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Whether players are looking for the heart-racing thrill of escaping a crazed killer or looking to become the pursuer in a fight to the death, Dead by Daylight will fulfill these desires. In this 4v1 survival-horror game, players can either be a survivor or the killer and place themselves in the intense action that horror film fans know well.

Players just starting out with the game, however, may want to learn some helpful tips and tricks to ensure their victory.

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Survivors all have one collective goal: Escape from the killer. There are two exit gates through which survivors can escape, but it won’t be as simple as finding these gates. Survivors must fix five of the seven generators randomly placed around the map to power these exits. Once powered, they will need additional time to open the gates and make their escape.

This is where cooperation comes into play, as survivors should never put the burden on themselves of trying to work alone. Survivors will need to be cautious of their actions, as to not alert the killer of their position. This can be accomplished by hiding in tall bushes and lockers, along with crouching and walking as opposed to running. Running makes all actions much louder and leaves a scratch mark trail for the killer to follow, so it’s best advised to run only if a player is already in a chase or if survivors desperately need to be somewhere else.

Survivors will run into scenarios where they or an ally are caught by the killer. This occurs after being injured twice (or once, depending on the killer, their powers, and perks) and then placed on a sacrificial hook. Survivors who find themselves stuck on a hook will only have a set time before their demise and sacrifice, removing them from the game.

All players can see the progress of a hooked survivor on their HUD, showing how far along the sacrifice process they have gone. In the first phase of being sacrificed, survivors will have the opportunity to break free. With specific perks, this can be a great strategy to escape from the killer, but without them, survivors should ultimately wait for their allies to come to the rescue. There is an extremely small chance of being successful otherwise and each failed attempt will speed up the sacrificial process.

For those looking to save their fellow survivors, now is the time to be even more cautious. The killer will surely be in the area if players try to save a survivor too soon, which can ultimately lead to either survivor in this scenario going on the hook. Survivors should wait patiently and make sure the killer is out of sight before saving their ally, giving them ample time to escape and heal for any follow-up attacks.

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As the name implies, the killer’s goal is to kill as many survivors as possible. This can be done by sacrificing players on hooks around the map. The presentation of the map for the killer is a bit different from the survivors. The killer will see outlines of all generators, along with being visually notified of most loud actions occurring around the map.

While specific strategies range from killer to killer, the general best practice is to keep an eye on generators. As this is the main priority of the survivors, killers will often find their prey near these seven objectives and have the opportunity to slow their process by breaking generators after they have been worked on. Being sneaky can be difficult, as survivors will be notified by a heartbeat sound when the killer is drawing near. If done correctly, though, killers will have more than enough time to injure the other players and bring them to a hook.

When a killer picks up a survivor, they should be cautious of any tricks up the survivors’ sleeves. This can include other survivors close by with an item, hoping to save their ally from the killer’s clutches. If this isn’t the case, the held survivor can also struggle in the killer’s arms, forcing them in random directions.

Killers should be aware of these hazards and plan accordingly, making sure they take the optimal route to the desired hook. Killers shouldn’t choose a hook too far from them either, as this will allow survivors more time to struggle and escape before even being hooked.

After placing a survivor on a hook, it is advised to keep the chase going on the other players. Staying close by to watch over caught prey will only allow the other survivors more time to accomplish their goals, so this is often advised against. Catching more than one survivor is always the best option for slowing their progress and gathering more sacrifices.

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Killers should not solely rely on their sight, as listening to their surroundings can help them immensely. Killers will see any scratch marks left behind by running survivors, but if the survivors choose a more stealthy approach, killers can listen for certain actions or even the panting of an injured survivor hiding in nearby bushes or behind debris.

Killers can also determine if a generator is being worked on purely by the sound it is making. If the engine has begun to rev up, killers can take note that survivors have been in the area. The louder the engine, the more progress has been made and a tinkering sound effect means there’s a survivor currently working on that generator. Being quick to hop on a working survivor can even allow killers to grab survivors without having to injure them whatsoever. These tinkering sound effects apply to survivors who are cleansing totems as well.

While the ultimate objective of Dead By Daylight — for both parties — revolves around getting generators up and running or keeping them broken, another key feature around the map is totems. Five totems are represented by a collection of skulls, randomly placed and often well-hidden on the map.

While they may not serve a purpose in every match, killers can (and often will) use perks that require the use of totems. These perks, called Hexes, are more powerful than others, but will only work if there are totems to reward the killer with greater strength. A totem with lit candles signifies to the survivors that the killer is using a Hex. If a survivor cleanses a lit totem, the Hex will be removed from the game.

Some Hexes will not activate until later in the game, so survivors should be sure to clean any found totem just in case the killer is planning for something more dastardly. As for killers, they should be sure to keep players away from totems at all costs, ensuring they retain their strengths.

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Dead by Daylight provides a thrilling PvP experience for fans of horror. Here are some helpful hints for new players looking to hone their skills.

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