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There’s always a level of intrigue in the discussion over whether DC’s Justice League might prevail over Marvel’s Avengers, but what of the possibility of the Justice League fighting a version of themselves? There is more than enough evidence for this argument, as there happens to be the DC Animated Universe Justice League.

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This animated version saw a long arc for its members, during which they battled numerous enemies from all around the universe. To the DC Extended Universe’s credit, while the Justice League film was rather lackluster, the individual superheroes were made out to be quite powerful. To bring forward a full consensus, here are 10 contests in which both Leagues’ pros and cons will be scrutinized. Whoever gets the most points, wins.


While it might be worth pointing out that the DCAU Justice League has the likes of Martian Manhunter, Superman, and Wonder Woman, there’s also the fact that this version of these characters were vastly underpowered. Superman and Wonder Woman in particular were handily beaten by a number of side characters at many points.

Meanwhile, the DCEU versions have proven to be much stronger in physical terms, with Superman being so strong that he took out all the Justice League on his own. Wonder Woman and Aquaman have been shown as incredibly powerful as well, and these three should contend with the DCAU versions in a fight.

9 EXPERIENCE: DCAU Justice League

This one is an easy advantage for the animated team, as they went so far as to journey into different star systems and took part in the war between New Genesis and Apokolips. They also faced the likes of Darkseid, Brainiac, a super powered Lex Luthor, and a nigh unbeatable AMAZO.

Their DCEU counterparts are largely devoid of experience, and they would most likely feel out of their element should the animated versions spring a page out of their opponents’ book. Having fight experience also allows the DCAU team far more polished skills.

8 POWER & INFLUENCE: DCEU Justice League

This is actually a way more important factor than it is given credit for, as the DCAU Justice League were caught in a stranglehold by Amanda Waller and Cadmus when they were deemed a threat. It was also a factor in their tensions with the government when Lex Luthor was running for president as the negative public opinion meant they were outcasts and without resources.

For this reason, the DCEU Justice League would be at a significant advantage, as Bruce Wayne has been shown to be allies with his version of Amanda Waller, and this Lex Luthor really doesn’t have the same kind of influence. This Justice League can tap into a number of resources to their advantage without issue.

7 WEAPONRY: DCAU Justice League

It could be argued that the DCEU Justice League has the advantage of using Mother Boxes in their fight, but that still won’t be enough compared to the DCAU version who have the benefit of weapons from Thanagar and even the Anti-Life Equation to some extent.

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Hawkgirl’s mace has proven to be incredibly powerful, as the Nth metal allowed her to beat all kinds of magic. Along with that, Wonder Woman had unlocked the true powers of her armor, and Batman had mastered multiple versions of his batsuit and weapons. The DCEU team just doesn’t have this kind of variety.

6 ARMIES & ARMADAS: DCEU Justice League

Although the DCAU Justice League has a list of allies, these were scarcely if ever used, and even their much touted death ray from the Watchtower had been hacked and used against them.

On the other hand, the DCEU Justice League can call in Wonder Woman’s Amazons and Aquaman’s armies for their advantage. These armies have been shown to be extremely efficient, to the point where there’s hardly any problem to point out in them. Should it come down to an all-out war, the DCEU version might have the advantage in forces.

5 BACK-UP: DCAU Justice League

This category considers the League’s members in general rather than their extended allies, and here the DCAU version hilariously out-muscles the live-action incarnation. By the end of Justice League Unlimited, there were so many members in the League that it was pretty much impossible to keep count.

These members had a wide variety of powers too, ranging from speed, strength, elasticity, size, and projectile creation. In team vs. team situation, the DCEU Justice League won’t have more than a handful of directly involved members to put up a fight.


For a team that was only freshly formed, the DCEU Justice League didn’t seem to have any big problems at all in communication. In fact, Steppenwolf was prettily handily beaten once the team united, as each member played to their strengths rather than clash with one another.

On the other hand, the DCAU Justice League largely suffered from an ego problem, as its members regularly butted heads to hog the spotlight, something that contributed to several big losses. This version was beaten by the Legion of Doom, Justice Lords, and the Thanagarians for this reason, and just might lose to the DCEU team because of miscommunication.

3 MAGIC & TELEPATHY: DCAU Justice League

This is the preferred method to take out the likes of Superman and Wonder Woman, as this is one area these characters always seem to be out of their element. Lucky for the DCAU Justice League, they did possess powerful sorcerers like Doctor Fate, and had an incredibly powerful telepath in Martian Manhunter.

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In case things turn out to be even between both factions, magic would be the natural choice to turn the tide, and the DCAU Justice League would pretty easily win since the DCEU team has no-one to combat it. Even the DCEU Flash is relatively slow to be able to stop the magic or telepathic offense.


It easily comes down to Batman in this situation, as both versions of the Caped Crusader have been vital in bringing the win to the Justice League. The DCEU version is clearly far more ruthless, as he brought Superman to his knees and almost killed him due to his planning.

However, the DCAU Batman has been shown to be such a genius that he was able to create a portal into another dimension, while also using his tactical skills in bringing down the Thanagarians in their invasion. Meanwhile, the rest of the Justice League have intelligent members such as Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and Martian Manhunter.

1 THE WINNER: DCAU Justice League

The DCAU Justice League simply has far too much experience to be taken by surprise by the DCEU Justice League’s onslaught. Having a whole lot more directly initiated members ready to spring for a fight – as well as the all-important powers of magic and telepathy at their disposal – just amplifies their advantage.

The DCEU Justice League shouldn’t be counted out as underdogs, and might even win on a few occasions. However, the team is far too underdeveloped to be a big threat as of yet. With some more years as a unit, and more members brought into the fold, this fight might have a different outcome. For now, though, the DCAU Justice League stands tall.

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The Justice League has two very famous versions, but there can be only one League

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