Demon Slayer: 10 Inosuke Cosplays That Are Just Like the Anime

The Shonen anime genre is alive and well, and even with two members of the “Big Three” now concluded, Shonen fans have a lot to watch. One of the hottest new series is Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, and it’s a demon-hunting world where modernity is creeping into Japanese society while demons lurk in the night like vampires.

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But there are demon slayers to protect the innocent, and newly-minted slayer Tanjiro Kamado makes friends with fellow slayers Zenitsu (a lightning user) and the brutish Inosuke. The boar-helmeted Inosuke is a real character, and he’s got plenty of charm despite his thuggish ways. Many fans love to cosplay as these popular characters, and that definitely includes Inosuke, too. Let’s check out the results of their hard work.

10 Man Vs. Nature

If we ever get a live-action movie or TV series of Demon Slayer (we can hope!), we are absolutely positive that we will see scenes like this one. Inosuke has a hard head and a tough boar helmet, and he is not afraid to start hitting things!

We like this cosplay from fitkage a great deal, since it’s so in character and the blunt, simple pose is all the cosplayer needs to re-enact a typical Inosuke scene. It helps that the cosplayer is in great shape, too, to match Inosuke’s own burly physique.

9 Sparring Session

Now we see how Inosuke keeps in such good shape: he’s sparring all the time! If he keeps crossing blades with Tanjiro and Zenitsu to keep his skills and his jagged nichirin blades sharp, then he’ll never get rusty. Good.

This is an action shot, and for the second time, we swear there’s some live-action Demon Slayer movie out there we totally missed. Inosuke’s boar helmet was made with stunning detail, and the angle and poses for this action shot are top-notch.

8 That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Maid

Now this is a creative twist on the character! Maybe the cosplayer got a dare or challenge:”Dress up as a maid, but the last character you’d expect to become a maid.” This cosplayer, clearly a Demon Slayer fan, took up the challenge!

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Her maid outfit and slender physique are novelties for the character of Inosuke, but her hairstyle and the blue highlights, and the crossed jagged swords, are 100% authentic to our favorite boar-headed demon slayer.

7 Quiet Evening

In the world of Demon Slayer, the night is the scariest time of day, since demons can safely come out and start preying on people. These demons are dissolved in sunlight, so they only operate in moonlight.

Inosuke, meanwhile, is aware of the danger but doesn’t seem too concerned. That rustic Japanese background reminds us of the demon slayer headquarters, so perhaps he and the crew are safe from the creatures of the night. Just look how relaxed Insouke is!

6 20th Century Inosuke

One of the sub-themes of Demon Slayer is the rapid modernization of the nation, and this anime is set somewhere around the turn of the 20th century. In Tokyo, Tanjiro comes face to face with cars and people in Western suits, and the crew also see a steam train at the end of season 1.

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Inosuke is keeping up with the times, and we like this cosplayer’s alternative outfit for the character. If this anime were set at the other end of the 20th century, he would have an outfit something like this. Too bad he can’t show off his six-pack, though!

5 Menace

For our sixth entry, Inosuke is done with maid outfits and relaxing on the compound. He is ready for battle, and he knows how to intimidate his opponents! We like this cosplayer’s choice to have his boar helmet half-on, too.

Inosuke’s eyes are shadowed, and the night setting makes this shot even more sinister. Best of all, Inosuke stares at the viewer with a look of total confidence, and his blades are crossed and ready for combat.

4 Inosuke And The Hashira

Our seventh entry involves some new friends. Inosuke met the Hashira along with Tanjiro, and in this case, he is seated by side with the fire Hashira, Rengoku Kyojuro. It’s a sunny day, and the demons are all far away.

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Now isn’t the time to get complacent, though, and Inosuke seems to have set aside his pride so he can ask for some extra training. He may have been impressed by Rengoku’s sheer firepower!

3 Another Job Well Done

Inosuke isn’t the strongest character in Demon Slayer, but he’s a capable guy, and we are sure that he can complete any mission that the demon slayer corps will assign to him. In this shot, we get a cool over-the-shoulder shot of an Inosuke, who just bagged yet another demon.

Victorious poses like this are pretty cool, especially when a weapon is draped across the character’s shoulders. The cosplayer is in a suitably rustic forest setting, and based on that lighting, the sun just came up. Demons beware!

2 Punk Inosuke

Earlier, we saw a cool cosplay where Inosuke was imagined in more modern clothes. Well, how about a punk variant of that? In our 9th entry on the list, Inosuke is in the middle of an urban jungle, and he’s the king of these mean streets.

This cosplayer chose a slick, cool black outfit to roughly match the uniform of the demon slayer corps, and we like those tough black boots and the baseball bat that stands in for a nichirin blade.

1 Break Time

The Inosuke cosplay gallery ends with another cosplayer who’s ready to show us the character’s more relaxed side. If he’s not hunting demons or getting into fights, he can be pretty chill… at least, for a few moments at a time.

We love this charming Japanese setting, a back porch complete with a paper lantern (to the left), along with some pebbles and sliding doors. Inosuke looks pretty satisfied… maybe he just won a good fight and claimed another demon’s life for the cause! He’s earned some time off.

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These Demon Slayer cosplay of Inosuke look like they came right out of the anime.

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