Death Metal Will Introduce One of Snyder & Capullo's Scariest Characters

DC Comics writer Scott Snyder promises that one of the characters introduced in his and artist Greg Capullo’s new title Dark Nights: Death Metal is one of the scariest the frequent collaborators have ever crafted.

In an exclusive interview with CBR, Snyder discussed the twisted reality that serves as the setting of Death Metal — a world in which the infamous Batman Who Laughs reigns supreme — as well as its inhabitants, including a mysterious, terrifying new character known only as the Robin King.

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“When we planned it, it was about making it a frightening place for the DCU where the Batman Who Laughs has been given reign over the Earth by Perpetua and he rules with dozens and dozens of evil Batmen, and some are wild and kind of crazy,” said Snyder. “There’s a sentient monster truck Batmobile and some of them are genuinely scary like the Robin King, whose background I don’t want to spoil, but he’s one of the scariest characters I’ve made up.”

Between the likes of the haunting Court of Owls and aforementioned Batman Who Laughs (a twisted Joker-ized version of the Dark Knight), we can only wonder what this new Robin King character will do to earn their place at the table Snyder and Capullo’s scariest creations.

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Dark Nights: Death Metal #1, by Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, Jonathan Glapion and FCO Plascencia, goes on sale June 16 from DC Comics.

Dark Nights: Death Metal writer Scott Snyder describes a character introduced in the comic as one of his and Greg Capullo's scariest yet.

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