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One of the greatest heroes of the DC Universe, fans have been a part of the thrilling adventures of Diana of Themyscira for decades. Wonder Woman has been a star on the page, TV, and the silver screen. Armed with her Lasso of Truth and a variety of other weapons forged by the god Hephaestus, Wonder Woman has been one of the most stalwart defenders of the DC Universe.

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Pokémon has been one of the most popular video games around since its debut in the late ’90s. Fans all over the world have been trying to catch them all ever since, playing the game on video game consoles and their phones, challenging each other in the collectible card game, and watching the anime. This list is going to look at what Wonder Woman’s Pokémon team would be if she was a trainer.

7 Pokémon Type: Fighting

While one of Wonder Woman’s main goals is to teach peace to Man’s World, she’s always ready to take the fight to her enemies. The Amazons of the island of Themyscira have been training for millennia to protect themselves after some unfortunate incident involving Hercules (Hercules is a jerk in Greek mythology, you guys) and Diana is the best of them all, having excelled in their martial teachings.

Wonder Woman would definitely use Fighting-type Pokémon. Being a shrewd warrior, she would choose Fighting-type Pokémon who had more than one type as well so she could take advantage of her opponent’s elemental weakness.

6 Heracross

This Bug- and Fighting-type Pokémon is a great match for Wonder Woman. It’s hard chitinous shell means it can take a lot of damage and with its great strength, able to lift a hundred times its weight, it packs a surprising punch. It has a high Attack and Defense rate and is a good all-around Pokémon to include in a team.

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Its most devastating moves involve using its massive horn to attack its enemies. It can even unleash an Earthquake attack to further devastate its enemies.

5 Sirfetch’d

A Wild Duck Fighting-type Pokémon, Sirfetch’d is a calm and collected fighter. Evolving from Farfetch’d because of its prowess in battle, Sirfetch’d is a noble Pokémon. It’s high Attack and Defense make it an asset to any team and it’s the only known Pokémon that can use the devastating Meteor Assault.

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Sirfetch’d uses a leek stalk like a sword and its leaves like a shield, caring for and maintaining the weapon throughout the battles it fights. Wonder Woman would respect the dedication this Pokémon has to its weapon. Plus, she also uses a sword and shield, so they have that in common.

4 Lucario

This Fighting- and Steel-type Pokémon is known for being a bit prideful but also extremely loyal to its trainer. It also has a natural sense of justice, a trait it shares in common with Wonder Woman. A Lucario prefers to spend a lot of its time alone, honing its skill in battle. It has a very high Attack and Speed rating.

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A Lucario can read the aura of its opponents, allowing it to read their thoughts. A Lucario will only trust a Trainer who has justice in its heart, making it a perfect fit for a woman who is an integral part of the Justice League.

3 Infernape

This Fire- and Fighting-type Pokémon is a fierce combatant. It uses a unique type of martial art that utilizes all of its limbs, throwing blazing punches and kicks at its hapless opponents. It has a high Attack and Speed rating and fears no enemy, throwing itself at opponents with fiery aplomb.

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Infernape’s fiery disposition may seem to set it apart from Wonder Woman, but Wonder Woman can be pretty temperamental herself especially in battle. She would respect the fact that Infernapes takes on all comers and its martial skills, finding a kindred spirit. She may not like to admit it, but she and the Infernape have a lot in common.

2 Kommo-o

Covered in glittering scales, Kommo-o is a Dragon- and Fighting-type Pokémon. Extremely physically powerful with an uppercut feared throughout the land, Kommo-o completed its training and protects Jangmo-o. Kommo-o will only face strong opponents, though, clanging its scales together to scare off weaker foes. According to legend, its glittering scales are meant to drive away the darkness and it’s thought that it only faces strong opponents to help it in its quest to defeat the darkness.

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Wonder Woman and Kommo-o have a lot in common. Both are very protective of their friends and have no interest in facing down weak foes. Both of them exist to fight the darkness. They also both have killer uppercuts.

1 Zamazenta

A regal and majestic Fighting-type Pokémon, Zamazenta is known for its powerful defenses. Once it reaches its Crowned Shield form, not even Dragon-type Pokémon can pierce its armor. Zamazenta is known for its ironclad resolve; there is no battlefield too terrible for it fight on. While its defense is very strong it is also very powerful on the offensive, its mountain shattering blows sending shockwaves across the battlefield that can level hundreds of foes.

Zamazenta is basically Wonder Woman’s spirit. They are both fierce warriors with steely resolves that are known for their defensive abilities, but both of them also pack a lot of attack power as well.

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If Wonder Woman were to have a Pokémon team to help her fight her toughest battles, she'd choose these six.

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