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Kara Zor-El, the Girl of Steel, Supergirl, whatever you call her, you can’t deny that she is one of DC‘s greatest superheroes. She may be “just” the cousin of Superman, but she has carved out her own identity and legacy. She has fought more than her fair share of hard battles, and she has come out the other end on top.

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So, what would her Pokémon team be? Every trainer has their preferred type and species in the wonderful and wild world of Pokémon. What types would this mythic figure favor? Who would she choose to go on her journey through Kanto, Hoenn, Unova, Alola, or the newest region, Galar?

7 TYPE: Miscellaneous

There are many sides to Kara Zor-El, and it’s hard to imagine that she would focus on a single type. She’s been an alien lost in a strange new world, a farm girl, a superhero, an agent of Darkseid, a Red Lantern, and, most recently, a crazed pawn of the Batman Who Laughs. Supergirl has never been just one thing, and her Pokémon team wouldn’t be either. That said, she does have a personality that would attract her to certain affinities. Like her cousin, she can fly, but she also has an angry side to her which attracted the Red Lantern ring not too long ago. Flying, Fire, and maybe even a hint of Dark would be the elements in Kara’s Pokémon team.

6 Rapidash

Kara Danvers is a horse girl if there has ever been one. She came to Earth and spent a long time on the Kent farm in Smallville. This was one of her formative experiences on Earth. A Rapidash, with its fiery tail and mane, would immediately catch Supergirl‘s attention. It’s a fast and free Pokémon; it’s beautiful and dangerous. Supergirl would identify with it, and it would likely be her very favorite Pokémon. The Kanto-form of Rapidash would be chosen over the Galarian form because of that connection to Supergirl’s heat vision and her brief stint as a raging Red Lantern.

5 Talonflame

Talonflame is a high-flying Pokémon that can also unleash a barrage of burning flame. It’s known as the Scorching Pokémon, and, when it flies at high speeds, it gives off embers from its wings. Like Kara, it’s beautiful and dangerous, but there is an air of nobility about the Pokémon.

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It comes off as the Pokémon a great hero would use–a great hero like Kara Zor-El. The Fire-typing would speak to the more angry side of Supergirl, and it would connect to the part of her that made her a powerful member of the Red Lantern Corps. However, the heroic connotation of Talonflame would represent a good type of anger for Supergirl.

4 Flareon

Flareon is debatably one of the cutest Pokémon to have ever been designed, and it breathes fire. There is something almost mysterious and curious in its eyes, and that seems like something that would draw in Kara. It’s the Fire-type evolution of Eevee, and that fiery version of something as cute yet full of potential like Eevee seems like an ideal match for Supergirl. While Fire-types are often associated with anger and chaos, Flareon would connect to the more innocent and productive side of Supergirl’s anger. It would remind her that anger can be used for good.

3 Absol

Absol, and Mega-Absol in particular, would tap into Supergirl’s darker side. This would be the side of her that was brought out by the likes of Darkseid and the Batman Who Laughs. Absol is the Disaster Pokémon, known as such for it frequently appearing shortly before a calamity befalls the region. It’s a beautiful Pokémon, but it’s also a Dark-type that foretells disaster. While Supergirl is still a hero and has gone to great strides to break the manipulation of Darkseid and the Batman Who Laughs, Absol would still speak to her, especially in its winged Mega-evolved form.

2 Grimmsnarl

This would be another dark part of Kara coming through, especially the Supergirl brought about by the Batman Who Laughs’ infection. Grimmsnarl is a strong Dark and Fairy-type Pokémon that can take on even the likes of muscled powerhouses such as Machamp.

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Its fanged mouth almost takes the shape of a smile, and it evolves from the mischievous Pokémon, Morgrem. It’s Fairy and Dark typing would speak to the Batman Who Laughs-infected identity of Kara, and she would have an affinity for Grimmsnarl.

1 Moltres

Moltres, the Flame Pokémon, would be Supergirl’s legendary partner. It’s a mythic figure capable of lighting up the night sky with its bright and beautiful flame. Like Talonflame, it’s a high-flying fire Pokémon that strikes awe into any who witness it. Its majesty and power would speak to Kara as both a Kryptonian and a former Red Lantern. Like most Fire-type Pokémon, Moltres can breathe a powerful flame akin to Supergirl’s own heat vision. This powerful flying Pokémon would round out Kara’s team, and it would be a very powerful addition.

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Supergirl may be overshadowed by Superman, but she has carved out her own identity and legacy. So, what would her Pokémon team be?

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