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Destiny 2‘s latest season, Season of The Worthy, has been lackluster for several reasons. It’s no secret the game has suffered from error codes, cheaters and massive loot problems. However, the community has some reason to celebrate this week after the Felwinter’s Lie shotgun is finally confirmed to be back in the game.

The quest ‘The Lie’ can now be picked up on Mars from Ana Bray. However, the quest is currently locked behind an incredibly annoying community challenge involving several public event completions.

While the community is still grinding Seraph Tower public events until the cows come home, there is a lot of confirmed information about the weapon in the game’s database. is a reputable third party D2 database and they have an entire breakdown of the weapon perks the Felwinter’s Lie shotgun will come with. It’s unknown at this time if the gun will operate as a type of ‘Ritual Weapon,’ meaning it will come with a fixed roll of weapon perks, leaving no room to farm personalized rolls. However, on paper, it’s already shaping up to be a top tier player versus player (PVP) choice.

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Felwinter’s Lie will be a legendary aggressive frame shotgun, like other popular options such as Mindbender’s Ambition. However, it has an exotic intrinsic perk named shot package, which specifically states “aggressive frame shotgun modified to have more uniform pellet spread.” This is huge, because pellet spread is massively important for a shotgun’s viability in PVP for Destiny 2. The weapon also includes a ton of other top-tier PVP perks like full choke, accurized rounds and choices between slideshow and quickdraw in one tree, with choices between opening shot and vorpal weapon in the other tree.

Vorpal weapon is an interesting one because it’s only the second shotgun in Destiny 2 that has the perk, which gives players the ability to do more damage on the enemies’ roaming super abilities, such as Dawnblades and Arc Striders.

This opens up many potential unique strategies. For instance, on the PC side, load times are much better. They’re good enough to change load-outs in the middle of the round. With Felwinter’s Lie, it’s possible players will start the match with opening shot and switch to vorpal weapon a couple of rounds later after the enemy team starts cracking off with their supers.

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Felwinter not only has a special place in the game’s lore, but his shotgun is one of the most hallowed weapons in the original Destiny. It was a top-tier option in the game’s multiplayer arena, the Crucible. Felwinter was an Iron Lord representing class Warlock. The Iron Lords were an ancient form of light-bearers twho ruled the wastelands after the Collapse.

Before becoming an Iron Lord, he ruled Felwinter’s Peak as a Warlord and was the only warlord to ever hold an entire mountain on his own. After joining the ranks of the Iron Wolves, Felwinter used his shotgun to execute warlords and even fellow Iron Lords who stepped out of line. He later helped establish the Last City under the Traveler and even mentored another legendary warlock by the name of Osiris.

This weapon has a special place in the hearts of shotgun-obsessed ape lords everywhere, but players still have to wait a while to unlock it in Destiny 2. Although Bungie rolled out a hotfix that greatly reduces the number of public events the community has to complete to unlock the next quest step, it’ll be a few days at the bare minimum before players can get their hands on it.

However, starting May 16, there will be a 10x multiplier added to every event completion, which brings the total down from 3 million to 300 thousand completions, which is a giant decrease in the effort. Be sure to get out there and grind some seraph towers so everyone can get their hands on this season-redeeming piece of content for Destiny 2.

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A legendary weapon is returning to Destiny 2. Here's what to expect from the new version of the Felwinter's Lie shotgun.

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