Death Metal: Why Wonder Woman Has a Key Role in DC's Next Event

Wonder Woman has been featured prominently in variant covers and promotional material for the upcoming Dark Nights: Death Metal, and writer Scott Snyder explained why she will play such a critical role in the event series.

“The story about this is really about truth,” said Snyder in an interview with CBR. “Over the years, we tried hard at times at DC and in comics in general to make this moment more important than moments that came before or highlight certain moments and move away from the idea that it’s one epic, generational story.”

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Snyder promised earlier that Death Metal will change DC continuity, and Wonder Woman will be at the center of this. However, the story will also respect the past. “My favorite stuff is stuff that respects the past, respects the true to the core of the characters and is always cautious and careful with that, then tries a few things that are additive,” he said. “For me, there’s a way forward in that regard and Wonder Woman represents the truth of that idea.”

In Death Metal, the Batman Who Laughs has conquered the Earth and the dark goddess Perpetua has infected the universe with Dark Multiverse energy. With the previous events twisting the past, certain stories have become hard to remember. In Death Metal, it’s Wonder Woman’s mission to fix this and allow everyone remember the truth again.

“So, Wonder Woman is seeking a way to cut through the kind of binds that Perpetua has put the DCU in to let everyone remember the stories we’ve maybe sort of forgotten,” Snyder said.

Dark Nights: Death Metal #1 releases June 16 from DC Comics.

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Scott Snyder explained why Wonder Woman has a major role in Dark Nights: Death Metal.

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