DC: Which Superman Villain Are You Based On Your Chinese Zodiac Sign?

Superman’s rogues’ gallery has always been criticized as not being as dramatically compelling or prolific as some of his contemporaries, but a closer inspection reveals some pretty powerful villains with complex issues. 

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Analyzing each villain’s personality and motivation is essential to understanding the root of their enmity with the Man of Steel, and one entertaining way is to do it would be by looking at their Chinese astrological zodiac signs. In so doing, the question can be answered, Which Superman Villain Are You Based On Your Chinese Zodiac Sign?


Many traits clearly mark General Zod as a Tiger. As the former head of Krypton’s security forces and a highly ambitious military tyrant, Zod routinely exhibits determined confidence that equates with his position and stature.

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He’s also extremely tough and powerful, even without his yellow-sun-enhanced powers, and is dynamic enough to have legions of like-minded Kryptonians follow him into battle. Unfortunately, he’s also overly aggressive and has an inflated sense of ego, as anyone who insists on his enemies kneeling before him would.


Those born under the sign of the Monkey are known to be mischievous tricksters, loving to engage in witty repartee and intelligent conversation. This describes Mr. Mxyzptlk, the imp from the 5th Dimension, to a tee. Appearing from time to time to vex Superman with situations and tasks he must accomplish, Mr. Mxyzptlk’s sole motivation for his actions seems to be perverse enjoyment. Like a Monkey, Mxyzptlk’s pranks are harmless enough, albeit performed at Superman’s expense.


The Parasite is one of Superman’s more tragic foes, having gained his power to siphon the life-force from people by accident and needing to use it to survive. As a Goat, he’s somewhat soft-hearted in nature until his hunger kicks in.

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Then, his ability to be perseverant and hard-working in finding a source of life-sustaining energy overtakes his timid nature. Like other Goats, the Parasite has a propensity to be sullen, pessimistic, and moody as he bemoans his condition and outcast state.


A cyborg powered by a kryptonite heart, Metallo is a shrill and unforgiving criminal who’s made it his life’s mission to put an end to the Man of Steel. Unfortunately, he’s got the kryptonite to do it, and bolstered by his Horse characteristics, he may one day succeed! Metallo pursues his vendetta against Superman independent of any help or support most of the time. His hatred gives him the energy and motivation to pursue his goal, and if he can get his equine-based short-fuse temper under control, he may one day concoct a strategy to finally defeat Superman.


Snakes are known to be highly intelligent and wise members of the Chinese zodiac, and the villain that most embodies those traits is Lex Luthor. Presented over the years as everything from a brilliant scientist to a wealthy and accomplished captain of industry, a large part of Luthor’s success is owed to his genius-level intellect and how prodigiously he uses it to crush his enemies.

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Moreover, Snakes are known to be persuasive and seductive, and Lex has been known to use his charm to achieve his goals, like convincing Talia Al Ghul to run LexCorp and becoming President of the United States. Snakes are also lovers of the finer things in life, which Luthor constantly surrounds himself with.


Winslow Schott is a peculiar villain in Superman lore, having been presented as everything from a harmless prankster to a psychotic child murderer over his long history. In any event, there are aspects of the Toyman’s personality that have remained consistent regardless of his portrayal that also reveals his Chinese astrological sign as being the Rat.

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Toyman is nothing if not adaptable, as despite the tragedies in his life, he’s managed to recuperate from them, albeit in a psychologically unhealthy way. Moreover, he’s rather stubborn, as even the most extensive revelations of Superman’s actions having nothing to do in destroying his career are not accepted by him.


Insofar as Doomsday could be considered to have any type of discernable personality, he’d match the sign of the Ox. Oxen are known to be persistent, and considering nothing short of death can stop Doomsday when he begins destroying a city, a planet, or a Superman, his indefatigable resolution is beyond reproach.

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Oxen are also renowned for being obstinate, and considering death does nothing to Doomsday but slow him down for a while, his stubborn commitment to finish destroying what killed him is emblematic of his zodiac sign.


A flawed clone of Superman, there have been many iterations of Bizarro in the history of the DC Universe. Regardless of the iteration, all of them have had traits similar to the Dog, in that they were extremely loyal to those who showed them kindness. This was most notable in Bizarro’s misadventures with the Red Hood and Artemis in Red Hood and the Outlaws, where he saved their lives on more than one occasion. Unfortunately, he also possesses some unenviable Dog traits in that he is overly sensitive, emotional, and stubborn, which can be extremely dangerous and destructive for someone with his power.


Brainiac is one of the most formidable foes Superman has ever faced. In his lonely travels throughout the cosmos, capturing and shrinking cities for his collection before destroying the planets they came from, Brainiac reveals his Rooster traits. Extremely independent and capable, Brainiac has no difficulties performing his function despite opposition from the Man of Steel and his allies, and can be narrow-minded of purpose in this regard. Moreover, he has an overly critical and calculating mind, which serves him in concocting formidable plans to achieve his goals and a final victory over Superman, which he quite often nearly succeeds in.


Like the Dragon itself, Darkseid is a singularly unique and powerful entity in the DC Universe. The ruler of Apokolips shares multiple traits with this sign- strength, individuality, and unrestrained ambition being chief among them. In terms of strength, there are few beings in the DC Universe whom Superman needs to worry about facing, and Darkseid is one of them, both physically and mentally. Darkseid has also made no secret about his ambition to rule the universe and has come close on a few occasions. Unsurprisingly, he carries the unenviable traits of the Dragon as well, namely his propensity for arrogance and disdainfulness.

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Each of Superman's biggest foes embodies a sign of the Chinese Zodiac… which matches yours?

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