DCeased: 5 DC Characters Who Are Scarier When Undead (& 5 Who Got Lamer)

Superhero comic books aren’t usually associated with horror and killing off superheroes and villains left and right since they have a continuity to preserve. But the series appropriately named DCeased written by Tom Taylor didn’t have to worry about it.

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In the series, the entire Earth faces a deadly threat in the form of a virus that changes people into undead raging creatures, but they’re not typical zombies, as discovered by reading. Even superheroes aren’t spared and many of them get infected and turn. Some of them became scarier when they joined the ranks of the undead, while others weren’t as formidable as when they were still alive.

10 Scarier: The Atom

Ray Palmer aka Atom isn’t the first superhero people think of when somebody says ‘a scary hero’. But in this comic book, Atom proved that he shouldn’t be underestimated. He easily defeated a much more powerful hero, Captain Atom, by using his shrinking powers. Atom got into Captain Atom’s body and he tore out a small piece of his heart which was enough for Captain Atom to get infected.

9 Lamer: Green Lantern

This moment proves once and for all that without his mind, Green Lantern isn’t such a threat. When he goes camping with his friends, Green Arrow and Black Canary, he gets infected because he sneaks away to look at his phone. He then attacks his friends and Black Canary gets angry at Hal for endangering Oliver. She kills him and is chosen by the ring as the new Green Lantern. Green Lantern is usually stronger than Black Canary but he didn’t stand a chance when facing her anger.

8 Scarier: Flash

Flash lasts longer than expected but in the end, even the fastest man alive can’t avoid the infection forever. And he manages to do what Lex Luthor and so many other villains wanted to achieve for a long time – to kill Superman.

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Superman is worried about how many people Flash could infect thanks to his speed so he flies through him and kills him, but he also gets infected in the process when a small part of Flash’s body pierces his own.

7 Lamer: Wonder Woman

Diana reveals the chilling truth about the curse but other than killing Cyborg in a relatively quick and merciful way, she doesn’t do much of anything else.

6 Scarier: Nightwing

Nightwing is the first infected superhero of the series, and it, unfortunately, doesn’t end well for him. The infection reaches him in Wayne Manor and before Nightwing loses his mind, he tries to remove the infection from his head but fails. He later jumps out of the shadows and attacks Batman. Under any normal circumstances, Batman would have defeated Nightwing, but this time Nightwing is faster and he bites Batman’s neck and infects him.

5 Lamer: Robin

Dick Grayson isn’t the only member of the bat family who gets infected in the first volume of the comics. So does Tim Drake aka Batman’s latest Robin. He wasn’t as good as a fighter as Nightwing and even though he does manage to bite into Batman’s arm, Nightwing is the one who does the biggest damage to Batman by biting into his throat.

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Batman could have defeated both of them since they were mindless but he didn’t want to hurt them and that led to his doom.

4 Scarier: Superman

Many fans didn’t expect that Tom Taylor would kill off the whole Trinity, but that’s exactly what he did, taking the world by surprise.

Superman was the biggest threat when he turned undead, thanks to his considerable powers that didn’t disappear when he got infected. He tried to fly away from Earth but was too slow and as a result, he turned his powers against the planet he grew up on and loved.

3 Lamer: Birds Of Prey

When Harley deals with her ex-boyfriend, the Joker, by blasting him into oblivion when he tried to infect her as well, she thinks she’s won. But she comes across the undead Birds of Prey members, Huntress, Batgirl, Catwoman, and Batwoman.

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Still, even though she’s outnumbered, Harley does well enough fighting four women at once, since neither of them has their previous fighting skills. In the end, Poison Ivy helps Harley and finishes the undead women off.

2 Scarier: Aquaman

Aquaman and Mera have an even smaller chance of surviving the infection than other heroes, at least as long as they’re staying underwater. Aquaman gets infected by the blood flowing in the water and everybody knows how quickly blood spreads in water. He starts clawing at his face and then attacks Mera, joined by other undead Atlanteans. She manages to escape but the team attack is still a horrifying moment, especially considering how much Aquaman loved her.

1 Lamer: Batman

Batman is usually a formidable opponent, not only thanks to his strength but also his brain. His intelligence allowed him to remain sentient longer than other infected people since he used Mr. Freeze’s suit to stave off the infection. At least for long enough to tell his superhero friends what he learned about the infection. In the end, though, Alfred had to shoot him and Batman went down easily, didn’t fight like he normally would.

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DCeased is a DC series where everyone, including superheroes, are turned into zombies. Here are 5 characters who improved with death and 5 who didn't.

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