DC: Which Member Of The Justice League Are You Based On Your Chinese Zodiac Sign?

The Justice League is the Earth’s premier super-team, the first and last line of defense against the gravest threats the DC Universe has to offer. The reason the League functions so well is that it’s comprised of not only the most powerful and influential DC heroes, but also because their disparate personalities and methods complement each other perfectly.

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But what factors feed and explain their personalities? One place to look is the Chinese Horoscope, whose animal-based zodiac signs can help answer the question, Which Member Of The Justice League Are You Based On Your Chinese Zodiac Sign?


Superman is the central figure of the Justice League, the hero that the rest of the heroes look up to. This has less to do with his legendary catalog of superpowers and more to do with the strength of his character, as Supes has a reputation for being honest, diligent, and steadfast to his ideals.

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In this way, he resembles an Ox, and not just because he’s as strong as one. Those born under the sign of the Ox are reputed to be extremely honest in their words and deeds, and although they are sometimes slow to decide on a course of action, they stick it through to the very end. This describes the Big Blue Boy Scout perfectly, as he’s often so concerned with making the right decision, he’ll mull it over for a while. But when he makes up his mind, nothing can stop him!


Due to his Martian physiology, J’onn J’onzz possesses incredible skills and abilities (ranging from telepathy to super-strength) that he uses to fight crime as the Martian Manhunter. But J’onn’s true personality is a far cry from a swashbuckling superhero. Sharing the traits of those under the Goat sign, J’onn is a very peaceful and tranquil individual who enjoys deep thought and meditation as a means to calm his soul. Troubled as he is by the memory of his dead family and his lost race, J’onn, like most Goats, exudes kind warm-heartedness and wisdom from every one of his green pores.


Aquaman may be Lord of the Seas, but he has more in common with the Dog than he does with any sort of marine life. Those born under the sign of the Dog are said to be industrious, courageous, straightforward, and excellent leaders. As reigning monarch of Atlantis, Arthur Curry exemplifies all these traits, as he has no qualms about heading straight-long into danger if it means protecting his kingdom and its inhabitants. His first thought is always for the safeguarding and prosperity of Atlantis, a goal he has never kept a secret from anyone.


There’s more in common between those born under the sign of the Rabbit and the Flash than an uncanny ability to outrun predators. Rabbits are polite and responsible people, capable of being trusted with vital and essential tasks. As a forensics officer for the Central City Police Department, Barry Allen takes his job very seriously and is meticulous almost to the point of obsession regarding his role in solving cases.

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Moreover, Rabbits are known to be somewhat timid, and although the Flash has never backed down from a fight, he does display a modicum of shy awkwardness meeting new people or in novel social situations.


Dragons are creatures of human imagination, so it’s only fitting that their representative on the Justice League is an individual whose powers are fueled by imagination. Those born under the sign of the Dragon are known to be courageous and intelligent trailblazers, characteristics that describe Hal Jordan to a tee.

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Able to overcome great fear, Hal also personifies Dragon characteristics with his confident and enthusiastic approach to his role as a galactic policeman, more than willing to take a risk if it means protecting innocent lives. Hal’s willpower also knows no limits, reflecting the Dragon trait of conscientiousness to the nth degree.


Zatanna Zatera is one of the DC Universe’s most powerful magicians, and is occasionally a member of the Justice League and founding member of the Justice League Dark. As a sorceress, Zatanna has a vast reservoir of knowledge regarding the arcane and the occult, which reflects her Snake-like characteristics. Those born under the sign of the Snake are known to be wise and intelligent, and considering Zatanna is one of the first people the League calls when facing threats of a mystical nature, her status as a Snake is cemented.


Green Arrow shares many similar traits with those born under the sign of the Monkey. Firstly, Oliver is witty, intelligent, and has a great sense of humor, which contributes to his magnetic personality.

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Secondly, he’s a fast learner and a great opportunist both in business and in battle; you’d have to be if you decided to run into a fight with Apokoliptian Para-Demons armed with nothing but a bow and arrow. It’s these two traits that make him as effective a crime-fighter as he is, having weathered life’s storms and come out the other side stronger and wiser.


The yin to Green Arrow’s yang, the Black Canary shares many similar character traits with those born under the sign of the Horse. Not one to rest on her laurels, Dinah Lance is an enthusiastic and energetic crime-fighter, hitting the streets to protect regular citizens from evil with a passionate fervor. She’s no slouch in the martial arts department either, dispatching bad guys with the vigorousness attributed to her equine sign. Black Canary also has a wickedly sharp tongue, which allows her to trade barbs with Green Arrow and keep him in line!


Like most born under the sign of the Pig, Wonder Woman is capable of extreme concentration, focusing on the task at hand until it gets completed to her satisfaction. Most of the time, this relates to battle, as once she’s engaged in a fight, she’s completely absorbed in winning.

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Thankfully, she also carries the Pig trait of compassion, the expression of which is part of her mission in “man’s world.” This was probably most evident in The Hiketeia one-shot, where Diana compassionately granted protection to a victim of abuse, going so far as to defend her from Batman.


Batman may have chosen the winged creature of the night as his totem, but he’s got more in common with a Tiger than maybe he realizes. The characteristic traits of those born under the Tiger sign read like a list of adjectives describing Batman’s personality: confident, brave, charming, resourceful, and possessed of indomitable fortitude. However, Bruce Wayne also embodies some of the Tiger’s negative traits, as he’s also somewhat irritable and incredibly stubborn at times. Unfortunately, a Tiger can also sometimes lean towards being heavy-handed and authoritative, which suspiciously sounds like what Bruce’s hypothetical chairing of the weekly Bat-Family meeting in the Batcave would resemble.

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The Justice League is DC's premier super-team. Which member are you based on your Chinese Zodiac Sign?

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