Demon Slayer: 5 Characters Who Should Get One For All (& 5 Who Shouldn't)

One of the most popular new action shonen series is Demon Slayer, which has quickly risen to prominence in a field crowded with action fantasy anime of all kinds. It’s set in early 1900s Japan where Tanjiro Kamado suffers tragedy when demons slaughter his entire family, save for his little sister, Nezuko. Now she’s a demon, too, and Tanjiro must restore her humanity no matter what.

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The combat is based on swords, breathing techniques, and elemental powers, and Tanjiro uses a water-based black katana as a demon slayer. But, suppose the quirk One For All, from My Hero Academia, arrived in this anime? There are some characters who deserve this power based on their courage and selflessness, while others are not so suited to receive it. Let’s see where each character lands.

10 Deserves It: Tanjiro Kamado

This is an easy one, but not just because Tanjiro is the protagonist of this action series. Being the lead character is a good start, but they need the right personality and strength for One For All, and Tanjiro checks off all the boxes.

Like Izuku Midoriya, Tanjiro trained like crazy to gain a new power despite being powerless, and he is a fearless fighter who only wants to protect others. He gets no enjoyment from fighting demons; he only does it out of duty, not bloodlust. All this makes him a great candidate.

9 Doesn’t Deserve It: Nezuko Kamado

Maybe in later seasons, Nezuko will prove worthy of One For All after all, but, for now, she is an awkward fit for this kind of power. Nezuko has the intrinsic power of a demon, but she doesn’t often use it, and she’s probably afraid of her own power.

Instead, she would rather stay in that enchanted wooden backpack, out of sight, and she doesn’t have formal combat training. All Might would feel bad for Nezuko and wish her the best, but he wouldn’t trust her with One For All.

8 Deserves It: Shinobu Kocho

This gorgeous young woman is one of the nine Hashira, the elite of the demon slayer corps. Her specialty is insects, and she uses the poisonous properties of wisterias to slay demons with ease—elegant and deadly.

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Shinobu is cheerful and friendly, and she welcomes Tanjiro while Giyu scorns him. She is compassionate but tough, and all these are traits that a proper One For All heir should have.

7 Doesn’t Deserve It: Giyu Tomioka

When it comes to earning One For All, Giyu actually comes fairly close, but All Might would choose other candidates over him, like Shinobu, as explained above. Giyu is all business, and he’s rather cold, as a water user.

His compassion so far is minimal, and he does little to inspire or uplift others at all. He just gets the job done, and he doesn’t do much to stand as a symbol of peace. His actions speak loudly, but All Might wants more than that.

6 Deserves It: Kyojuro Rengoku

Now it’s time to assess the fire Hashira, Kyojuro. Like Shinobu, he’s willing to give Tanjiro a fair shot, though he’s also rather boisterous and difficult to handle. After all, his Nichirin powers are centered around fire, not water.

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His incredible skills, loyalty and compassion, and his discipline in the ways of the demon slayers all make him a fine candidate for One For All. His upbeat attitude can be rather infectious, helping him motivate any team. That’s a mark in his favor.

5 Doesn’t Deserve It: Inosuke Hashibira

Inosuke is an odd one, even in this bunch. He was hostile to Tanjiro at first, but he soon stood down and decided to fight alongside Tanjiro and Zenitsu as a fellow demon slayer. He’s still highly competitive, though.

His skills are for real, and he’s tough, but All Might wants more than that in a successor. Inosuke’s bad attitude, impatience, and straightforward thinking are not well suited for this power, and, like Giyu, he’s practically incapable of inspiring or motivating others. He only cares about himself.

4 Deserves It: Kanao Tsuyuri

This charming young woman is Kanao Tsuyuri, Shinobu’s own protege, and a prospective Hashira. She is highly skilled in flower breathing, and, despite her age and brutal past, she is a quiet and elegant demon slayer.

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At first, she struggled to ever make her own decisions, so she would flip coins to decide, Harvey Dent style. But, she made friends with Tanjiro and changed all that, and her skills, kind heart, and humility make her a fine candidate for One For All.

3 Doesn’t Deserve It: Zenitsu Agatsuma

Zenitsu and Inosuke together make up nearly all the comic relief in Demon Slayer, but, unfortunately, most of Zenitsu’s humor comes from his general cowardice and his anxiety over every last thing. He keeps panicking about things.

His skills are legitimate, and, on that note, he does deserve to wear the demon slayer uniform. But, his bad personality is unsuitable for One For All, and he can’t even inspire courage for himself, let alone for anyone else.

2 Deserves It: Gyomei Himejima

Here comes another Hashira: the stone Hashira. He is big and strong like All Might, but that’s not the main reason he would make for a good wielder of One For All. He has just the right personality for this awesome quirk.

He was once a monk who cared for young orphans, and he protected them from a demon. Now, he has compassion for Tanjiro and Nezuko and likes how honest Tanjiro is. This Hashira 100% should get One For All.

1 Doesn’t Deserve It: Tamayo

She is a demon who needs very little human blood to survive, and she has her assistant Yushiro are ready and willing to aid the demon slayers against other demons. She is skilled at medicine, and can even create demons, though only to save lives.

Tamayo is vital in the fight against Muzan, and she is willing to sacrifice herself, but she doesn’t inspire courage on the battlefield, and she’s not much of a fighter anyway, making her the wrong candidate for One For All. She’s better off sticking to her specialty.

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Though most Demon Slayer characters at least strive to be virtuous, only a few of them would be truly worth of All Might's awesome powers.

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