DCAMU: 10 Hilarious Quotes From The Cinematic Universe's Movies

The DCAU has been around for quite some time and it produced some of the best film versions of universally favorite heroes. Not only does it focus on individual heroes, such as Superman, Batman, or Wonder Woman, it also tells stories of the most iconic teams – Justice League, or Suicide Squad, to name just a few.

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The films also manage to effortlessly combine a lot of drama, action scenes, humor, and even the occasional romance. There have been many humorous situations in them but some quotes and quips are simply more hilarious than others. Here are 10 hilarious quotes from the DCAU.

10 Brooding Batman

Wonder Woman and Batman could easily be called super-friends, but if someone told Batman this, he’d probably frown and say something dark and serious… because he’s, well, Batman. These two heroes have very different characters but despite that, they managed to become friends, respect each other, and work well together as a team. That doesn’t stop Wonder Woman from making fun of the caped crusader once in a while, though. Wonder Woman wasn’t afraid to call Batman out when she noted: “No dating for the Batman. Might cut into your brooding time.” Batman and Wonder Woman could be an amazing couple but, unfortunately, Batman is too busy solving crimes and brooding.

9 Rich Kid With Issues

Wonder Woman wasn’t afraid to show her interest in Batman in the DCAU but it didn’t work out for her the way she imagined. Batman pointed out that while he would eventually grow old, Wonder Woman would remain young. He then also pointed out: “I’m a rich kid with issues. A lot of issues.” That is exactly the type of self-deprecating humor that fans have grown to expect from Batman and they love him for it.

8 The Biggest Enemy

Even the Joker knows where the real danger lies. And it’s not in the police, Batman, Robin, or any other costumed hero… it’s the IRS. During his criminal career, Joker has stolen a lot of money. But he gained even more money when he inherited a fortune. Unfortunately for the Clown Prince of Gotham, that meant he had to pay an Inheritance Tax. This time, rather than choosing to break the law to solve his problems, Joker chose a different approach. As he put it: “I’m crazy enough to take on Batman, but the IRS? No, thank you!” It’s nice to know that even someone as insane as the Joker has his limits.

7 The Good Villains

Batman and Superman are great friends, most of the time, anyway, but that doesn’t mean they’re the same. In fact, they possibly couldn’t be more different. Superman chooses a much different approach to crime-fighting than Batman does. In one instance, while they’re walking through the sewers to the Wayne’s Manor, Superman wonders: “Why is it the good villains never die?”

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And Batman has an appropriate answer to that: “Clark… what the hell are good villains?” One could argue that Catwoman could be called a good villain but Superman most likely meant it in a different way.

6 Buy A Sense Of Humor

There are things that even the richest superheroes can’t buy. Batman has a large wealth at his disposal, but even that doesn’t help him to look at the world in a more positive way. When Superman is shot by a Kryptonite bullet and Batman has to get the bullet out of his friend’s body before it kills him, The Dark Knight understandably isn’t thrilled and looks worried for Superman. Superman, being the ever-optimistic person he is, tries to cheer him up but that doesn’t sit well with Batman who says: “Do me a favor and lose the sense of humor.” To which Superman replies: “Do us both a favor and buy one.” It’s once again nice to see that these two can joke around even when the situation is dire – or, more likely, at least Superman can.

5 What Could Have Been

Harley Quinn is funny enough on her own, but when she teams up with Batman or another superhero, she’s at her best. Batman prefers to work alone most of the time but when he doesn’t have any other choice but to team up with Harley, he’s less than excited, to put it mildly. Harley is determined not to let Batman get to her and she points out: “You think I’m just some dizzy airhead that don’t know nothin’. Do you know what I am?” Batman’s reply is as stoic and hilarious as ever: “My punishment for dropping out of med school.” It also happens to be a good reference to his dad who was a surgeon.

4 No Deal

When Harley Quinn decides to help Batman and Nightwing to stop her friend Poison Ivy, she doesn’t take no for an answer. She offers to help the superheroes find Ivy: “I can help you find her, but you can put in a good word for me for the parole board.”

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It wouldn’t be Harley if she didn’t try to get something for herself out of the situation, but that doesn’t work on Batman who quickly brings her hopes down with one brief quip: “Hmm. No.”

3 Everybody Has Needs

Let’s stay with Harley Quinn a moment longer. In her adventure with the Suicide Squad, Harley has trouble controlling her explosive and often violent nature. When it happens at one point, another Suicide Squad member, Killer Frost, cools Harley down… literally. Killer Frost summarizes the situation: “This nut job was frisking the boys, I had to “cool” her off.” But Harley’s answer makes a surprising sense: “Psychotics have needs you know. We have needs.” She’s right, after all. Everybody has needs, and that includes psychopathic clown supervillains.

2 Who Hides, Survives

Flash is a powerful hero but even he recognizes his limits. When the Justice League faces an unusual threat in the form of many hungry alien creatures, Flash quickly considers it and then chooses the best possible approach to ensure his continuous survival: he hides behind Wonder Woman. As Flash notes: “I’m just gonna hide behind the Amazon till Vic gets us home.” It’s funny and also sensible because sometimes the best course of action any superhero has is to hide behind a stronger hero.

1 The Cruel Destiny

If any DCAU fan wants to have a lot of fun and learn many new quips all she or he has to do is to watch any film with John Constantine since this British superhero is known for his dry sense of humor that’s often borderline rude. When John Constantine gets resurrected, his first reaction isn’t what many people would expect: “Can’t even be a corpse in peace. Wanking destiny can go and bugger itself!” That’s John Constantine for us, alright.

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The DC Animated Movie Universe has released hit after hit, containing brilliant & hilarious one-liners from superheroes & supervillains alike!

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