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Barry Allen is the fastest man alive. As The Flash, he’s tapped into the Speed Force, allowing him to move at the speed of light, vibrate his molecules through matter, and cross the barrier into other universes. One of the foremost heroes of the DC Universe, The Flash is one of the founding members of the Justice League and uses his amazing powers to combat evil in all of its forms, whether that be foiling a bank robbery by Captain Cold in Central City or helping his allies in the Justice League defeat a universe conquering titan.

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Pokémon is one of those rare video games that has become a phenomena. Insanely popular when it debuted, it may not be as ubiquitous as it was once but it’s still a big deal with video games, trading cards, toys, and a TV show. This list is going to take a look at what six Pokémon the Flash would use on his team if he was a trainer.

7 Pokémon Type: Electric

Lightning is a big part of the Flash’s symbology and his powers. The symbol on his chest is a lightning bolt and the Speed Force manifests as lightning bolts when The Flash runs. For this reasons, it makes sense for Flash to use Electric type Pokémon.

They’re among the fastest Pokémon of them all, which means they are a great fit for The Flash.

6 Pikachu

Barry Allen is not the coolest guy in the world. In fact, Barry has always been kind of hokey. It’s part of his charm. If Barry was putting together a team of Electric type Pokémon, of course he would include Pikachu. Pikachu is the most recognizable and popular Pokémon of them all, serving as the game’s mascot.

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Beyond that, Pikachu is just a formidable Electric type Pokémon. Pikachu are very fast and they have a lot of great attacks, things The Flash would respect a lot.

5 Jolteon

Jolteon are very, very fast. An evolution of Eevee, they are also extremely temperamental Pokémon. This makes them a bit difficult to train but their benefits more than make up for this difficulty. Their fur constantly generates static electricity and they can summon 10,000 volt lightning bolts as easily as most of us breath. They’re also quite emotional, quickly becoming sad or angry.

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Flash has been training teenage sidekicks for a long time, so he’s used to dealing with temperamental individuals. He would roll with the punches while training his Jolteon, forging a great bond with it.

4 Manectric

A Discharge Pokémon, Manectric combines blazing Speed stats with some great attacks. It’s constantly discharging electricity from its mane and when it enters battle, it generates thunderclouds. They appear where lightning has fallen and for a long time people thought they were born from the lightning. It also has a Mega evolution that makes it even more powerful.

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The Flash and Manectric both are constantly generating electricity and extremely fast, so they would get along great. Manectric is a powerful Electric type Pokémon and is an asset to any team.

3 Zekrom

A Legendary Pokémon, this Dragon and Electric type might not be the fastest Pokémon on this list, but it more than makes up for it with its massive Attack power. Concealing itself in lightning clouds, its tail generates electricity. It is said that Zekrom can generate lightning so powerful that it can scorch the world.

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Much like The Flash, Zekrom is an idealistic being. According to Unova myth, it sided with its more idealistic brother. While not as fast as some of the other Pokémon The Flash chose, he would include it because of how massively powerful it is.

2 Raikou

Raikou races across the grasslands and is known for its barking cry which sounds like thunder. They tend to appear during thunderstorms. They can create storm clouds and use them to fly. Distrustful of humans, they’ve been known to befriend those who help them. Raikou embodies the speed of lightning and is an extremely fast Pokémon. Its been known to generate shockwaves when it runs that shake the ground.

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A Pokémon that embodies the speed of lightning? Yeah, that definitely sounds like a Pokémon that The Flash would use in his team. Beyond that, Raikou is a very Pokémon and packs quite a punch, much like Flash himself. Raikou makes a perfect addition to any team of Electric type Pokémon.

1 Zeraora

Zeraora is another Pokémon that blitzes it opponents at the speed of lightning. It has no organ that generates electricity on its own, so it gathers and stores electricity from all kinds of outside sources. However, it can generate its own magnetic fields. This allows it to fly and get up to the high speeds it can attain. Its fur stands on end when it uses its electrical powers. A very fierce Pokémon, its been known to rip its enemies apart with its high voltage claws. It generates so much electricity that even when opponents dodge, they’re still electrocuted by the sparks it generates.

Zeraora and The Flash share some similarities and some differences, but they still fit well together. Zeraora is a little more fierce than Flash, but that ferocity is needed sometimes in Pokémon battles.

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Which Pokémon do you think would work well with DC's The Flash? Here's a look at six Electric Pokémon that would be part of Flash's dream team.

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