.

There’s a theory that they could return in the second season, but how exactly, that’s unclear at the moment. Since Queen of Fables is now dead, another magic-user could bring the League back, possibly John Constantine or Zatanna, but neither of them has appeared in the show just yet.

1 Harley Will Date Batman (Or Bruce Wayne)

This final theory is less probable than the remaining ones on this list, but it still could potentially happen. Batman and Harley teamed up in the first season, and even though Batman was suspicious and skeptical towards Harley, once they put aside their differences, they worked surprisingly well together.

Add to it the fact that Harley had a crush on both Batman and Bruce Wayne for years, and that Batman and Harley already kissed before, albeit not on this show, and it’s quite possible that they might find their way to one another once Batman will heal from his injuries.

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Harley Quinn season 2 has begun and fan theories are flowing. But what are the best ones that make sense for this DC Universe streaming TV show?

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